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  1. When given the opportunity, you must take them when they come! i am sure it will be fun!
  2. Trim restorer before the ceramic trim coating Here is what I did about a month and a half ago, I also did tire armor for the first time as well. Cleaned wheels, wheel wells Scrubbed tires 4-5 times with T&RC until foaming turned white Scrubbed all trim to be restored (T&RC until the foaming was white) 2 bucket washed the truck Dried the truck and trim Used air to blow water out from around trim and tires Applied Tire Armor Applied Trim Restorer Allowed to cure for about 6 hours Applied ceramic trim coating Allowed to cure for 24 hours Enjoyed the results.
  3. BMT on wheat, ADD BACON, lettuce tomatoe, pickles, spicey mustard, salt and pepper, oil and vinegar.
  4. Well, was really hoping to make it this year because I was off from work and was looking good to go...... until the little league schedule I am coaching in came out yesterday..... got a game. I am already missing the previous 2 games due to going out of town for Easter. ☹️
  5. I don’t have that exact hose but, my somewhat educated guess would be that once it warms up, gets used a few times, it will relax and be easier and more manageable. If it’s sunny out, lay it out in your driveway for a few hours and let the warmth of the sun and warmth of the blacktop warm up the hose.
  6. GooGone is a go-to for me for adhesives. Follow that with APC to get rid of the GooGone residue and rest of the grime. Then you could do ID, or DS.
  7. I started by using straight VRT. Got the same results as others have posted, streaking down the bedsides. Then switched to 50/50 VRT. Pretty happy with the results of that. Just used H2O GG 2.0 this past wash. And I got to say.... looks really good. And performs beautifully! Rained for the first time today since I applied it about 2 weeks ago.
  8. Yesterday I was able to finally get some work done on my truck. Started off by giving it a quick wash and dry with DS. Wasn’t that dirty. Just washed it last week or so with a freash application of H2.OGG. Pulled the tires, wheel cleaner, and wash both the face and inside barrel. Set them aside to dry. (1 neighbor commented on me washing the inside of the barrels. “Wow, I have never seen anyone clean the inside of the rims”) Pulled the calipers, brake pads, caliper brackets, and rotors. Cleaned and sanded the calipers and caliper brackets. Painted the calipers and brackets matte black. Installed new rotors, brake pads, reassembled calipers. Applied Ceramic Spray Coating to the inside barrels and the front face of the rims. Rotated and reinstalled tires. Only second time doing brakes, first time doing rotors and painting calipers. Went fairly smooth. Started at about 10am. Took the test drive at about 6pm. Drove about 35 miles to work this am with all 4 tires still firmly attached and no squeaks, creeks, or groans so that was a bonus!
  9. @Rich I hear ya on that!! Was a nice day out. Was in the 40’s but sunny. Tried out the Ultra Foaming shampoo sample that was sent in my last Adams order in the foam gun. Worked pretty well. Not sure I would buy that over the regular shampoo. The regular shampoo does a good job in the foam gun. I did try out the new H2OGG 2.0 today for some protection. Still holding out to do spring paint correction before throwing down the ceramic spray coating. Tire Armor is still holding up well. Trim coating I applied about a month ago is looking real nice still.
  10. Use a spray or two of Detail spray per panel as your drying. Helps shed water, adds shine, and a layer of extra protection between the towel and the surface of the paint. My old old regiment was paint sealant about twice a year, G&G every couple of washes, and detail spray when I wasn’t using G&G.
  11. Firebuff17

    Picking A TV

    I am 50/50 on Samsung. I have 2 40” LED Samsung smart TVs. The first one I got in about 2012, love it, smart TV part I don’t really use but it is very user friendly, easy to navigate. It’s mounted on the wall and all cabling is hidden. I had a dark horizontal line near the top appear one day. Couldn’t diagnose it for sure and no electronic repair places near me would look at it for less than $200 diagnosis plus parts...if available. Just ended up storing that one and got another 40” smart LED Samsung TV. Mounted this one on wall with same bracket as old TV. I didn’t like the smart TV that much, harder to navigate than the original TV but I put up with it. I finally got around to tinker with the old TV and took it apart after about a year. Found a burned out LED strip. Tracked it down online, installed and TV is back to fully functioning. Swapped the TVs back so original TV is on bracket on wall. About another year or so go by with no problems. Until one day I get a dark horizontal line near the bottom of the TV. I know what means, and I order another LED strip, except this time I order 2 so I have one for spare. While waiting for those to arrive, a day or 2 go by and the whole TV is black, no sound or picture. Take it off the wall, swap the bracket onto other TV and rehang it. Do some research and find that I need the LED driver board. So I order that and wait for delivery. When I get all my parts I take the TV apart and swap out the LED strip that was burned out and swap LED driver boards. Test it out and it’s back working. Then again, I swap mounting brackets and TVs. Been good for the last 6 months. Zero problems with the second Samsung LED tv I bought. Great picture on both TVs.
  12. @shane@detailedreflections... I knew you would have more and BETTER input than me!! And I am certainly going to try my best to get over this year to your event. Really sorry I missed it last year. Sounds like it was fun and informative.
  13. And ease of application, difference in cure time. Prep is basically the same for either. I have been been wanting to do the full coating myself but jumped on the ceramic coating spray when it was released. I use my truck everyday and weather is not always cooperative. And even if the weather during the day cooperates, the am dew doesn’t help. So having the spray..... for me..... is a game changer. Yes.. Life expectancy is less and I have to apply 2-3 times a year.. and even though it’s a 9h rating, it’s not as “thick and durable” as the full coating, it will help a lot for me. I am am going to tag a few that might have more and certainly better info. @shane@detailedreflections, @falcaineer, @Dan@Adams
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