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  1. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Time sure flies! Tried my hand at another cake for a friends birthday...it is a Sandworm from a Nightmare Before Christmas! Even the big open mouth is cake covered in modeling chocolate...the "sand" is crushed up biscoff cookies! The bottom is three layers of vanilla butter cake & homemade swiss meringue vanilla buttercream.
  2. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Oh man...nothing since October? Time sure flew by...Here is a Baby Yoda cake I made, all items from scratch...the outer shell is modeling chocolate (which is made from chocolate wafers/candy melts & corn syrup), frosting/filling was a very vanilla true buttercream (not american), eyes were gelatin (so could be eaten), and cake was a golden vanilla. He was 7 or 8 layers, 8" diameter at the base, and stood about 12-15" tall (I forgot to measure his height)! Next time I am going to make lime cake with lime curd filling & vanilla buttercream!
  3. Nice! Let me know what type of cookie(s) and when you can get a bottle (or three 😉😊🧁)! Will hook you up big time! I will even send you the shipping label!
  4. Hi all...I have homemade cookies am willing to trade for Colorado detail spray & Colorado HQ Adam's stickers...LOL. Let me know if you are interested 😊😉 You can even pick your cookie flavor! Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch, Chocolate Peanut butter chip, Chocolate peppermint, Macadamia White Chocolate chip, Pumpkin Spice Chip, or another flavor of your choosing.
  5. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Hi all! If any of you are local to Adams HQ and can get me a few bottles of the Colorado detail spray, will trade you product & cookies for them. 😉☺
  6. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Rich...I totally get that! I am in the same boat. I thought was getting good news about a pending knee surgery so figured would risk the pain to enjoy some baking...I did regret it later. But am happy that people did get some cookies. Next time will have to contact you all and send you some.
  7. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Falcaineer...the cookies arrived...hope you got some! If not you need to message me your address and i can send you some, as did put a few in the freezer.
  8. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Hi Falcaineer! Yes, I was going to recommend that you make a visit to go see them Friday...lol. Will have tracking information tomorrow...so will be able to verify that it is actually going to arrive then and will advise you better and will update accordingly. I post here first because the most interesting people follow this thread
  9. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Rich, the sea salt on the chocolate chip caramel cookies is coarse sea salt and coarse sparkling sugar 50/50 mixed together, I then put about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon (I don't really measure but that would be the approximate amount) on top of the cookies before baking. The cookies are in round mounds when I put the sprinkling on, so quite a bit does fall off on the sides of the parchment paper. The cookies themselves have chocolate chips and the caramels are the little round caramels bites. But the real secret is the dough recipe itself...I use four different types of flour in the dough itself.
  10. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Hi all! Sorry have been absent...been dealing with needing a knee replacement still a few months out unfortunately. Anywho, have been meaning to thank the Adams team for all they do...so am finally sending Emery and the crew cookies to share...they should have them Friday. One of the cookies have been nicknamed by a friend as "The Crazies" they are chewy chocolate chipotle black pepper peanut butter chip espresso cookies (the first picture), the others are salted caramel, amaretto almond joy. and butterscotch. The dough recipe is my own creation along with the resulting ingredients to m
  11. Shane..definitely would have him talk with you if was in the area. He has watched some Adams videos so is considering doing it himself. I know it is a big job. Have done full size Silverados by myself and they are a lot of work.
  12. So it is was a purple dye job?! I should explain...one of my Managers at a previous workplace told us that if the CEO's Secretary came and told us to do something that we should consider it the same as the CEO asking, as she would not just come asking for herself. Of course he was having this conversation as someone in the department had told her he was to busy to do a copy job for her (yes he was some kind of special). So our Manager told us all that "If she (the secretary) asked you to dye your "sh*t" purple, you go out and buy purple dye and dye it!" Thereafter, whenever an urgent
  13. Hi All, Have a good friend who is currently living in El Paso, TX. He recently purchased a Black Escalade. I cannot fly down to help coach him on polishing and then Ceramic Coating his vehicle (am out currently due to a knee injury & see the Orthopedic Surgeon in ten days to determine If Surgery/Type - if so am out for two months at least, otherwise would accept his offer). Anywho, he is not confident in his ability to complete the tasks. Therefore, am helping him out by looking to see who might be recommended (or is on the forum) that is in his area. Looki
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