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  1. Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Haha. I have lots to learn thats for certain, but am happy to do so because i love cars and making things shine it truly is an addiction.
  2. Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    I emailed Adams just to clarify on this. I am unsure how I got to the point of cleaning in between applications with ceramic boost , however, I was told in email to use the coating prep in between the two applications in a most current email. Sorry for the misinformation @Firebuff17 looks like you are good to proceed without the ceramic boost in between applications. However, you will want some to apply once in a while as it helps to really add some shine to the trim.
  3. Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Well, I couldn't find the email that said to use ceramic boost in between. Thought I had it saved, none the less, my ceramic coating is holding up very well. I can snap some pictures today of them slightly dirty and then after cleaned with boost to give a 4 month time lapse and how the trim looks today. @Firebuff17 I would email Adams to see what suggestion you might get upon asking about application of both products and let us all know.
  4. ^^^^^^^ Another great option. Just remember both products, Tire and rubber cleaner and eco APC will strip your LPS off so reapplying LPS after cleaning in that area might be a good idea, if you get any cleaners on your paint.
  5. I would use tire and rubber cleaner in a quick fashion. Or if you don’t have that readily available I would use isopropyl alcohol. Whatever you do don’t let it linger. The longer it sits on there it seems to make matters worse in removal. After doing all of that the cleaners can dry out the trim so I would follow all of that up with VRT.
  6. Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Boost is what was suggested to me to use in between. I will try to find the email to make 100% certain, however the coating prep would strip off some of the trim restorer I would think. None the less I will double check so I am not misinforming. Wouldn’t be my first forgetful moment
  7. Help with my foam cannon

    Awesome! Glad to hear that. For me when I go all the way to the minus sign, the foam is of shaving cream consistency. How do you like the snub nose gun? I built my own out of a MTD gun and quick connects. Tell me how your forearms feel after using it for a while?
  8. Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Dan with Adams insisted that I clean with Ceramic Boost in between applications and this did wonders. The black trim restorer is sticky until it fully cures. Once fully cured, clean with Ceramic Boost as this will pull off any excess Trim Restorer if you applied it too heavy. From there proceed with doing the Trim Coating install. Mine is still beading water very well as it rained last night and I did notice the hydrophobic properties still working. Ceramic Boost makes the trim a breeze to clean and shine up with the trim coating.
  9. Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Yes. It does work and cleans up very quickly with the ceramic boost. I do my normal wash and then the boost makes it look new again.
  10. Help with my foam cannon

    On my foam cannon I have to max the knob out on the top to the minus sign to get the thickest amount of foam.
  11. What did you do today?

    Wow! Looking great. Did you seal it with paint sealant or GNG?
  12. Microfiber glove

    I didn't see the blue microfiber mittens either on Adams, looks like they are designed for use with mini blinds with the intent to remove dust? The microfiber wheel mitt is going to get plenty of use. I am thinking it can be used as a stand alone fill in while doing Rinseless washes. Fill a bucket with a touch of CS, and use the mitt to clean the wheels/tire and keep a spray bottle to spray the CS off. Im excited about this wheel mitt lol
  13. Help with my foam cannon

    Eric, any updates on increasing the foam with your foam cannon?
  14. Microfiber glove

    I am excited about the Micro Fiber wheel wash mitt as well. Currently I use a 10" wash mitt for my lower rocker area and my wheels. With the wheel wash mitt I can have a dedicated wash mitt that never has to touch my paint
  15. Help with my foam cannon

    I had similar results my first go round as well. I filled the canister to the top of the neck, where it bottle necks with water and did two ounces of UFS and about the same amount of foam as using my foam gun. It was highly water diluted if you will.