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  1. Anyone willing to trade the new black Details decal for something? I went to buy it tonight and someone scooped up the last one before I could check out.
  2. Welcome! What brand of car?
  3. As stated, photos please! Welcome aboard.
  4. It’s not much, but it’s a start lol. I have a ways to go until I catch up to you guys.
  5. Welcome!! My mother bought an ‘03 Cooper S new in 2003. I remember it being one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve driven. Handled like a go cart on rails. I miss that thing.
  6. Thanks! I work third shift so I’m usually up all night anyway. I had actually just got to work at 7pm when she called me saying her water broke. I ran home, picked her up and went to the hospital. Fast forward to 3:29 am and she came. Don’t think I went to bed until 2pm the next day lol.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  8. Welcome!! I’m still trying to get my wife to see the error of her ways (using drive through washes). Theres a lot of great information here so get ready ready to learn ✌?
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