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  1. frosty350

    ISO new in packaging 2016 PS Orange MF

    I have a few. There are two colors from various years. An orange and then a lighter almost yellow color. Most of the towels I have came in unlabeled ziplock bags.
  2. frosty350

    GM detail spray

  3. frosty350

    Limited Edition Products

    No thanks. I have a 250k on the way. Eventually, stuck in processing.
  4. frosty350

    Limited Edition Products

    Here is my collection
  5. frosty350

    Wanted: Old bottles

    mainly looking for 16 or 32oz detail spray or car shampoo or the throwback vrt and buttery wax
  6. frosty350

    Wanted: Old bottles

    Still look for old bottles. New or used. Let me know what you have. Edit: mainly looking for detail spray or car shampoo or the throwback vrt and buttery wax
  7. Just to let you know you are talking to me on eBay messages ?

    1. frosty350


      What is your username on eBay?

  8. frosty350

    looking for detail sprays

    Pm sent
  9. frosty350

    Adam's 4th of July Sale Starts Now!

    Original is spelled wrong
  10. frosty350

    In need of square head sprayers

    I have quite a few extras. Where are you located?
  11. frosty350

    Wanted: Old bottles

    Just looking for the chrome lettered detailed spray and the throwback labeled products, also the slammed enough detail spray.
  12. frosty350

    Wanted: Old bottles

    I’m looking for any of the old labeled bottles. It can be empty or partially used.
  13. frosty350

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Yes I did. Thanks for the trade. Still have a lot available if anyone else wants to trade.
  14. frosty350

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Rich & TheWolf your stickers are in the mail