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  1. I don't know if i have the new or old version, but the application kind of stinks. It streaks and requires a good amount of effort to wipe clean, and managing overspray which results in more smearing is annoying. But the smell and gloss is top notch.
  2. Ya I can sheet the water off the car no problem, doesnt leave the car 100% dry hence the need for a towel. I just dont like rubbing a dry towel across and dry surface, and using boost as a drying aid did work but was super streaky. 1 - 2 mists per panel. Just personal preference for a finishing touch to a wash.
  3. I don't believe my 8oz bottles have that? Thanks for posting regardless!
  4. Has anyone ever diluted ceramic boost along with rinse less wash and distilled water to make a ceramic drying aid spray? I miss have detail spray to use while the car was still wet to help dry the car. I like the added lubricity when drying. Thoughts?
  5. One american company that just released a ceramic paste wax is jax wax. I tried some of their stuff on personal vehicles, wasn't too happy and use it commerically for a few months at my work. Still wasn't blown away but they may have made something good with their ceramic wax. That's the only american company that i know of who's made ceramic wax to answer your question. Who knows if adams will come out, from what i've been told, its not a top priority.
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    Got to be hip to enjoy the new marketing products
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    I've noticed over the latter part of 2017 up to now that their marketing has been very funky....
  8. And I was just about to order their coating in the upcoming months, I guess I'll have to wait and see. Can not wait, been wanting new products (car care) for a long while now. Latest product to try has been ceramic boost that ill be trying within the next week, but this has me excited again.
  9. Always when I try a new to me product, a new revision comes out...
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    It's bug season!

    I use diluted rinseless 1:16 with water, after a 2 hour trip with bugs galore, soaking that witha blue waffle weave worked well
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    I think it's without question how fast and hard at work the people at Adam are. Their customer service is great.
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    Yes this has been a concern for many the past few weeks. AVOID FEDEX SMART POST AT ALL COST. (unless you want to save 4$, have you items shipped hundreds of miles PAST your destination, and add an extra week of shipping time). Never again paying for FedEx smart post
  13. Even after I washed the hood and rinsed it in the above picture? Tomorrow should be clear of rain, although days following are nothing but rain. Maybe I'll give it a wash and detail spray tomorrow and see how it is. I'm just stumped at this point. Definitely not use to seeing this effect.