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  1. sahls01gmc

    Which way to layer?

    We'll geez, can't you all get on the same page?!? That makes sense on sealant first, I suppose I'll see what product I grab second and go from there. Thanks for the input!
  2. I just finished a full 2 step polish, and I'm ready for the LSP. Should I use Brilliant Glaze first because of the solvent, then paint sealant (machine applied), then Americana?
  3. sahls01gmc

    Winter 4 Bucket Wash

    Trucks in Canada look a lil different than the ones here in the states. I like the setup! I’m still weighing all of my options for the “power” sprayer I’ll be adding into my arsenal.
  4. sahls01gmc

    All done with the paintwork

    Dang, is the blue mirror paint an extra charge?!? Looks great! But it sounds great too....
  5. Hey Dan, I’d like to hear more about this “other foaming chemical” you mentioned....
  6. sahls01gmc

    Rinseless Wash - Great Results!

    Looks great! What is the car in the reflection of your third picture? Looks like a C3 corvette, but that’s my shot in the dark guess. I’m thrown off by what looks like a chrome gas filler.....unless I’m completely off.
  7. sahls01gmc

    Car seat detailing

    I usually just take the straps completely off and the fabric as well (if possible), and throw them in the washing machine. Otherwise, the carpet and upholstery cleaner is the way to go. Looks good! I’m down to just 2 booster seats now, and I couldn’t be happier.
  8. sahls01gmc

    Ultra Foam Shampoo

    When will I be able to get some of this new soap? I don't see it on the site currently, and I'm getting the green light from the wife to stock up on some items!
  9. sahls01gmc

    Lamborghini Aventador Serie Speciale

    Serious question, how much work did you really have to do to that car? With only 550 miles, I can't imagine it needed anything major some to it. Sweet piece of machinery!
  10. My dad had a '68 and a '69 convertible. Sweet cars. Thanks to his darn kids, he had to sell them....Ha! Still has his 1979 Z28 he bought brand new when he got married, so he's still in the game. Thanks for sharing the photos! Looks like a great time.
  11. I was getting ready to ask the same question....
  12. sahls01gmc

    Hearing Protection

    Knee pads. 1 thing I wish I would have started doing when I was younger. Thanks to my company having such a high standard for safety, it has carried over to how I operate at home now. I instinctively reach for the safety glasses for about everything, and use hearing protection more often than not. I have tinnitus, which means my ears constantly ring. You know that sound you have when you leave a concert and sit in your quiet car? I have that 100% of the time. I've had it since birth, and I'll do anything to keep my hearing as good as it can be. It''s amazing how kids can change your perspective on life.....I'd do anything to keep hearing their voices!
  13. sahls01gmc

    Adam's Red Soap Test Video

    You mean Soap Soap?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  14. Ya know, it's crazy that we have to take the time point out when people just plain do the right thing. Adam's customer service is by far the highest of anything that I have seen, yet they treat it as just what they are suppose to do. I try to treat my customer's the same way, and it always blows me away when people are astounded by what looks like me going out of my way to get the job done......yet it's just me going about my business. Today's day in age has lost the role of great customer service, except for company's like Adam's. I'm not saying I don't look at the prices when I make an Adam's order, but I can confidently purchase anything and know that I will receive twice the value of what I actually paid for it.
  15. Thanks Dan! I suppose I could spring an extra hour to put a coat of Paint Sealant on, then maintenance would be a lot easier. Much like anything else, the better the prep, the better the result. I suppose I could fill up a shopping cart for my birthday! Hopefully it will be at home when I get there.