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  1. I love Adam's products and will continue to support them, I do not use ALL of Adam's products however. I use what I want to use and have the luxury of doing so. Not every product will be for everybody. Any company that is not changing will be left behind and we see this with so many industries. I for one applaud Adam's for the attempt and execution of attempting to relate to the younger generations and bringing in fresh ideas. I feel Adam's still has an excellent platform for the base car care experience, Car Shampoo, paint correction liquids, and waxes/protectants. The company is so much more than that product wise, but you get the jest of it. Anybody can still wash and detail their car with the same Adam's products we have always known and loved. Not buying a product due to the origin is a whole different topic, but Adam's gives us all the luxury of buying American and by gosh when given the option I am going to continue to do so! I think the major decision is, do you want to wash your ride with an Adam's shirt and socks on or not? I'm not making light of the fact that they are venturing into new markets, but YOU are allowed to do as you like and make the decision to stick to the basics of what you like with Adam's. You do not have to jump ship because they are selling non American made pressure washers, just don't buy into what you don't want. Its your dollar to spend, and its hard earned at that! I think anybody would be hard pressed to find products that compare to Adam's. I have found a few, but again, these are from American made companies. Point being, its your dollar to spend, so do so wisely and buy American made when you can.
  2. I really like these posters as well being a truck guy, the square body is a perfect fit. Will you let us all know if you get a lead on more than you need? Thanks!
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