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  1. Firebuff17

    Black Friday Sale!

    I snagged a few things as well. Going to try out the new H2O 2.0 as well as the tire armour. Ordered placed about 20 mins after sale went live. Everything was slow but in the end it went through. Got the Adams confirmation email this am.
  2. Marked it in my calendar!
  3. @RayS On some cars those black steelies look good...older CVPI’s or the black and white PI’s.. but unfortunately they are needed due to being pursuit rated. Your not going to get the pursuit rating with better looking rims.
  4. Firebuff17

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Beautiful truck
  5. Firebuff17

    BOGO sale plus 15% off Storewide

    @NuNu You might be have missed the sale... can’t speak for that part of it. But I ordered during this sale (24-36 hrs before the posted end) and my order went through and showed on my payment of choice as such... but I didn’t see it in my recent orders. I ended up calling on Friday to double check because I didn’t want to miss out. Tried a few times and couldn’t get someone on the phone. So I left a message. A few hours later I received an email with my shipping confirmation... but no call back.
  6. Firebuff17

    Family changes bring about new cars...

    @shane@detailedreflections I give you a lot of credit for stepping up like you did. Not many people would take on 4 kids... let alone young kids. My hats off to you sir!! I would be be interested in your new car process.. I always look forward to reading your posts... informative... great pics and amazing results!
  7. Firebuff17

    eBay: Adams collection ???

    There are people who are addicted to Adams...... and then there is this guy. Pretty sure everyone who said they are addicted feels a bit better about their addiction after seeing this guys “extra” supplies. You could start a dealer store with that extra goodies.
  8. I have cleaned a windshield that was heavily damaged with water spots by hand. I did not have access to small pads; or large pads designed for glass, and did not have any glass polish. From what I have read and researched it usually requires a more aggressive compound specifically designed for glass. I tested a small spot first in an area that you wouldn’t really see. I used liquid Bar Keepers Friend with a micro fiber cloth. Some tough spots needed extra power so I used 0000 steel wool pad, glass cleaner as a lubricant, and polished very lightly. @Shane@detailedreflections is 100% correct in saying it is slow and tedious. Took me several hours to do a truck windshield. And my arms/shoulders were killing me by the time I was done.
  9. Firebuff17

    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    Thanks @Dan@Adams Might have to snag at least one of these. And I also mis-spoke. I did mean the 10”wash pad.
  10. Firebuff17

    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    Is the wash mitt better than the wool wash pads? Less of a chance for swirling and scratches with the mitt? I know it also comes down to technique.
  11. Firebuff17

    Wash mitt extension

    I use a platform to reach the roof of my RAM crew cab roof. Actually thinking about getting a second one. That way I don’t need to move it while I am washing and drying or polishing/sealing the roof.
  12. Firebuff17

    What did you do today?

    Played in a golf tournament today. Have not picked up my clubs in about 2 years. Surprisingly, played pretty well. And had a good time with some of the guys at work I don’t get to work with all that often. I do know I am going to be sore tomorrow though. Lol.
  13. Firebuff17

    All of our latest work

    I will take the truck as a daily driver and the grey mustang as my muscle car for the weekends. Oh... and nice work! They all look amazing!! And I think I spotted the man the myth and the legend of interiors.
  14. Firebuff17

    My first (planned) major detail of 2018

    Sounds ambitious but definitely doable. Your order looks good but need to move a few steps around. Most would do a full detail of the tires, rims and wheel arches first. Follow that with the 2 bucket wash. After the rinse you have 2 options. Just depends on how fast you work. Skip the dry step and just go straight to clay. I would keep it wet and also use detail spray with the clay bar. Or you could do a quick dry and just use detail spray as you clay. Then apply paint sealant. Then H2OGG. Then the wax. Then dress tires and trim. Then do the windows.