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  1. James__

    New member from middle Tennessee

    Welcome! Good looking truck!
  2. James__

    New guy from Columbus!

    Welcome to the addiction!
  3. I know there was a thread explaining that using ONLY American made products just wasn't feasible with the Flex, Rupes, PC, and quality microfiber products being foreign produced but other than that it was still my understanding that Adam's specific products would remain American made.
  4. Your test section is supposed to be on the a section representative of the overall all condition of your paint. If the rear of the vehicle is much worse than the front, you should have done your test section there to get an accurate idea of what kind of labor you were looking at. The only reason that they always do videos and demonstrations on hoods is because it is much easier to see from a crowd and much easier to film, not because they necessarily recommend doing your test section there. Also, the damage incurred did not come from any technique shown in their paint correction, but rather from contamination that was not removed from the vehicles surface before beginning paint correction. I have found the paint correction method to work just fine, though it will change slightly depending on your technique, the tools you are using, and the complexity and condition of the vehicle you are correcting. I do not believe the videos are at all misleading as a whole, but were maybe misunderstood by you when viewing them.
  5. James__

    adams polishes t-shirts

    I'd be down for a 3xl, 2xl won't quite cut it with these shirts.
  6. James__

    What did you do today?

    Picked up 65 40lb bags of dyed mulch and delivered them to my parents house and hauled off an old door from my own house over the weekend.
  7. James__

    Memorial day

  8. Hey Eric, I think you are supposed to keep your mirrors INSIDE the house.. lol
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    Checkin' in from CT

    Welcome to the forum!
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    The Goat gets Adamized

    Turned out very well! Nice work!
  11. James__

    Adam's Polishes on Snapchat

    It would be very cool if more of the admin/people attending events had login info for the snapchat and posted event coverage if they are willing!
  12. James__

    pictures of my current toy

    Slick car, and welcome to the forum!
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    New, from Delaware

    Welcome to the forum, Colleen!
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    New guy from New Jersey

    Welcome, Andrew! Good looking truck!