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  1. Standard foam gun

    Thanks for all he great info!
  2. Standard foam gun

    Are they both quick connect?
  3. I see the standard foam gun on sale, is there a big difference from this model to the premium foam gun. i currently have the foam cannon and love it, although I only use it on the truck when it’s really dirty. I find hauling out the pressure washer to be a chore, plus I would never use it on my convertible top. So the foam gun is something I can use much more often in my routine. pros and cons please tx in advance
  4. Chocolate Mint DS

    Will the pro line be available to everyone or is it just for resellers?
  5. Brushes

    I received my new tire and wheel brush today. I’m impressed by the wheel brush and can’t wait to use it. My old blue tire brush is definitely harder than the new one, as mentions I’ll be keeping it for the white tires on the BFG’s
  6. I was cleaning up my cloth bin and found some towels that are a mystery to me. Looking for some input as to what these cloths are, I think I received them from mystery boxes awhile back 1-soft one sided towel with silk edge, gray in colour. 2- Double sides soft blue towel. 3- Perhaps a utility towel? Gray in colour not soft. thanks in advance
  7. Convertible top cleaning

    I’ve used 303 and ragtop both are excellent. I will usually was the top with the ragtop cleaner using a horse hair brush park in the sun to help drying. Then once a year apply the protectant.
  8. wonder what the scent of the ultra foam shampoo will be???
  9. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    its on the site now but currently out of stock...other cool items
  10. Brushes

    Thanks everyone for their input, I’ll order one on my next order. I’ll use my blue one for the letters on my trucks BFG’s
  11. Brushes

    Do you think is it worth buying a new tire brush? looking at the video the new one has longer bristles and looks softer than my blue one.
  12. Wonder when the Christmas scents are coming the interior detail is awesome
  13. Brushes

    Here’s my current one, the brisstle are hard so I assume this is the old tire brush
  14. Brushes

    I'm looking to purchase new tire/wheel brushes but not sure what one I need. I currently have a blue one that I got from Adams a few years ago. Can someone tell me if it's for wheels or tires? It has a short handle and short blue bristles, to me it looks like the current red wheel brush.