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  1. That's what I was thinking. Thank you all for the help.
  2. falcaineer falcaineer, I have clayed, polished, and sealed the truck and am ready to put the final layer. If I use the CSC, is it okay to put directly over the sealant without using the prep??
  3. What would you use for the final coat after polishing and sealing a White F250 that stays inside and not a daily driver? CSC Buttery Americana pastE brilliant glaze
  4. Are the tips made of soft material in case you do contact the surface that the chance of damage is minimal?
  5. There is quite a difference in price for these units so I'm wondering what the additional ~150 bucks for the blaster provides that the cannon doesnt. Anyone use both and can share their experience? My interest is to have the unit fixed to the garage wall and walk around the vehicle with the hose.
  6. Adams metal polish topped off with a coat of CSC. Chrome will definitely get you home 👍
  7. I'm planning to use the Adams chrome polish as a first coat on the motorcycle but should I also follow up with a coat of paint sealant for protection? Or is the polish sufficient?
  8. First time using the product and was very pleased. I received a bottle of finishing polish in a Mystery Box last year and while performing the annual clay/correction on my SQ5 during the Winter weather weekend I decided to give it a try after the correcting layer. A very nice difference that really brought the shine out prior to sealing the finish.
  9. I have the same problem with my foam cannon which is why I'm lurking the forum. I get good foam for about 5 seconds then it's mostly water.
  10. Thanks again for the helpful replies. The vehicle is White so my major problem was too much product and not working it in enough. By the time i was finished with this beast I had finally caught the hang of it.
  11. Thank you for the quick reply I am out in the garage now doing an F250 so I appreciate the help. I'll give it a try
  12. What am I doing wrong that makes this stuff so hard to remove?? It's like glue on the rag and wearing me out.
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