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  1. Liralen

    First time using CC-review

    Great job! It can be very intimidating, but when you find out you can do it all yourself it is an amazing and powerful feeling!
  2. Liralen

    Ceramic "Crazy slick"

    You are very welcome. Pollen is one of those necessary evils in life. Earlier this year in the Pacific Northwest you could barely get your car dry before it was covered in pollen unless you had a garage you could move it into the garage. As for the BowTies, there are two persons in the Household that drives them. While technical they are all both of ours (well except the motorcycle since there is no way I could handle that beast), we both have our sets. The Centenniel, Harley, and Convertible Fifty Camaro are the hubby's (who by the way does not detail the cars, he will vacuum them out for me though). While the two HotWheels Camaros and High Country are mine. The Corvette is shared. Although to be truthful, I have put the most miles on all three Camaros and Corvette, while he puts the most on the Motorcycle and the Centenniel. We did also have a 2013 Black Diamond Edition Chevy Avalanche, but we decided to trade it in when the 2018 HotWheels came….it just did not make too much sense to have three trucks...whereas it totally makes sense to have three Camaros Today am detailing the 2018 HotWheels in prep for a trip to the Camaro Sturgis Rally, Therefore, we should be able to finally get them all lined up tomorrow to get six of our seven lined up (the Corvette is loaned out to a fellow visiting from Australia right now)….will definitely post a picture and perhaps update my signature.
  3. Liralen

    Ceramic "Crazy slick"

    Nice looking High Country When I did the Centennial Silverado it came out super slick, was showing a couple of people how nice it was and the truck was a bit dusty, so had them lightly move their hand over the surface and the dust just slid across feeling as if It was rolling off of glass. I normally would not recommend doing that, but was not as concerned with the dusty harming since it is coated. It to me it felt better than any wax coating I had ever done.
  4. Liralen

    Help Us Help You

    Hi Kyle, from a woman's perspective, would love to have seen a t-shirt with the detail girl image, as well think there were not enough of the detail girl stickers made, as was not even able to get one, as they sold out that quickly. As you can tell by the forum chats, a lot of those pink Adams Polishes hats were snagged up by the wives/girlfriends of members soon as picked up. While I like the T-shirts, they are all in Men's cut and they just do not flatter nor fit right on a woman (even the fuller sized group). Know ordering in advance the different sizes and guessing what every woman would want is difficult, yet what we do a version of JIT ordering for one of our car groups. We get our design set up with the printer, find out what our minimum order will be, then we go out to the members with a time frame to respond by (say a week), we take the orders and payments, then we place the order. We get the sizes each person wants and we do not have waste/inventory sitting around. Logistically only issue then is delivery...however with Adam's polishes you could make it part of a special mystery trunk organizer purchase that will ship only when the shirts are in, so that you only have that one time shipping of all items. You might just be surprised by the response.... On the video note, I would like to see some videos that are geared directly toward teaching women detailing. I don't mean that we do not understand the videos, what I mean is that women actually do see things differently and need a different way of explaining. For instance, have seen many women who prefer a revolver over a slide action pistol, as they cannot "pull" the slide. When I have met them, have showed them differently than what they were told or shown....which is that you do not actually "pull" the slide. You hold the slide and push the pistol forward, they are always amazed at the difference that it makes. I then tell them to watch now how a guy does it, and now they can see that the guy is not pulling the slide (I have seen guys who do just pull the slide, but really they all push the pistol forward at the same time). Anywho, you may have a bigger following than you may realize with a female customer base....so marketing a little more to them would not be a bad idea. Including videos that are of women detailers showing how women detail cars (yes we detail the same as guys in the long run, but we may be shorter, have less arm reach, our grip may not be as tight, we may not put as much pressure down, etc)….so videos showing a women overcoming those things will show them that they can as well & can make their car just as shiny or even better than other "guys" at car shows. I for one know that even to get to the top of the roof on some cars or to the center of the windshield will need a step platform....heck I have even been known to go through a sunroof to get to the roof of pickup trucks & make sure done correctly... Picture is of my grandmother (and who I was named after) holding a beam during assembly of a Boeing B29 Superfortress while another women secures it. She is the one who always told me that I can do anything in the world, so long as I want to do it (and of course not doing harm to others). That is why I like to say, WE CAN DETAIL CARS TOO!
  5. Good point about the wheels, the ones on it are really more for moving when lowered. It is more of a bench than a detailing cart, but that is what I had been looking for, a new bench to use when detailing our trucks. I liked this as it has grooves to hold a bucket for washing, as well outlets to plug in a polisher/ipod, and a basket to keep some detailing tools/sprays from falling.
  6. I was looking for something like that one day and came across this at Costco for the price of $129.99... https://www.costco.com/4-in-1-Auto-Detailing-Workstation.product.100393350.html The Durabench® 4-In-1 Auto Detailing Workstation is an indispensable tool that combines a professional grade detail station, an industrial strength work platform, a convenient push cart and a creeper all in one portable and easily storable unit. Designed for both the professional detailer and the general auto enthusiast, the Durabench® is loaded with features to make any auto detailing job safe and easy.The Durabench® 4-in-1 includes an integrated 110-Volt Power Strip with two outlets and two USB ports, powering all your buffers, polishers and other auto detailing tools (and even charging your phone).In detail station mode, the Durabench® provides a large 20 inch X 46 inch double-sided work surface: one with a textured anti-slip pattern and built-in support groove to hold 5-gallon wash buckets and on the flip-side a smooth surface suitable for more traditional projects. By simply retracting the telescoping legs, the detail station converts into an elevated work platform, duty rated for 500 lbs, allowing two people to reach all points of even the largest trucks and SUV’s. Both the detail station and work platform modes include an attached storage basket to hold all your detailing accessories within easy reach. By folding in the adjustable legs, the Durabench® becomes a push cart with double bearing smooth motion wheels and collapsible push bar, providing a 320 lb. rated mobile platform capable of transporting all of your equipment and vehicle contents with maximum efficiency. By lowering the push bar the Durabench® transforms into a creeper with articulating front wheels for easy maneuverability and comfortable access to the most challenging detailing locations. Finally, for when your detailing or project needs require even more support, the Durabench® 4-In-1 includes built-in connectivity to chain multiple Durabench® 4-In-1s together, creating a true professional assembly line.
  7. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Looks delicious!
  8. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Chocolate Blood orange cupcakes with swiss meringue frosting for our WW5GCC potluck this past Sunday. We had to take a ferry...was last car boarded...
  9. Liralen

