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  1. Does Odor Neutralizer Really Work

    I used it in a customer’s car that had a bag of Moose meat juice leak onto the floor. She came by to show me, I just sprayed the car with the ON until she could come back for me to actually do a good cleaning. She said it got rid of the smells for about 3 days. Which was pretty surprising that it did so well since Moose meat is very strong.
  2. Opening a business maybe

    To add to what Shane was saying. Trying to work for yourself means you won’t always have a guaranteed paycheck. So take note and add the expenses of your existing bills to what you need to bring in every day to pay everything. I know exactly what I need for my minimum daily sales to cover everything for the business and then pay myself to cover my existing bills. Be sure to look at the big picture. Business insurance can get very expensive. That way you’re covered if a car were to get damaged.
  3. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Being in the auto glass industry for over 15 years. Tempered glass is pretty hard to break or damage before the installation. If it gets any kind of knick or bumped on the edge it almost always breaks upon impact. Now if the heating element on the glass has an issue or flaw on it it may allow the glass to get too hot and break it. Or if the vehicle is supplying too much electricity to the elements it can overheat it and break the glass. If this was just an issue with the glass itself i don’t think it would have effected so many ford trucks, I think it would have been more random. That’s why I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s either the heating element or the vehicle providing too much electricity to the element causing it to overheat the glass. Also if you look where that break originated from in his picture. There is one of the tabs that the wire plugs into right there.
  4. Wash and wax & ceramic boost?

    I think that’s over kill. I tried Boost as a stand-alone but went back to HGG because it took more time me and was a big pain to remove from glass. I felt like that made it not as user friendly as it should or could be. So I only use Boost on a coated car. If you want to spend that much time, I would just do either Americana or LPS topped with HGG. Then you get some maintenance protection from the W&W and or the occasional HGG.
  5. Sounds more like what I would call sand blasted. Tiny little micro pitting which will cause a glare in the sun. That would need to be replaced. It would cost a lot more to try to clean up the glass that’s there then replacing it.
  6. The repair resins are only for the small rock chips (quarter size and smaller chips). If you have pitting across the whole windshield you’ll need to replace it.
  7. It’s pretty easy actually. It’s just plug and play. If there is a rain sensor I always do a new gel pad or it may not work after installation. The only thing that needs the dealer for is if you have the automatic brake system with the cameras. Like the Subaru eyesight system. The stickers I can heat them up and carefully get them off to reuse. Rock chips and cracks are normal up here in Alaska. Auto glass is what pays my bills. We usually have to do one new windshield a year.
  8. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    I believe there was a service bulletin about this. I’ve replaced 6 of them in one year and Ford warrantied them back then when the trucks were newer.
  9. Rubber Mat Cleaner Questions

    It’s not based off of APC. I would say closer to TRC just not as strong. It works great on floor mats, leaving them looking new. Without the slipperiness of VRT. I haven’t experimented with it on any plastic trim since TRC works well there.
  10. PRO TIP: Dilution Ratios

    I like to use Waterless Wash on the door jambs. Since I rarely get to clean the inside and outside of a vehicle at once it makes it easier since I’m not always using a bucket of soap and water.
  11. Ceramic boost

    Yes. You’ll be fine putting Americana over the paint sealant. Then maintained with H2O G&G.
  12. Ceramic boost

    Works best over a coated car. I have and from my experience I like H2O G&G better and is easier to apply. Boost alone didn’t seem to bead as much and was difficult to apply because you don’t want it on any glass I also had a good amount of streaking in the paint reflection which even when I reapplied it wouldn’t go away. It doesn’t come off the glass very easily if it does get on there.
  13. polishing top of car or truck

    Very true with a 4 step ladder getting tippy. That’s what I have to use being these suvs are so tall. If it’s a pickup I stand in the bed and get as much as I can reach. I hold my buffer the same as I do on a hood. I often stabilize myself with my stomach leaned against the glass and door with the cord over my shoulder. I usually start on the hood so I can see how much work it’s going to need to get it buffed out where I want it. Then I move to the roof before the sides incase the cord or pants put a rub mark on it I won’t be having to rebuff anything.
  14. polishing top of car or truck

    I buff and polish the roof on every job I do. It’s no different then doing a hood or any other panel you just may have to use a ladder, that’s why no one does any videos.
  15. NOVEMBER 2017 Photo Contest - Submissions

    I have too many choices of pics for this.