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  1. Firebuff17

    My first (planned) major detail of 2018

    Sounds ambitious but definitely doable. Your order looks good but need to move a few steps around. Most would do a full detail of the tires, rims and wheel arches first. Follow that with the 2 bucket wash. After the rinse you have 2 options. Just depends on how fast you work. Skip the dry step and just go straight to clay. I would keep it wet and also use detail spray with the clay bar. Or you could do a quick dry and just use detail spray as you clay. Then apply paint sealant. Then H2OGG. Then the wax. Then dress tires and trim. Then do the windows.
  2. Firebuff17

    How do I clean tire shine on rubber matting?

    Tire and rubber cleaner?
  3. Firebuff17

    Today’s clinic in CT

    Sounds like it was a good time! I am sorry I missed it ☹️ Hopefully I can make the next one!
  4. I have an older PC 7424 (not the 7424XP?). I have only polished my truck once. (4 times really.... 3 step polish and then the sealant) I am in the same boat as you as far as the PC. It works well, it didn’t kill my arms with vibrations as most have said it does. BUT with that being said, when the time is right for me.... I will upgrade to the SK15mm!
  5. Looks good. And now that you’ve got them back to black. All it should take is regular routine maintanence to keep the black. Tire shine or VRT as dressing. And every other wash or so one round of tire and rubber cleaner to clean them and then reapply your dressing of choice.
  6. Firebuff17

    Dry Ice Blasting

    I saw a home improvement type show and pretty sure they used dry ice blaster to clean mold off of the underside of roof decking (in an attic)
  7. Firebuff17

    What Route To Take?

    It can be done over several days. That’s how I did my truck. I am in the same boat. Truck fits in my garage but I can’t work on while it’s in there. Here is a general outline how I did mine. Day 1: Washed the whole truck. Clayed the 3 sides of the truck bed. 3 step polished all 3 sides then applied sealant to all 3 sides. Day 2: waterless washed drivers and rear drivers doors. Clayed those doors. Microfiber with heavy correcting polish both doors. Had time so I waterless washed hood and front bumper. Clayed both. Micro fiber with heavy correcting polish hood and bumper. Day 3: waterless washed both passengers doors and the roof. Clayed those. Micro fiber pad and heavy correcting polish the doors. Switched to the orange foam pad and orange polish. Polished the roof and then both passenger doors. Again had time so I went on the the hood and bumper. Day 4: waterless washed drivers side doors. orange foam with orange correcting polish drivers side doors. Switched to the white pad and finishing polish. Polished drivers side doors. Waterless washed hood bumper and passenger side doors. Completed the finish polish on the hood and passenger side doors. Day 5: waterless washed cab of truck paint sealant on the gray pad to all of cab (4 doors, hood, bumper, roof) some steps went went easy and fast. Some steps took longer. It all depends on your paint condition, and the desired outcome. This was my first time polishing and I also have the Porter Cable. Some people complain about it not being smooth but I honestly had zero issues with mine. And after writing it all out I think I may have done it in 4 days not 5 I have listed. But you get the idea of what steps I took. And I only had about 5 hours each day to work on mine. If you have more time available each day you could get it done sooner. I see Shane answered when I did as well. He brings up some very valid points. He has helped me on several occasions and has valuable advise. As with others that will chime in. There are many on here with great knowledge and more time doing it than me.
  8. Firebuff17

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Finally was able to wash the truck today!!! Weather was nice and sunny temps got up into the low 40s. Went to the local pay and spray and used the power washer with clear water only and did a slow and methodical rinse of all the salt and road grim. Then they have an under carriage power sprayer that they use “salt-a-way” with. So again, slow and methodical spray of the underside. Ended up using their “tire and wheel cleaner” with my tire, fender brushes and wheel woolie. I realized I was almost out of tire and rubber cleaner and also wheel cleaner so this was my best option. Came home and used my foam gun and wash pad. Only did a detail spray dry with the Ultra Plush. Did a quick wipe with VRT on all trim. Have my trim restorer and trim coating waiting for me to get too soon.
  9. Firebuff17

    Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    @Red Rambler thank you for the updated info. You beat me to it as far as contacting the Adams team.
  10. Firebuff17

    Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Thanks Red. Will have to grab a ceramic boost.
  11. Firebuff17

    Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Thanks Shane. Yea. I don’t plan on driving when I get around to doing it. This of coarse once this weather turns for the better.
  12. Firebuff17

    Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Thanks for the update. They look better than new! I have a follow up question. I will be doing the same thing (restorer followed by ceramic coating). I understand the cleaning and prep process for the restorer. But once the restorer has cured for 24 hours, do you just give it a wipe down to get any dust off with a clean MF towel, then apply the ceramic coating? Skipping the preparation steps detailed in ceramic coating instructions. Is this correct? It sounds right to me but just want to be sure. Thanks
  13. Firebuff17

    What did you do today?

    Sorry folks. Got to vent here. I placed an order on March 9. Shipped same day via FedEx with expedited shipping (guaranteed FedEx ground with 1-4 business day delivery). Adams did live up to their expectation (not that I would expect anything less) and shipped the same day. I tracked the package and was scheduled for delivery on March 14 (4th day as per FedEx shipping rules). I am good with this and this is normal transit time for previous Adams shipments via the same method. March 14 comes. I get the notification that the package is on the truck and out for delivery at 1015am. Was home all day and come 1930, I get a notification saying unable to deliver due to local weather conditions. Ugh. Roads are dry and skies were clear all day. I am at work today when it was Rescheduled for delivery. Come 1945 and I get a notification stating unable to deliver due to road conditions. WTH!!!! The local FedEx ground comes out of 1 town south of me (about 10-15 miles door to door). What is this driver doing? I used my FedEx app and had a hold put on it for delivery to local FedEx Office. I will have to pick up next week at my own leisure now. I don’t trust this delivery person. Hopefully it gets delivered to the FedEx office tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Here is a screen shot of the status updates of my package. And just to to be clear, The Adams team did great and did everything correctly in their end.
  14. Firebuff17

    Clinic in Connecticut - April 28 - official thread

    Shane, you can count me in as a potential attendee. It would just depend on several schedules of mine (work, family, and sport schedules). Would be nice to pick up some techniques and advice, try some new products, and most importantly, meet some fellow forum members.
  15. Weird. It appears to be deleted from YouTube as well. I just went in to my account to post the YT link for you and it says video has been deleted. Maybe they are working on an updated video.