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  1. Liralen

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Did you try some of the ceramic prep to clean up those areas first? I used it on the Chevy Camaro metal plates on the front under the hood & it does a great job of getting rid of water spots & grease.
  2. Liralen

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Great pictures and results!
  3. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Carne asada and scrambled eggs with chorizo, and a little lime are great for breakfast!
  4. Liralen

    Adam's is turning me into a mint addict...

    Guess I will have to throw a couple in with the trade items am sending you
  5. Liralen

    Adam's in the News!

    They can give the ticket to an out of state resident who's state requires them to have a front plate. If other states are like ours, it will say it on your registration, so when the officer gets it they know whether you can or cannot. Thankfully the officer in Montana did not ticket me for no front plate, but did mention it, well and thankfully he gave me a warning as well for the other reason he pulled me over.
  6. Liralen

    Adam's in the News!

    Pretty sure he meant for not having front license plates on. In Washington it happens as well, just depends on who cares enough to stop you....and yes they can stop you here and give you a $142 ticket for no front plate...unless your car is a registered classic car or you got an exception letter from the state patrol (which they rarely give out).
  7. Liralen

    Matte Paint

    I have matte black stripes on my 2013 HotWheels, they are not just matte but a rough matte texture and have become quite experienced in keeping them nice over the last five years. 1st, when you have matte or satin finish, make sure when you wash that area that you dry that area first...do not let water sit on it and back in the sun. 2nd, the best item on them is the Adams Polishes matte detail spray, 3rd, if you do get water spots...clean them same day, I have used the ceramic coating prep to clean & it so far has removed any spots (such as from rain & then sun). FYI...Adams removed the matte protectant from their site as there were some concerns with damage to strips that had happened, they are still in the process of reformulating. So listen to Zman024's advice on the use if you get it from Amazon. I have used it, and sparingly is the correct way. Also have a customer who uses it, they contact me to send them a bottle occasionally as I had gotten a few on hand before Adams took them off the site.
  8. Liralen

    Cleaning up the garage a bit!

    I need Canada Detail Spray for my car enthusiast neighbors up North. I have a bottle of ASSC Glass Cleaner and black bottle of valentine chocolate mint, although the label is not perfect (it is wrinkled a bit), also have a pumpkin spice detail spray box kit, & pumpkin spice interior detailer bottle....if you are interested in for a trade...
  9. Have purchased a number of the bags, as I give one free when a customer purchases a Novistretch Performance bumper cover from me. They make excellent storage bags for the covers. I also use the bags for when am doing a promotional giveaway at a car show/event.
  10. end of the handle sticks out just a smidge...but it fits nicely other than that...
  11. What is wrong with the Nylon bag? It is not expensive (right now it is only $4.99)?
  12. Liralen

    Food Thread

    Oooh, that looks phenomenal!
  13. Liralen

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    Here is a picture where the one panel has been ceramic coated and the other not.
  14. Liralen

    Limited Edition Products

    There was someone on another post...think it is Craigslist Bucket or something like that for the subject. He had several bottles of the Chrome labeled products. Maybe one of those is the old ones you are looking for....
  15. Liralen

    What did you do today?

    I thought the same thing about the hat. I only purchased one light...figured would get the other when need a little more purchase to get free shipping...lol