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  1. I use apc while removing overspray it will breakdown the clay however so depending how bad it is you might burn through clay with some frequency. However the time saved makes me more money on the next one because I am there much quicker
  2. Rinseless Wash!

    For tires and wheels I use apc/tire rubber cleaner depending on soil level to clean them, I then wipe them down with a cheap mf towel that's soaked in rw. I do the wheels like I do the paint pre soak and wipe with a dedicated wheel mf. I then dry the tires and wheels and finish with dressing. I do the wheels and tires last as scratching isn't as much of a concern for my particular wheels. I haven't used soap in over 9 months and I am loving it
  3. Polymer vs. Silica products

    Here's what I know I love anything that contains acrylic. It is typically easier to use and the products flat out work. I like silica based stuff but it is more difficult to work with imo
  4. Looking for flex 3401

    Dang that was a awesome score for someone for sure.
  5. Looking for flex 3401

    I'm looking into getting another machine particularly the flex. If anyone has one they want to part with let me know
  6. My local guy doesn't car if I disregard his signs as long as I have respect for his business. If anyone is waiting on a bay I have to move if it's slow I can be there all day he doesn't bother me. I have been know to wash, dry, and wax in his bay one day when nobody else came by. He is cool though if you have someone who this they are special your situation might go differently
  7. First time paint correction/serious cleaning

    The duster you bought might be a issue at causing some marring in the future. I hate those things with a passion. I would do a waterless wash instead much much safer. Great results for your first time with the polisher as well. Welcome to the addiction
  8. I also find the original to be my least favorite, call me crazy but I like the limited edition runs myself
  9. Weather Tech floor liners

    I use interior detailer after I have cleaned with Apc and a brush. No slick feeling just a deep rich black
  10. Be careful around emblems and trim with any towel. Just a small sharp edge will pull on the fibers unfortunately
  11. New microfiber wash pad

    I agree with more is better but with it being bright white you would see any contaminates on it. With a grit guard in a second bucket I think it might be a good speedy wash option. But I still have fears so I was looking for some reassurance lol
  12. So I watched the new video and I'm curious if rinseless washing would be a perfect fit for the new pad. It's soft microfiber like the double softs I typically use but if I could get away with using a single or 2 pads vs a bunch of towels clean up would be magical in comparison. What do you all think is it going to be super safe used in this manner. Thanks ahead for all the help from my fellow shine freaks
  13. "Hand Waxing"

    Get a swirl killer mini with some waxing pads, super even coverage and way faster to apply
  14. I did the washer mod..

    The washer mod helps if you ask me personally. The slight touch of the bp on the machine does slow the pad down compared to with the washer. If the technique is not right you will stall still as you said. Just keep playing with it. I stand mine up on one side of the pad at times like they say not to, but it works for me so I do it. There's a million ways to do things find the one that's comfortable and effective for you. I only do this on curves as the flat areas are no issue and the more pad the more correction you will have
  15. First time polishing, questions

    Either you have some deeper isolated scratches in areas called rids or you did not use the compound step enough. Sometimes it takes a few passes to achieve the results we want. Every panel can act differently depending on the vehicle. Did you do a test spot originally? I would go over the trouble areas with the compound again to see I'd it improves any, if you have enough material left that is.