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  1. Hi guys, I have been a fan of TRC since it came out, but this last bottle I got doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Today I applied, scrubbed, and rinsed 3 times to each tire and if anything they are only dirtier than before. Has anyone else had issues with this product not working with certain tires etc? Or should I just keep trying to apply it till they get black? edit: And yes the foam is turning white.
  2. Seems very fair. I think my initial thinking was that it was a coating that should last 5 years and I won't have to touch it. Now I realize that is not realistic. I never asked my detailer what he would charge as I wasn't looking to bring the car back to him, over an hour away from my house now.
  3. from my experience with polishing a lot of chrome on a Harley and other chrome (no clear coat), you will not see any black or gray residue like polishing a bare metal. The Adam's metal polish 1 and 2 do a great job, you probably will only need to use metal polish 1 with chrome.
  4. I think that is where a lot of people are mislead. I feel the hype of the "self-cleaning properties" over shadows the true maintenance schedule required. And just to clarify, you don't charge your client to bring their car back for a clay, polish, and top coat reapplication???
  5. I have considered a coating but applying it without a garage and proper lighting is my main concern, along with the waste of microfiber if I were to apply in stages. I am very intrigued by the spray coating as the lifetime is shorter than most coatings and the application process seems less prone to errors. My last car was black, and I had it professionally coated, which was awesome for the first 2 years. The "5 year coating" although still on the car needed to be polished and decontaminated, which basically meant it needed to be removed by compound and reapplied. I'm just not a h
  6. looking for some ideas on a good detail process for a new car that will have about 3000 miles through nj winter and only washed once by the dealer, I know. Regardless the car had some wash and swirl marks when i picked up the car new. So I'm not looking to do a 100% correction, but would like to get it mostly corrected with lots of gloss, it's got tons of gloss right now. From my research the black sapphire metallic bmw paint is fairly hard, so I think I will need to do a two step correction to remove the swirls, but I will test spot first with a finishing polish. The car definite
  7. Yup, I tried and loved it, I love brilliant glaze on almost anything but plastic. Just wish it lasted longer, regardless the shine is worth it.
  8. I love glass sealant and also love topping the windows with h2o, it's a great combo.
  9. That's what I'm thinking, or maybe just need different towels. The borderless gray did not seem to glide smoothly when drying after h2o...
  10. I use to have microfiber revitalizer but ran out. I'm using a liquid tide free and clear. To clarify the scratching is mostly left to right. I'll try to get some pictures. As far as cleaning and applying H2O, I wash each panel using the two bucket method. I then rinse the car and then go ahead and apply H2O. I put one spray in the towel and then go ahead and do one spray per panel using a wet towel to spread it, and then buff dry with a borderless gray. The wet towel i'm using is a little more plush than the borderless gray, but similar. As for direction of motion I tr
  11. I use tide soap with no fabric softeners, I wash them on warm with a cold rinse and dry using low heat till they are about 90% dry. I use to pre-soak but haven't been lately. The towels I use for the wet application are previous towels I have used with HGG, but they no longer absorb or buff dry H2O like they use too. So I now use them as a wet towel, but maybe that is the issue. As for the wash pad this is how it looked after a panel or two. I switched and grabbed another wash pad after seeing it not rinse out so well. As for what was on the panels, nothing out of the ordinary.
  12. After polishing out my black car, I applied sealant and then glaze and went about 2 weeks without washing. After the first wash I applied H2O using the wet method and drying each panel with a borderless gray. The micro scratching, which generally is only seen under the sun, seems to be following left and right motions and not swirls, but I washed and applied H2O the same. I'm thinking it could be from the drying process. It had been a while since I used H2O and the borderless towel seemed a bit grabby in comparison to how I remember. As for my wash pad, it seems afte
  13. Same setup, I think it's mostly user error and lack of proper lights along with working outside. I think I'll leave it alone, it's a nice way of knowing I'm probably doing something wrong. Regardless she looks way better now.
  14. Thanks, it was my first go doing a full car two step correction. I definitely missed a few spots or not enough correction. I think I need to invest in a light so I can see the progress of the correction better.
  15. I got to use my new mini swirl killer for the first time and it is the exact polisher I needed for those concave panels and small areas my rupes 15mk2 doesn't work so well at. The big thing I noticed was how nicely I was able to adjust my pressure to get the pad spinning at the right speed. Is the washer mod worth it? Thinking of trying it with my rupes 15mk2, hoping to get better control of pad speed as it seems to bind up easily with not too much pressure. Here are a few shots after a two step correction I did. Adam's products used were, mini swirl killer, detail spr
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