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  1. Uggh. Less than a week ago we had negative temps and 13” of snow. Now we have no snow, it’s 58 degrees and torrential downpours. Localized flooding. Welcome to New England! Hopefully I can get out sometime soon and clean the truck a bit. Even if it’s just an undercarriage spray and a power wash of the body.
  2. New to the Forum from CT

    Welcome to the forum and Adams family! I too am from CT. Nice to see others on this forum from CT.
  3. Tapatalk

    I am also a fan and daily user of Tapatalk. This would be a great idea. The end user (we the people) would have control over what we want to see. It’s very user friendly and very customizable by the end user. I know the Adams team will see this thread. I hope many other members on here are also on Tapatalk and will chime in and show their support. I do not know what is involved in the back end of what the work load would be to get the forum viewable on Tapatalk.
  4. Standard foam gun not connecting

    I have not seen the standard foam gun, but I had similar problem on the premium. The remedy was to just slightly loosen the quick connect on the end where the canister connects to the nozzle. Still it’s a tight connection with now leaks after slightly loosening. Best of luck
  5. What did you do today?

    Yup. Straight garden hose. And I am feeling crazy I can hook my garden hose to a hot water hook up and use hot water to do the rinse.
  6. What did you do today?

    Zman024 I like your idea. I might try that out!
  7. What did you do today?

    Zman024, Rich Got a few shots of the homemade undercarriage sprayer. Nothing special. It it works pretty good as long as you have decent water pressure. Made from misc plumbing parts and drilled a few 1/8” holes (drilled in different directions). Used a 4ish foot long push broom replacement handle to attach the sprayer head to. Slides pretty good on the pavement. In hind sight (and easily remedied) I should have used 1 less hole for better pressure. But none the less it still works pretty darn good. And I put a quick disconnect on it as all of my hoses have them. This sprayer gets attached to the hose that also had a thumb shutoff at the end to make it easy to turn in and off and move about.
  8. What did you do today?

    Rich First off, that’s crazy that it is mandatory and you have to pay for it all. Secondly, it does sound like it was interesting to watch. That’s how I grew up, watching all kinds of trades working, absorbing a lot of info. It’s probably why my wife always says “how do you know all this stuff?” I would have like to have seen what and how they did your work.
  9. What did you do today?

    I will try to grab a shot or 2 of it tomorrow.
  10. What did you do today?

    Washed the truck today. It was above freezing so I took out the hose and my home built undercarriage sprayer and thoroughly rinsed the underside. Loaded up my wash bucket with hot water soap and a wash pad and sealed the lid. Threw that in the back of the truck. Put th Ultra Plush drying towel, detail spray, all purpose spray and a wheel brush in the cab. Drove over to the pay and spray to get to work. Found out that they installed a high pressure undercarriage sprayer with a roller on it to get under vehicles!!! Not only that but it also sprays Salt-A-Way!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 So I washed the underside again with that! Did a slow methodical pre rinse with the pressure washer. Did my wash pad, then used the APC, and left over wash to get tires and rims. Rinsed again and pulled out into the sun and dried the DS and the Ultra Plush. Between setting up at my house doing the whole process and then cleaning up bucket and tools at home only took me 2 hours. Annd it’s supposed to rain and snow on Friday again. At least I have 2 days with a clean truck
  11. Hello from New Member in CT

    Welcome to the forum.. Glad to hear another member from CT!
  12. That’s a nice pull box you have there!! Does it still have the guts?
  13. New product spied

    Hahaha. Isee what you did there.
  14. What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    After almost 2 months ( vacation, a week of crappy weather and then surgery) I was finally able to wash the RAM. Man was it dirty. Couldn’t dress the tires or the trim becuse I completely forgot I had an appointment in the afternoon. So I had to skip those steps. But at least she is clean.