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  1. Thank you Adam! Well said! And as as a father myself, I can appreciate your life goals..... family is always first!
  2. Ah... forgot about the durability part. Thanks @falcaineer and @Parad0x
  3. From my understanding the only differences is a small percentage of SiO2 with the paste having slightly more percentage, and the other is personal preference of application.
  4. @falcaineer wasnt to bad using the small applicator. What made it difficult was that I had used the ceramic spray coating bottle already (on my granite countertops) and figured that taking the spray head out and putting the cap back on would make the bottle last longer. I did use warm/hot water on the spray head and rinsed out the spray head in an attempt to save it. side note: I did not do this on my tire armor and that spray head had hardened and couldn’t use it again. Socwhat I ended up doing was covering the top of the CSC bottle with the applicator, turned it sideways and splashed the applicator, turned it back up right and moved the applicator over a little bit farther and repeated the process. Recap the bottle so I wouldn’t knock it over, crosshatch pattern a section, then wipe with a clean MF. Repeated this process until I was done. I didnt get any pics yesterday. Took some today though. Had morning dew covering it along with some dust/fallout from sitting overnight and driving to work, and sitting in the parking lot for 8 hours.
  5. Continued my Big Detail today. Only got the cab done today (roof, hood, front fenders, grill surround, front bumper, 4 doors). 2 step paint correction, some spots required 3, coating prep wipe down, ceramic spray coating application. I ceramic spray coated all paint, chrome, headlights, all black plastic, rubber trim (has ceramic trim coating on it already) and all the glass including side mirrors. I used the small suede applicator and followed it up with a brand new single soft once it rainbowed over. The rear bed sides and tailgate will have to wait till next week. Not enough time to get it all done today.
  6. Started to get ready for paint correction and ceramic spray coating application. Strip washed, iron remover, clay Mitt (that thing is awesome!) 2 bucket washed, ceramic boosted the wheels (ceramic coated maybe 2 months ago) reapplied Tire Armor. Picked up the Lanka paint chip repair kit awhile back. Finally got around to tackling the few paint chips I had. Thinking this is going to be broken up into 2 days. The first day I will rinseless wash the whole cab (Crew Cab). Then paint correction, followed up with coating prep wipe down. Then ceramic spray coating. Second day will be the bed sides and tailgate. Will follow the same regimen as the cab. Although on the second day I am going to apply ceramic spray coating to my tonuo cover. Would love to do the full ceramic coating but I drive my truck everyday, have no usable garage to keep it in so it stays dry. And with the uncertainty of the weather, plus morning dew, I can’t chance ruining it. That is my reasoning for the spray coating. Will keep you guys updated!
  7. VRT will be too slippery.... especially if it gets wet! I have good results with Interior Detailer. I have also used the “dressing” that Weather Tech sells... although it is a bit pricey, but it works.
  8. Let’s see what others say... but I know the experts (certainly not me) will want to know what Ceramic Coating you used? Adams? Or another? If it’s a professional grade it may be more forgiving and might hold up to “finishing polish”. But let’s see what @falcaineer , @shane@detailedreflections Have to say
  9. Oh let’s see: Ceramic spray coating on the granite countertops. Rinsless wash diluted to waterless wash on just about everything as a general purpose cleaner. Detail spray on the stove top, counters, table tops, iPad screens, phone screens, TV screens.
  10. For the streaks that I have gotten a few times, I just used a clean MF towel and light mist of detail spray and buffed it off. Worked for me
  11. Made 4 trips to the landscape supply and picked up 2 yards of garden soil. Unloaded it all by myself with a flat shovel. Put 1.5 yards into my garden bed. The other half yard was spread in a low spot in my yard and then grass seed spread. Then it was off to the little league field to coach my sons little league team. Now watching the Bruins with a beer!
  12. When given the opportunity, you must take them when they come! i am sure it will be fun!
  13. Hahahaha...... don’t use sandpaper! My next thoughts would be clay,
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