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  1. FrozenWS6

    Leather Conditioner: Is this Normal?

    Interesting for sure. I suspect these bottles must have gotten filled from the bottom of the batch. Where things had settled.
  2. Looks good for an old 2002. Too bad it’s out in the cold for the winter. My 2 are in my heated garage.
  3. FrozenWS6

    Can I 1-step with Adam's Heavy CC?

    I’ve one stepped with the blue heavy cut compound on a black suv and it finishes down very nice. I could barely see any difference in the sun between that panel and the one I followed up with the orange correction polish.
  4. FrozenWS6

    All of our latest work

    Shane, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that has (on that Jeep Grand Cherokee) weather techs leaving a dirt ring in the creases that won’t come out. I’ve struggled with this since the first set I did for customers. I’ve found that after cleaning them, misting them with the Mat Cleaner and letting it dry on it’s own works very well to make them look newer again.
  5. FrozenWS6

    Bug and tar remover

    I found that the wash and wax soap on it’s own does a really good job of removing bugs. I always had a hard time with removing bugs when I used the regular blue car soap.
  6. FrozenWS6

    Repeated Use of G&G

    I’ve used it every wash before. Even when I washed weekly. But doing it that often I think was just a waist of product because it isn’t needed that often. I wasn’t seeing any excessive build up or anything either. Now I use it once every 6 months or so because I’m using wash and wax.
  7. ^^ that’s what I use also. The interiors up here almost always need to have a good scrubbing.
  8. FrozenWS6

    Leather Conditioner: Is this Normal?

    My last 8oz bottle does the same thing but I ordered it during winter so I figured it froze a bit and it was how it reacted to being frozen.
  9. ON works great. I had a customer that had some Moose meat leak out of it’s packaging in her car on a hot summer day last summer. At first she only had enough time to stop quick and let me look at it and spray it down with ON. She said the smell went away for 5 days before she could smell anything again. Then I got to do the actual steam cleaning then next day.
  10. FrozenWS6

    Correcting Polish Help!

    I’ve had the same issue with the pad clogging with using detail spray. Now ive also used both the old and newer mix of orange correction polish in as low as 45 degrees on a big trailer that spent the night out side with no issues of it being hard to get off.
  11. FrozenWS6

    Correcting Polish Help!

    That doesn’t sound like it’s too much product or too big of an area then. I don’t think it would be because it’s old because I’ve used it at over a year old with no problems. When your working the product did you mist some detail spray on the pad?
  12. FrozenWS6

    How to get rid of the brown?

    What I just found by accident that is working for me is spraying the tire with T&R, then spray it with the old APC and then scrub.
  13. FrozenWS6

    Correcting Polish Help!

    Is it a new pad? Sounds like there may be too much product or not working it long enough to break it down. Since it sounds like it’s not too high of an air temperature. I have a 2x2 or a 3x3 area and I’ll make at least 4 passes (depending on the severity of scratches or wash marks) over that area in a left to right then up and down pattern. Then if there is any product left in that area it can be wiped off easily. Then move on to the next quadrant.
  14. FrozenWS6

    Ceramic application/s

    Adam’s does have the Glass sealant that works pretty good. Or use H2O G&G. It repels water very well also. That’s what’s on my truck and glass.