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  1. 98BlackSierra

    The two word game.

    Finish line
  2. 98BlackSierra

    The two word game.

    Trout stream
  3. 98BlackSierra

    The two word game.

    Together forever
  4. 98BlackSierra

    Hi from WV

    Welcome!! I’m still trying to get my wife to see the error of her ways (using drive through washes). Theres a lot of great information here so get ready ready to learn ✌?
  5. 98BlackSierra

    The two word game.

    Adam’s song
  6. 98BlackSierra

    Favorite dog ❤️

    Sorry to hear this, they’re family and it’s hard to deal with. We have a 12 year old Pomeranian and love her to death.
  7. I enjoy all of them. Nice little bit of extra info to learn ??
  8. 98BlackSierra

    Looking for illest, Canada and cinco de mayo sprays

    Just PM’ed you
  9. 98BlackSierra

    Adams for the "company car" too? Yes, please!!!

    I could only wish we got take home cars. I have to share with one other guy and it gets trashed. Looks great!
  10. 98BlackSierra

    The two word game.

    Price drop
  11. 98BlackSierra

    FNG checking in!

    Welcome to thank you! ??
  12. 98BlackSierra

    Checkin’ in!

  13. 98BlackSierra

    Ceramic Coating a 2017 Ford Escape SE

    Looks like a tough color to get gloss out of, but I’d say you knocked it out of the park. Looks great! Very nice write up too ??
  14. 98BlackSierra

    Newbie checking in

  15. 98BlackSierra

    Looking for VRT & interior products

    PM sent