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  1. And I was just about to order their coating in the upcoming months, I guess I'll have to wait and see. Can not wait, been wanting new products (car care) for a long while now. Latest product to try has been ceramic boost that ill be trying within the next week, but this has me excited again.
  2. Always when I try a new to me product, a new revision comes out...
  3. It's bug season!

    I use diluted rinseless 1:16 with water, after a 2 hour trip with bugs galore, soaking that witha blue waffle weave worked well
  4. Shipping

    I think it's without question how fast and hard at work the people at Adam are. Their customer service is great.
  5. Shipping

    Yes this has been a concern for many the past few weeks. AVOID FEDEX SMART POST AT ALL COST. (unless you want to save 4$, have you items shipped hundreds of miles PAST your destination, and add an extra week of shipping time). Never again paying for FedEx smart post
  6. Even after I washed the hood and rinsed it in the above picture? Tomorrow should be clear of rain, although days following are nothing but rain. Maybe I'll give it a wash and detail spray tomorrow and see how it is. I'm just stumped at this point. Definitely not use to seeing this effect.
  7. How water sits on it 3 days later...
  8. Thank you. And ya my method last detail worked great for months. But I wanted to try new products. I'll give it a few more weeks to see how it holds up
  9. Picture of the 9 month old LOS, 1/4 washes had GG applied up until January, with 3/4 washes using detail spray. Buttery wax applied every 3 or 4 months.
  10. Medium gulf blue. It was in question if the pollen build up was the cause. Im just afraid some how the combination of products, being applied 4 hours apart was the reasoning before the lack of beading after rain fall. Obviously want my car to be protected, but I really wanted to add a glaze and Americana to this year's detail. While maintaining the hydrophobic effects. This picture was taken weeks prior to this new detail
  11. I honestly couldn't see a huge difference difference after I was done. There was some depth and slight clarity, but couldn't get a good look during the day for the next morning it was covered in pollen. Maybe that's the effect I'm seeing, is the past wax doesn't provide the beeding and protection in use to. I guess I'll have to buy GG. Hopefully LPS>Glaze>Americana then topping it off with GG every month along with detail spray every wash that doesn't include the GG isn't overkill.
  12. So I just decided to re detail my car for the spring. I haven't done a full clay bar and detail since late June of 2016. Then, I applied LOS. A week or so later Buttery wax was applied. Since then up until this past week, I used detail spray every wash, h20 GG a month or so. The protection and shine has been phenomenal since, constant tight beading. After doing this detail earlier this week, I was decent impressed with the LPS,Glaze, Americana as far as shine goes. I did the clay bar and LPS in the afternoon. Then later that evening I applied the glazed followed by American. Two days later we got some rain fall. The beading was very loose, and the water pooled; barely beading or sheeting off. The protection seemed far superior for the past 9 months or so on my previous detail than this new one with " better protection" applied. Has this happened to anyone with this LPS, Glaze, Americana combo?
  13. Such as the last few entries. Just expressing my opinion since others too are not fond of this method.