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  1. I look at it another way. When you pre-rinse you run the risk of the water drying leaving water spots before you get to wash the entire surface. The foam gun ( and cannon) allows you to put your soap on the vehicle which is "safer" than water drying. Just another way to look at it I guess!
  2. I noticed as the pressure drops the fan pattern becomes a stream. I kinda wish there were different tips you could swap out. I would rather have a stream for the tires. Or at least less broad of a fan. I didn't measure mine but I think I put about 4-5oz and then filled the rest up with water. I have cleaned 2 sets of tires with this mixture so a little definitely goes a long way.
  3. So I guess I have to answer my own post, LOL! The good news is, the tape did not affect the trim restorer. The bad news is, the tape didn't like to stick to the trim restorer.
  4. My dad's truck was my first test of Adam's Trim Restorer and it worked great! However, he has now decided that he wants me to polish the paint a little and I was wondering how the Trim Restorer will act with masking tape (blue). It was applied this past Saturday (03/10/18) so it has had plenty of time to cure.
  5. chops1sc

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas y’all!
  6. I wash mine with my normal laundry after every use. Every few months or so I brush it out with a dog brush.
  7. Are the running boards plastic? If you have Adam's Tire & Rubber cleaner you could try that. If not, try any strong APC with a microfiber towel that you don't mind getting dirty.
  8. So I did a Rinseless Wash on my wife's minivan the other day because I only had about an hour or so before I had to leave. It sure makes quick work of cleaning the miles of paint on the Odyssey, LOL! I still need to work on the rinseless method for wheels and tires, though. Luckily they weren't that dirty so I just left them alone this time. Anyone have any pointers here? Anyways, I will definitely be getting more RW when my gallon is up! Thanks Adam's Polishes! P.S. I'll go ahead and post this before anyone else can....
  9. Everything is good in moderation! I like pumpkin spice cake but that's about it. And it has to have an inch of cream cheese icing on top.....
  10. I have some on hand. I will be doing a comparison when it becomes available.
  11. I would think it's comparable to Solution Finish. I'm excited!
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