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  1. The one I ordered did not have a sticker on it. It came in its own box separate from the rest of my order. Luckily I have a few extra Adams stickers I can chose from.
  2. Car seat detailing

    What all was used?
  3. I found evidence that odor neutralizer has made its way to the gallon size. Maybe it will be for sale soon. I love that stuff and use it all the time.
  4. No More Cyclo

    I have the cyclo and the swirl killer mini. I bought the cyclo awhile back thinking I would save up and buy the rupes mini. That way I would only have to buy the 4” pads for both machines. I just recently bought the swirl killer mini. I really like both machines. The cyclo is more than capable for anything I would polish. I have paint corrected my 2011 Yukon and removed several scratches from my friends 2015 Tahoe.
  5. Once you get the sticker and remaining glue off I would use sticker shield. I have been using them for several years now. They peel off very easy and don’t leave behind stick glue.
  6. New Products

    Saw this earlier. Maybe the polishes will be available in 16 oz size?
  7. Clay Bar VS Clay Mitt

    I used tar remover and a wet single soft to remove the scruff marks caused by the clay mitt.
  8. Your plastic chrome

    Yes I counted all those holes. When I ceramic coated them I would do 100 at a time.
  9. Your plastic chrome

    I fought this battle on my 2011 Yukon Denali grille. It was always a pain to clean. Because of all the tiny holes. About 615 of them. But since I ceramic coated them it is much easier to clean.
  10. Hi

  11. Gallon Pump Sprayer Recommendation

    You could go all out and get one of these backpack sprayers