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  1. Red Rambler

    Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    It looks fine without boost, if it’s newer plastic to begin with. My truck is an 01 and the plastic is faded a good bit. The boost brightens it back up easily. I would recommend it. It is effortless to apply.
  2. Red Rambler

    What did you do today?

    Awesome. Sounds like a fun job for sure. Really impressed with the size of those. I did forget the RPM, being that large it would take lots of torque to get those pistons moving. I have built a few small single piston engines and my break-in procedure is fresh oil, run the motor at certain RPMs, but don’t allow it to idle for prolong periods of time until you know the rings are seated, dump the oil and go racing. I laugh because the pistons I’m dealing with are like 1/1500 scale of those monsters. Plus your dealing with tons of torque and a low rpm motor, if it’s diesel which I assume it is. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Red Rambler

    What did you do today?

    I would be curious to see those piston rings being installed. Those are huge! What was the main reason for changing the piston, looks like a lot of blow by? Often times when putting a new piston or rings in a motor a new cross hatch on the cylinder wall is required to seat the rings, but that would be quite the job as well. Impressed by the job!
  4. Red Rambler

    Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Yes, you are correct. Good luck, the restorer does wonders!
  5. Red Rambler

    Thank a Veteran Today

    Thanks to all who have served and paid the ultimate price. God bless.
  6. I like to use PS, topped with guard n gloss, and top that with reload. It makes for an amazing shine and last fine in between washes.
  7. Red Rambler

    Pre Cut PPF Kits

    2001 Dodge Ram 2500, quad cab. thanks sir!
  8. Red Rambler

    Pre Cut PPF Kits

    Hey Shane, awesome gesture here. I would be interested in a lower rocker panel kit as well. Are you able to cut just the lower rocker panel? Thanks.
  9. Red Rambler

    Can’t get H2O g&g off paint

    yeah, the heat and a hot panel can cause extra work with lots of products, allowing them to dry too fast, in the cold similar issues arise. I would give the BG a go, and see what results you get, just try your worst panel, and if it removes the streaks you will be happy, but it will also have a tremendous amount of shine, win-win.
  10. Red Rambler

    Can’t get H2O g&g off paint

    Another avenue that might be worth exploring is to leave the H2O where it is now, and apply Brilliant Glaze on top of the H2O, that might take the streaks out as well. I currently apply H2O and top that with a spray sealant from another company, it lends awesome results. I have had it on my mind to try H2O and top it with a layer of Brilliant Glaze, just have not done so yet.
  11. Red Rambler

    Can’t get H2O g&g off paint

    Since the H2O is water activated, I would try a spray bottle of water to reactivate the H2O. I had a similar issue my first few go rounds with it. My process is to use less H2O than I initially thought, maybe 1 squirt for a fender and two squirts for the larger panels like the hood. Use two single softs, one for applying that is damp, and a dry one to wipe off. However, once you use too much product it will require more water to get the residue to buff off.
  12. Red Rambler

    Spraying Ceramic Wheel Coating

    Thanks much. I somehow skipped over that part. Probably the awesome pictures
  13. Red Rambler

    Spraying Ceramic Wheel Coating

    Awesome job Shane, do you ever coat the barrels of the wheel?
  14. Red Rambler

    Ryobi pressure washer question

    I have this exact Ryobi pressure washer in question, works well and I have quick connects at the pump and both ends of the hose. Its a quick setup. I concur @SVillalon that if you are looking for shaving cream consistency than do as has been suggested. It honestly works well for what it is, its light weight and easy to setup. I have a higher PSI gas unit, but its not as quick to move/setup so this is a happy medium.
  15. Red Rambler

    Today’s clinic in CT

    Glad to hear it was a success. Very gracious of your crew to put this on. Hopefully this is one of many to come.