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  1. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    Thanks Mark, that is the kind of things that happen when you cant afford a real hotrod and have to make replicas and its cold as heck out being winter lol. My dream truck is a 68 Chevrolet C10, 2 wheel drive, short wheel base with an 6.0 LS motor. I am making the below truck with a 12 valve Cummins motor. I have way too many hobbies
  2. What Pressure Washer?

    I have the below pressure washer: 3200 PSI. Simpson Pressure Washer I was given the below info on pressure for using the Foam Cannon: "max rating of 3190psi for our Red Foam Cannon " I use my pressure washer for pressure washing my house as well as under my vehicles as needed. I would suggest getting a smaller one that is in line with the pressure rating of the foam gun. In this case a larger pressure washer with max PSI is not the best.
  3. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    Try some brilliant glaze it seems to make everything look better . How did that happen?
  4. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    Thanks Rich. It was fun to build.
  5. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    Yeah he was. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. I put it on his desk at work and didn’t tell him and he noticed it same day. Without the black spots it would have just been another blue camaro.
  6. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    Thanks, I was on the fence about it, however in the end pretty sure I made the right call.
  7. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    I wanted to show you guys/gals a car I did for my dad. It is a 69 Camaro 1/24 scale. My dad owns a real Camaro and its a project in the works so I made a version of his how it sits now, to keep him motivated to keep moving forward. The car is very clean however has some rust in the drivers side rear quarter panel and a few other spots. The last paint job on the car was a cheap paint job by the previous owner and has spots that is peeling. My dad thought it best to use black spray paint to go over the peeling spots. The motor is a 383 stroker and has a Muncie in it. As of now he just enjoys driving it and is somewhat close to retirement so I think the plan is to wait until that point to really dive into it. The 1/24 scale car is base coat/clear coat. I laid down 4 coats of color, 2 mist coats and 2 wet coats: 1 wet coat was due to a run. I wet sanded with 2000, 6000, and 10000 grit sandpaper and used Adams Car Shampoo while wet sanding to keep the paper slick, it worked like a charm. I then applied 3 coats of clear, 2 mist coats and one wet coat and wet sanded just like on the color coat. I used Novus plastic polish at this point to create a little deeper shine and finished off with Adams paint sealant and brilliant glaze for added gloss + protection. The car is not and exact duplicate but pretty darn close. One thing that is blatantly obvious is the dual carb setup and only 1 air intake cleaner, 2 wouldn't fit under the hood but I didn't want to use the one that came with the kit. Current car: 1/24 version:
  8. Chemical Guys or Adam’s

    Here is a link to Adams video section on their website: https://adamspolishes.com/video
  9. Chemical Guys or Adam’s

    Never heard of Adams. Just kidding lol. Yes, Adams products have been tried and proven many times over. I must admit I have never used chemical guys to make a comparison, however for myself Adams makes it very easy to be loyal. CG has many products making a person lost in confusion trying to buy certain products, where you will find with Adams it is a less number of products making it much easier to find what you need. For me detailing is a hobby and I am VERY satisfied with Adams. I don’t find the need to look elsewhere.
  10. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    Hopefully along with it will come some of the Red Throwback Shampoo, in gallon form.
  11. H20 Guard and Gloss Wow

    Glad to hear it! GNG is easily in my top 2 Adam's products. It does produce an incredible shine.
  12. Waterless Wash Questions

    I would say yes, you can do a buffer polish after doing a rinseless wash, as you will need to fully clay the vehicle in question prior to touching the buffer. I would suggest a more thorough two bucket wash however to ensure you are starting with a completely clean slate, and no matter the wash method, a clay bar is essential to remove all contaminants as a final step prior to polishing.
  13. Adams Throwback Red

    I was told in the February-March time frame for the red throwback shampoo. I am waiting as well
  14. Worth upgrading?

    Yes, you should upgrade. Your hands will thank you.
  15. Work platforms on sale!

    I picked one of these up as well. For the money this is a great buy. Sure beats a bucket or standing on my tire and quality is pretty decent imo. I might get a sheet of grip tape for it, just for safety.