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  1. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    How to clean off polish fling

    Great idea Shane - Thanks! I'll break out my little steamer machine.
  2. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    How to clean off polish fling

    Hey Everyone, When paint correcting my Raptor on the sunny side of the truck the polish got hot and ended up flinging on some trim and running boards. On any painted surface I am able to remove it with Revive. On some areas of the trim and running boards revive did not work, outside of the next cleaning routine and using tire & rubber cleaner what else can I use to remove the fling specks? I know in the heat this happens, but I am limited on locations as the truck barely fits in the garage so heat ends up being problematic. Any help would be greatly appreciated as always.
  3. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    Help in/near Maryland

    Not sure where you are in MD, but in NOVA I have procured a few Adams Products from this company in Sterling. http://www.oddsandendsdetailing.com/ The guy knows his stuff and uses what he thinks is best for the job (mostly Adams). I have ran in there and grabbed a few things every now and again when I run out and I have a detail coming up for friends/family and can't wait for an order to be delivered. Also helps that he is close to me office at work. =)
  4. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    Suggest a Show!

    @Kyle@Adams How about something in the DC Area? Lots of domestic and international shows bring in a lot of residents up and down the east coast. I know Carlisle is a good 3 hours away but perhaps along the 95 corridor can be a cost beneficial show?
  5. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    Quick question on the Hand Revive Polish

    Yes it does, love the color. Makes me miss my cobra...
  6. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    Glass Sealant for Gopro (Action Cam) Lens

    Update: Back from Aruba, and while I did get some killer shots and videos on the GoPro (Scuba Diving, parasailing etc..) the glass sealant was useless. I had better luck licking the lens to keep water from beading. I am going to try paint sealant on the waterproof case and test around the house if that doesn't work I'll follow the GoPro instructions Kingsford posted and use that application.
  7. I love my Adam's collection as the next armature garage detailer, but yes I too was put off by a 15% sale. Many automotive forums supply a 10% code any time of year on most products. I could use a few gallon refills and would like to try some of the newer products but the 15% off in a current world of other retail priorities I kept the plastic in the wallet. I'm glad the OP started the thread because I thought about creating one as well.
  8. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    Glass Sealant for Gopro (Action Cam) Lens

    Ah Thanks - I'll give it a try on my Hero4.
  9. Has anyone used glass sealant or something like paint sealant/H20G&G to coat a photo lens from elements distorting photos or videos? Here's my direct situation; I am going to Aruba and want to utilize my GoPro and its very humid, and the GoPro will get wet. Outside of buying the anti-fog lens has anyone tried using sealants on the lens and case to prevent water steaks/fogging? Thanks in advance
  10. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    VRT or H20 for trim/plastic

    ^ This is what I do as well; works very well for me on the sport car and the Raptor alike.
  11. Yay an east coast event. I would love to make the trip from Northern VA (DC Metro) and enjoy the activities/education. Weather permitting I may bring the bikes on the back of the Raptor.
  12. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    How did you come to use Adams?

    For me the Raptor Forums - specifically @TheWolf ...Don't know if praise or expletives are in order however. =)
  13. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    Starting Fresh

    Gladiator garage for me as well for my detailing stuff, tools, etc.
  14. SVT-Raptor&Cobra

    Who uses a detailing cart?

    Make that three - got if from Harbor Freight for cheaps; and has held up well. Ample room for stickers. =)
  15. I have two of the step ladders one with the three steps and the other with two. Got them both on sale, very happy with them. Durable and light enough to hold with a finger or two and move it around the garage/work space as needed. I use the taller one for the Raptor exclusively.