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  1. The chemical's Adam's offers are excellent but, what really makes 'em KICK ***? The info they provide showing you how to use their products and the no brainer things like color coding the pads to the polishes... I was lost trying to get into detailing with other products, I bought pads & polish from Amazon & proceeded to waste my Saturday detailing my truck with less than good results... Fast forward a few weeks and a bunch of time on youtube watching Adam's Video's and I had AMAZING results!! Can I blame them for offering China made tools, NO WAY! It's not like they're charging a price that isn't consistent with other Chinese made tools, correct? I can't afford to sink the $$ into an American or German made polisher and the more profits Adam's can make the better, it will go into R&D on Chemicals and however Adam sees fit, god bless capitalism... If you want an American made polisher or pressure washer go buy one.. I still have my cheapo PC polisher and it works fine for me.. I have lots of American made items that I count on and use a lot but, something that gets used 2-3 x a year like a polisher I have to make the concession and buy imported stuff... How that possibly makes a company a poser? I do not know... It makes them capitalistic which is what built and continues to build and keep this country great...
  2. Thanks for the detailed response! Is your Truxedo Smooth Vinyl or the Premium Matte Black Woven Fabric ? I was very close to buying the hard rolling Truxedo, now called the Sentry, I think a few years ago it was the Titanium but, I went with the Soft cover because I wanted the lifetime warranty and didn't want to spend the extra $ on the hard cover mostly.. The Pro 15X is the Premium Matte Black Woven Fabric which has a very matte finish but, the underside is the same vinyl that is standard on all Truxedo covers so it will be almost impossible to test in an inconspicuous spot unfortunately. Nice Colorado you have, I had a 2017 for just about two months, I liked a lot of things about it but, I spend all day in my truck for work and the lack of an 8 way adjustable seat plus the lower seating position was a killer for my body shape / size and I could not get comfortable in it so I had to go back to a Silverado, actually bought back my original truck back that I had for three years.. I miss the Colorado in parking lots and miss the extra space it gave me in the garage.
  3. Here is a question for ya'll.. I just bought a Truxedo Pro x15 which has a canvas/convertible top type material instead of vinyl, MFR recommends only soap and water for upkeep, should I add anything else? Was using Aerospace 303 on my previous vinyl cover...
  4. Thanks for the info, I actually use a different detail spay for claying than Adam's most of the time, like I said earlier when I got into detailing Adam's wasn't offering clay alternative and I've just stuck with what works..
  5. Thanks for all the thoughtful input everybody, I'll stick with detail spray!
  6. I agree with you that sometimes you get behind by cutting corners which is why I am asking before trying it... What would the downside be though? Inadequate lubrication? Lack of proper coverage for the H2O? Not that I mind the separate steps mind you but, I'm also not looking for show car results either, my truck and wife's SUV are both DD rides with mine seeing about 25k miles a year of use so the rock chips and other wear stuff that trashes the cars out just from general use.. The Nanoscrub clay alternative I use offers a clay lube that 'adds protection' which is what got me thinking about it... To be fair Adams wasn't offering a clay alternative at the time or I would have probably bought their product..
  7. Sorry of this has been asked before, wasn't able to come up with anything in search.. Can one use H20 G&G applied to a wet car, as clay lube? I am thinking if spread across evenly it would kill two birds with one stone but, maybe I am missing something in my though process?
  8. We spent a day in the NOX this week doing some day trips and I do have to say the seats are not as comfortable as the ones in my 2016 Silverado... Not terrible but, my legs were more sore than I would have liked...
  9. Man that sucks... We have been pretty happy with our 2019 Premier 2.0T, haven't made any long trips yet but, seats are pretty decent, maybe even a bit better than my 2016 Silverado...
  10. What are you planning on getting next? I leased about 8 cars in a row between the wife and I and it was always fun getting something new every 3 years.. I started a new job and I needed to put about 30k miles a year on my ride (work pays for it) so a lease was out of the question for me and when we got the wife's equinox the deals were not that good and we were tired of the lease cycle so we bought that too..
  11. Interesting. Thanks for the info... I'd never buy a Tundra, have you seen the crash test results from the IIHS on those, they're pretty much death traps... 4 Runners look cool but, they're under powered and again not good in crashes...
  12. Really! How late of models? I have no interest in Toyota but, just curious...
  13. Ah that makes sense... Good luck! FWIW I always wipe my truck down as I clay it...
  14. Hrm I am surprised that they still shot single stage the late of a model... Might be worth giving it a shot?? If it's clear over base, it's donezo...
  15. You're very kind to be detailing it before turning the lease in, I never even washed my cars upon turn in... I'd just HGG it at this point and call it good...
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