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  1. @RayS thank you very much! I did soak the area with detail spray and give it a little bit of elbow grease, but if I give it another shot tomorrow, I don’t want to risk of exposing that area to too much abuse. Haha. I really appreciate the tip!! @falcaineer it’s funny you say that, my insurance agent called me today advising that my renewal is coming up. The good news is it didn’t go up! Woohoo. I’ll have to ask her about this. I carry full coverage on both vehicles but it was my understanding windshields weren’t covered. My previous agent a couple years ago with farmers advised me that in the state of Texas windshields aren’t covered regardless of the policy you carry, as windshields don’t last very long here. (Go figure) But I’m going to ask my lady at Allstate if a repair is something that’s covered. Maybe my previous person was misinformed. Thank you! I typed this whole thing and then it got wiped out so I had to retype it. 😒 Sorry if any typos. Was going fast and using Siri, and she isn’t very reliable lol.
  2. @RayS thank you very much!!!! I just attempted this and it removed most of the “marred” or “scuffed” glass. I do still have some scratches that remain but I may try and live with it. 🤷🏼‍♂️ We will see. Ha. This may be a stupid question but can #0000 steel wool scratch the glass? I haven’t used this before. I’m not sure that me giving it another go would yield any better results, but it is a little better than it was prior to me doing this.
  3. @RayS that is an idea I haven’t even thought of! This is what I was looking for. Most of the chip/scratch is something that feels more like a scuff. There really is no damage, it’s mainly just cosmetic. Kind of hard to explain. But #0000 steel wool may do it. Should i I try that and detail spray, or glass cleaner? If that doesn’t do the trick, I will likely have it repaired by a local glass company; Binswanger. Think it’ll only be $70 so not too bad. Don’t want a new windshield though. They never are as good as what was installed with factory. Lol. I’m stupid OCD. 😋
  4. Hey everyone! So on my commute to work I had a truck threw up a rock that caused a pretty decent size scratch on my windshield, there’s no cracks. But I wanted to see if this is something I can tackle with my DA and a compound or polish and an orange pad. Or any other ideas/options. Not sure if any of the awesome products Adam’s has will even help me here, but figured I’d ask. It’s not severe enough for the windshield to be replaced but not sure what actions I can try to take before having to take it to a glass company for a repair. Thank you!
  5. Before applying the Buttery, I would foam, 2 bucket, clay (will remove any surface contaminants) (maybe polish depending on condition of paint) then personally I would put Adam's Sealant (lasts longer than a wax) then top with Buttery for more shine. But you can skip the sealant, but wax doesn't typically last as long. The Brilliant Glaze really gives it a pop, more so than the buttery in my experience. But above is working with what you have currently. So essentially I am saying add Clay, Brilliant Glaze and Sealant to your arsenal. I would then treat with the hydro2 or HGG maybe every other wash. I am not as seasoned as some of the others on here, so they may chime in also. But the above will get you protection/shine!
  6. It stands for Last Step Protectant. So like a Sealant, Wax - maybe a Ceramic Coating? Those are kind of their own beast. Lol.
  7. Okay. So evidently I’ve never taken any photos of the car is beading except for these two awful pictures which I pulled off my Facebook/Instagram. someone here may have a better shot. These would’ve been taken while the cars were “dirty” and from rain. Hydro2 I think still beads a bit nicer. Curious to see if the silica CG2.0 will bead like Hydro.
  8. Looking for a picture of the old truck/explorer. Haven't had a chance to do the Jeep/Ram yet. I think I have one bead picture on the explorer. But the beads are smaller. Looking now. That looks great! If that's just a spray install those beads are nicer. But HGG does bead. More tightly, if that makes sense.
  9. I know that the HGG lasts a while, especially since I apply after a full strip wash, clay, alcohol wipe, polish, sealant, BG, then americana. Lol. I have beads for months! And HGG keeps it beading. I will have to get my hands on the CB 2.0. Wish I ordered it with the order I did 2 days ago that will be here today. ? Just didn't know enough about it at the time and the CB 1 I heard was just okay. Thank you!
  10. Falcaineer, Would you say that the CB lasts longer? That seems to be what I am reading on here. I LOVE the HGG and use it every 2 or so washes to keep my LSP lasting. But if CB lasts longer, may be worth a shot. Seems to be dry application and some say it streaks though and to not use on glass? That's what gets me concerned HGG is effortless. Silica seems to be the new thing though.
  11. Hello, Not sure if you have found anyone yet. And I have not worked with ANY of these companies personally, however these are the 3 in D/FW area I am considering. New Image Auto Detailing would be my first choice I follow him on social media and the work he does is top notch!! Followed by Wash Doc (Detailer Donnie) and Detail Workz. I have had 2 friends have their vehicles done by Wash Doc. Not Ceramic Coatings though and they have been quite pleased. I keep going back and forth on a ceramic coating, I wash my trucks weekly with Adam's Products, and typically get out of them in 3 years, so trying to weigh the cost of a CC. The biggest thing with CC is the prep work and paint correction. So research away. But if I pull the trigger, I really lean towards New Image, based on reviews and my following of his work for years. Let me know what you end up doing! Good luck!
  12. Thank you very much!!! And good! I'm all about working smarter instead of harder! Lol. Next job is to find a good product that spreads and comes off easy on the cap of the trailer. I waxed that thing a month ago, and man, it's a pain in the tail!! Never again. Lol. ????????
  13. I don't haul much, I have a fifth wheel and love going camping when time permits, but rarely have the time. ???? I do expect some imperfections since it's a daily, but it's only a couple months old! Lol. So this is a bummer! Awesome, I'll have to pick up a MF pad and get to it!!! Thank you! Man you must spend HOURS on that dually! I love detailing my truck, but it's an all day thing! Lol.
  14. Okay! I'll give this a shot, I just didn't want to make it any worse! I expect with this method it will be pretty easy and quick! Thank you!
  15. Hello all! So I have no idea what happened but I have a scratch on my taillight, it looks like someone got too close and pulled a plastic trash can up up against it or something, but no one in my house confesses. Hmm. ????At any rate I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how I should I approach this. I have a PC, orange pad, and correcting polish, but feel that may be too harsh of an approach. Should I pick up some revive and try by hand? Or something else? I'm somewhat new to all of this and don't want to make it any worse. Yes, I know this is somewhat silly, but I'm super OCD about my trucks and none of my family or friends understand how particular I am about my truck. But I am sure you can all relate! ???????? P.S. I hope this is in the right category. Thanks for any input! After a quick bath! ????
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