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  1. USCGRetiredJosh

    How do I Contact Adams?

    I did the instant messenger with Adams and I was transfered to a different person and that person never responded. I had a technical question. Since that person nevered answered, I called and left a voicemail with Dan, still haven’t gotten an answer or returned phone call.
  2. I’m looking for peoples 2 cents on which metro vac to get. These are 3 I’m looking at. One is just a blower and the other 2 are vacuums and blowers. Is the vacuum feature any good, compare to a shop vac? https://www.metrovacworld.com/product/Air_Force_Blaster_Car_and_Motorcycle_Dryer_B3_CD/overview https://www.metrovacworld.com/product/Vac_N_Blo_Compact_Wall_Mount_VNB4AFBR/overview https://www.metrovacworld.com/product/Vac_N_Blo_Automotive_VNB_83BA/overview
  3. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra with the white tri frost paint on it. I have noticed some rail dust in the paint, and my question is, would it be safe to use wheel cleaner to remove the rail dust with a paint that has tiny metal flakes in it? I know the rail dust is usually in the clear coat but what if the rail dust goes to the paint? Any thought? i would include a picture but they truck is filthy.
  4. USCGRetiredJosh

    The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    Transaction pending at this time
  5. USCGRetiredJosh

    The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    I have 1 used bottle of paint sealant and 1 used container of americana wax. Just clearing our products that I don't use anymore. $6 each to cover shipping cost.
  6. You can get the same foam guns on amazon for a much lower price. It may not have Adams polishes written on it but does the same exact thing.
  7. USCGRetiredJosh

    The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    if you add up the numbers mention in your post it comes to 24 and you posted this on the 24th. 16 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 24
  8. USCGRetiredJosh

    Polisher Opinion

    I have a Cycle and Rupes mini, for the same reasons as pirahnah3. If you think about it, a Cyclo is a big throw polisher. It has a contact surface of roughly 8”. A 21mm polisher is roughly 8” also. I use my mini for the tighter areas and spot correcting.
  9. I just happened to be poking around on gmc.com and was building a 2018 Sierra Denali for fun and I found some cleaning kits you can buy as an accessory.
  10. USCGRetiredJosh

    Terry Weave Drying towels

    Please ignore this post. I made a comment but don't want to make a "mod" or Adam's. In short, I was looking a website.
  11. USCGRetiredJosh

    Pressure washer

    SunJoe XP3000 I got one on amazon from the amazon warehouse deal. It said box damage on it, when it showed up to my house there was no box damage. Works like a champ
  12. USCGRetiredJosh

    The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    Blue Glass Towels have been spoken for.
  13. USCGRetiredJosh

    The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    I have 3 USED blue glass cleaning towels for almost FREE, you pay for shipping. I'm guessing $5 bucks will cover the shipping cost. Just PM me I'm getting rid of used or unwanted Adams products. I'm working on cutting out the middle man.
  14. USCGRetiredJosh

    Pressure Waher Questions

    I have a sunjoe xp3000 electric pressure washer and I'm happy with my results. From what I have seen and read, a gas pressure will give you a more thick foam on the vehicle. This is because of the higher PSi. An electric one works just as well and makes good foam. I have a $20 snow lance foam cannon from amazon, it looks just like MTM foam cannons. I put an Adams sticker on the bottle and now I have my own Adams foam cannon. Plus follow the recommended soap to water mixing ration. I have a gallon jug of premixed soap and water. 26oz soap to rest water.
  15. USCGRetiredJosh

    Car was soap solids

    I wash talking to someone and they mentioned that car wash soaps have different solids ratio. There explanation wasn't clear. Does anyone have any amplifying information on this?