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  1. I use rinselss as a pre soak and they typically come off easily during the wash. I have found that the clay mitt is also very useful when they are stubborn to get off.
  2. I just ordered an AR 383ss and was wondering what tip I should use. I wasn't sure if I am supposed to use the 25 degree tip or the open one with the widest fan.
  3. I have two VRT and 1 H20 G&G (H20 is pending trade) that I would like to trade. I also have a can of In and Out that I can trade. Looking for Rinseless Wash Wash and Wax If you have anything else offer up.
  4. I googled it and found that prior to the post. I just didn't know why the products are such a big deal.
  5. I guess I'm too old to understand. Can someone even tell me what team untamed is?
  6. Hoodies sold out in less than an hour. I am not a big fan of super limited items since adams customer base is so big. The website was almost unsusable during the sale.
  7. I have 1 16 oz VRT that I would like to trade for two wash pads or the red wash mitt. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  8. in all the last steps besides the first few good scrubbings of tire and rubber cleaner came back clean. If it wasn't perfect I would expect some inconsistency In what it covered and what it wouldn't.
  9. The only step I didn't follow is removing the tire and rubber cleaner with water. I did use multiple utility towels between applications of each product to ensure I removed all residue. There is black textured trim that turned out perfect so I am assuming that the coating doesn't really get along with smooth trim. I was just hoping for even a mild improvement. I did do three to four rounds of coating prep on each fender with a clean side of towel to make sure any t&r was gone.
  10. There was no expectation of perfection. There was an expectectation of improvement which that did not happen. The vehicle done in the video was in bad shape and turned out beautiful.
  11. I was hoping that Adams would chime in, but I think most everyone is at a show of some kind this week. Going to try and give them a call tomorrow. Just find this very unusual.
  12. Second coat was put on. Applied just as great as the first with zero improvement of the original coat.
  13. we are going to do a second coat today so hopefully it will make some impact.
  14. Here is an after example. If you notice there is plastic in the corner of the photo that took the coating well and turned out great.
  15. I am trying to get some from the owner. I was hoping that the curing process would darken it. I didn't expect perfection since they were in pretty bad shape, but I did expect improvement.
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