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  1. Awesome that paint looks deep specially the hood shots with the trees. Love this stuff
  2. Used Adams correcting polish along with metal polish 1&2. This was plastic and nylon from a cover for my Harley that melted on the muffler. Used detail spray and a single blade razor to remove the melted material then polished. This stuff works took less than an hour
  3. awesome nice truck, but be forewarned this stuff is addictive.
  4. Gotta stop drinking this stuff ,just to do gone addictive hope you like the pics
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this issue. Think I picked up a plastic bag or some kind of plastic last time I was out riding my Harley. Adams to the rescue double oo steel wool and fine polish followed up by metal 1&2 Iam impressed with how well it cleaned up.
  6. should have read as , will do it does
  7. Finally got some time to polish up the bike with Adams products, won't use anything else here are the pics. Love these products so far everything that Adams says their product wild it does.
  8. 45mike


    Does this forum have a search function , if so were do I find it. thanks
  9. I believe I have converted an M user to a ADams user , let a co worker use some of my polish and gear to see what his Chevy paint might look like. I think he converted blown away with the results on the panel he did. I attached a couple of pictures .
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