    Wash mitt extension

    I use a similar platform that got at Costco, it has black non-slip on the top, works great and is really sturdy...I just need it to be about 4 inches taller...lol
  10. I have a convertible Camaro and space is very limited especially when the top is down. I found some small storage containers that fit under the folded top that I use to travel with and put my Adams detail towels in. The great thing is that if I need a bucket for a rinseless wash can just take all the towels out and use the storage container. Also am a reseller for Novistretch Performance Covers for the front, it really helps cut down on the bugs. While it is not recommended for long haul driving, have done twelve hours with it and no damage. I just take it off each night, and before putting back on the next day I rinseless or waterless wash the front fascia. The cover itself is very lightweight so you could rinse it in a sink/bathtub, roll it in a hotel towel to get out excess moisture and then hang to dry. At home I wash it on gentle cycle with the Adams Microfiber cleaner and air dry. Pictures are of my 2013 Hot Wheels Coupe and shows you the bugs/debris it collected on a road trip. The last picture is when the cottonwoods were throwing their fluff all over Also have them for the 6th Gen Camaro, 5/6/7 Gen Corvettes, Challengers/Chargers, 6th Gen Mustangs, and Batwing style Harleys. They are easy on/off, and just replace existing screws with snap screws (no drilling). That all being, agree with everyone else, a great polish & application of sealant on the car before a road trip makes it much easier to maintain & protect.
  11. Liralen

    Newb from WA

    It is beautiful! The speed limit is 30 MPH across the bridge so you definitely can enjoy the view. They also have walkways on both sides for people. The north end parking is free, whereas the parking lot on the southend you need a Discovery Pass.
  12. Liralen

    Newb from WA

    Sorry to hear they are not responding....let me know if there is anything can ever do to help you out. Plus like said, you are always welcome to visit if you come up this way. Usually the closest I get to your area is Mount St. Helens (we do an annual end of Season cruise out that way with the Camaro group).
  13. Liralen

    Late Check-In

    Welcome Patrick! You definitely are a in a beautiful place. Have had many friends who had tours there. Still remember the stories about the coconut spiders and going out to the garage to find their car blocked in by a huge snake (python?)! They also had a huge H3 group there, lots of wild fun with that! Do you get a lot of sand/salt spray in your area? That is where having H2O guard and gloss will be helpful to protect and as well make a nice hydrophobic surface.
  14. Liralen

    Another new guy

    Welcome to the Forums! Don't beat yourself up for using the coin ops, many people use them because they cannot wash their cars at their own place, or do not have a shaded place to wash. I even have been known to use the coin ops when traveling (hence why I love the 3.5 gallon bucket with a gamma seal) or when going to car shows (as most shows for me are a minimum of a two hour drive). That being, once you start using Adams products the appreciation of a good & proper scratch free clean becomes addictive, in a good way
  15. Liralen

    Newb from WA

    Welcome to the Forum Jordan! You have around three Adams Polishes resellers in the Vancouver, WA area, so if you ever need product quickly you can always look them up. I also am a reseller but a couple hours NorthWest of Seattle. If you happen to go tourist mode, come up to Whidbey Island and Deception Pass Bridge, it is a great sight to see!