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  1. Welcome Keith to your newest addiction from a fellow Chicago area resident. I'm in the western burbs, If there's anything you want to try let me know. I won't hold it against you being a cubs fan either
  2. Welcome to you newest addiction from another IL resident. Luckily I am just out of Crook county
  3. My pocketbook is thanking me that there is no fat guy sizes on them this time.
  4. You know Chris, Chicago's the place with Lou Malnati's and Portillo's all over
  5. I had issues with 2 bottles of the glass boost with the sprayers breaking. I put it in one of their universal bottles about a year ago with no ill effects seen so far.
  6. Welcome Ruben to your newest addiction from a fellow Chicago area resident. If there's anything you want to try let me know
  7. We use detail spray and Interior Detailer throughout the house. With out Husky hair can get everywhere and it helps it not to stick to everything. It's what always happens to the special editions when they come out, the wife either grabs them or tells me to order them (who am I to tell her no to making an Adams order?) for the house We also use glass cleaner, Brilliant Glaze and some OG all purpose cleaner in the bathroom a lot Have used foaming cleaner on the couches and use leather conditioner on the wife's purse a couple times
  8. We use it all the time in the house, we use it like pledge. With a husky in the house everything helps with hair.
  9. I'm liking that different sprayer on the Microfiber revitalizer. Surprised they have that but not the rubber mat cleaner
  10. I am a sticker junkie. I didn't need the bucket but had to because of the design. I think I'm more addicted to the stickers then the mints and or products
  11. Welcome to your newest addiction from a fellow Illinois resident
  12. I need one for the gas that comes out of the guy that sits next to me at work ☣️
  13. I've got a few of the limited detail sprays and a new throwback soap among other things. PM me what you have for trade
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