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  1. i have one, curious on what its worth to you alll. not 100% i want to get rid of it yet. don't need much when it come to products. only thing i would look at is possible new ceramic products. I can post pics later.
  2. I bought a cart and made it my own. attached the bottle holder, paper towel rack, garage utility hooks etc.
  3. Welcome!!!! You came to the right place. lots of good info on the forums and watch the videos for products. Also what part of upstate, i am originally from Albany area.
  4. welcome aboard Tyler, enjoy the addiction
  5. welcome Jay!!! got three mbs coming tomorrow as well, cant wait as always.
  6. AZ. probably gets 130 plus in the garage come summer time. you will be fine. saying that i do store my product in doors in the summer
  7. Thanks, wheels were the first major step in what I want it to look like.
  8. More like what did i do this past weekend...lol. Knowing it was going to rain today, I still washed and applied h20 G&G to the car on saturday just to get some pics of the new wheels and tires I got friday. Loving my new setup. Here a few pics.
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