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  1. @HeavenOnWheels I think you are on the right track with your procedure now... using a separate hose for DI rinse and not using the pressure washer. I have been causally looking into doing DI rinse at home (smaller scale than your tanks) and from what I have read most of the sites, articles, manufactures have all mentioned using a low flow misting nozzle (something like 0.75 or 1.25 gpm.. can’t remember off the top of my head). So using a pressure washer for DI might be to high of a GPM..... not sure why they are rusting out though... but I could see why they might be burning up by not having enough incoming gpm’s.
  2. Washed the truck today. I had made an order a couple weeks back and ordered wash and coat, ceramic waterless wash, and interior Detailer. Truck has ceramic spray coating on it. I use a foam gun and 2 bucket wash with the microfiber wash mitt. Followed directions on the wash and coat. Put 3-4 ounces in the foam gun with water and a couple ounces in the bucket with the mitt and lather it up with the sprayer. I found that it does not foam very well, either in the foam gun (decent foam but not great) and very minimal in the bucket with the mitt. Went ahead and foamed the truck, washed with the mitt and rinse bucket, and then rinsed truck off. I have both ceramic boost 2.0 and now have ceramic waterless wash. I was conflicted on which one I was going to use as a drying aid as I don’t have a air dryer (yet. Lol). Decided I was going to use the CWW. Reached for the bottle, and couldn’t find the right size sprayer. When I loaded everything up yesterday, I mistakenly grabbed the wrong spray head for it. So I used CB 2.0 instead. Applied/dried using the wet method. Used 4 borderless gray towels for my crew cab pickup. Applied the CB to everything as it all has CSC, or ceramic trim coating, or both. Once completed and packed up I took it out into the sun. Came out amazing!! Pics I took don’t do it justice so not worth posting. Unbelievably smooth to the light touch. And didn’t notice any streaking or high spots. Side note: not completely sold on wash and coat. It does seem to work well. I bought the 12 ounce bottle and used just about half to wash it once. Maybe if I bought the 64 ounce next time.
  3. Early last week got an email for %25 off using “First”. I had not ordered anything from Adams since the new site had launched. I have been eying some products and with this promo code I decided to pull the trigger. Order arrived today. It contained ceramic waterless wash kit (12oz spray with 2 towels), wash and coat, and interior Detailer. Excited to try the wash and coat. And also the CWW. Hope I have enough towels (only have 3-4) My truck is ceramic spray coated and will be applying boost at the next wash. Hopefully tomorrow if all goes as planned
  4. Yup. You have the right idea. Same routine I have done in the past. Initial application of paint sealant Guard and gloss every 3-4 weeks Detail spray for the washes in between Guard and gloss Buttery wax for the extra pop (only lasts 3-4 days)
  5. @SS LeadFoot You will love it on the granite countertop! I did it a few months ago and have since also CB it as well. Works amazing and shines very well!!
  6. Now I am torn between Ceramic Waterless Wash and Wash & Coat. Ugh.....decisions decisions...
  7. Nice work!! I am going to be adding ceramic waterless wash to my Arsenal very soon. Reviews are great, and truck is CSC. I have ceramic boost that I will be using about once a month. But I need a drying aid for the in between CB applications. How do you use it as a drying aid? Rinse the shampoo off, pooling rinse, spray the CWW, then wipe with MF and then maybe follow up with second MF?
  8. I second what @Rich said. I have used it on my weather tech mud flaps, and the various black trim around the truck. Just wipe it on like you would the paint. The “porous” (textured plastic) I just wiped it on and left it. The smooth plastic (mud flaps) the first time I did a quick post application wipe (like you do in the paint) the second time I did the mud flap I just left it like the porous plastic.
  9. Thank you Adam! Well said! And as as a father myself, I can appreciate your life goals..... family is always first!
  10. Ah... forgot about the durability part. Thanks @falcaineer and @Parad0x
  11. From my understanding the only differences is a small percentage of SiO2 with the paste having slightly more percentage, and the other is personal preference of application.
  12. @falcaineer wasnt to bad using the small applicator. What made it difficult was that I had used the ceramic spray coating bottle already (on my granite countertops) and figured that taking the spray head out and putting the cap back on would make the bottle last longer. I did use warm/hot water on the spray head and rinsed out the spray head in an attempt to save it. side note: I did not do this on my tire armor and that spray head had hardened and couldn’t use it again. Socwhat I ended up doing was covering the top of the CSC bottle with the applicator, turned it sideways and splashed the applicator, turned it back up right and moved the applicator over a little bit farther and repeated the process. Recap the bottle so I wouldn’t knock it over, crosshatch pattern a section, then wipe with a clean MF. Repeated this process until I was done. I didnt get any pics yesterday. Took some today though. Had morning dew covering it along with some dust/fallout from sitting overnight and driving to work, and sitting in the parking lot for 8 hours.
  13. Continued my Big Detail today. Only got the cab done today (roof, hood, front fenders, grill surround, front bumper, 4 doors). 2 step paint correction, some spots required 3, coating prep wipe down, ceramic spray coating application. I ceramic spray coated all paint, chrome, headlights, all black plastic, rubber trim (has ceramic trim coating on it already) and all the glass including side mirrors. I used the small suede applicator and followed it up with a brand new single soft once it rainbowed over. The rear bed sides and tailgate will have to wait till next week. Not enough time to get it all done today.
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