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  1. Welcome to the forums Christian!
  2. Hope all of our Adams "Family" and Friends in Colorado are safe!
  3. Husband told me that he had to meet a client, 75 minutes from home. So rode with him as had a drop off for one my "local" Adams Polishes customers. Did the drop of International detail spray and PS odor neutralizer, then went to the mall as we still had at least another hour or so before meeting with his client. Went to the food court after shopping as apparently the client was going to meet him there (strange, figured we would need to go to the clients house, as my husband is an insurance agent and often has to take pictures). Well, shortly thereafter two of our friends showed up, one of them being Gary Gregory of Forced Air Designs (air brush artist, he is friends with and works with Mike Lavallee (sp?)). Only then did I realize that my husband actually brought me out to get my birthday gift a few days early! It is a custom air brushed hood liner to go in Hot Crush, my 2018 Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special Edition Camaro M6 Convertible! Just a few years ago Gary also did the hood liner for my 2013 Hot Wheels SE (45th Anniversary) Camaro Auto Coupe and it was also given to me as a surprise for my Birthday! Just in case you all are not getting one of the reasons I love Hot Wheels is that we both introduced into the world the same year Hood liner pictures attached. Feeling so loved!
  4. Could scan the logo and convert it into an embroidery pattern with software have for my embroidery machine...but then the hubby would know I know how to use it and have me sewing all kinds of things, he mentioned one day embroidered headrest covers for his 100th Anniversary Silverado...lol Plus it would be copyright infringement
  5. Unfortunately due to our Severe Winter Snowstorm the turnout for the show was really low. Unlike last year where the show had over 5000 visitors. Oh well, made some new contacts and customers, hopefully tomorrow morning more people will venture out, as we are having another round of snow Sunday Night and again Tuesday. Very rare for us to have ten days of freezing weather. Although, know it is not as bad as what hit the Midwest and Northeast not to long ago. Anywho here are a couple of pictures from this morning..mind you this is the dirtiest my truck has ever been!
  6. We were supposed to have a nice Corvette Cheetah at the event. Unfortunately, due to the weather in the Siskyou's (the car is kept in CA) it will not be making it. Better to keep that treasure safe than sorry.
  7. I know right?! Most get trailered that are being sold, and others stay home. Especially this weekend as we are due to get in more snow. By the way Rich, am sending you a message...have something for you that just came in with my order, and I know you want it
  8. Thank you Adam! I agree, most of us come here to find out about new products, build on our experience, help others, and also develop new friendships. I can tell from when met you and Bianca last year at Park Place auto that you truly love and have a passion for detailing along with your brand. You truly do care. At the clinic you did not rely on anyone else to demo the products, it was you. Additionally, I was right there when you were calling to reschedule your flight because you felt the need to stay later because the clinic went longer. You sacrificed countless hours away from your family that night and as well many others during your decade of building the company. Thank you for all you do and thank you for making this statement about this site being for the positive!
  9. Hi all! Will be heading to the 45th Corvette High Performance (swap) Meet in Puyallup, WA. ( http://www.corvettehp.com/chp-meet ) Will be located in the ShowPlex in space 4209/4309 (see attached map and green circled area High performance meet map 2019.pdf ) on February 8th and setting up my 10x20 Adams Polishes booth. For the setup day (Friday Feb 8th) the only way to get in is if you have a vendor pass, so if any of you want to help set up & get in early... PM me Otherwise, if you are in the area, stop in and say hello. Any Adams Polishes & Novistretch Purchases from my booth that weekend over $100 and you will receive reimbursement for 1 general admission entry fee! Will post photos Friday after everything is set up. This is a very large event and they get over 5000 car enthusiasts shopping, so wish me luck!!
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