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  1. Thank you but ill pass. looking for something in darker color. It'll get lost in my white walls.
  2. I got this towel from a mystery box a while back. Can someone identify it? I don't see it on the website anymore. It's the blue on the upper right. It has a waffle pattern and sorta plush.
  3. Looking to dress up the garage a little. Let me know what you have. Have a few things to trade as well.
  4. Trunk Organizer

    Ive got a trunk organizer that I'm willing to sell or trade as well.
  5. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    I'll take a blue shampoo and leather cleaner.
  6. Items for trade

    traded the gallon of detail spray. Still have H2O GG, waterless wash, and paint sealant. Looking to trade for seasonal items as well.
  7. Items for trade

    Post updated. Traded a few things. Still got plenty left.
  8. Items for trade

  9. Items for trade

    not really looking for any towels. I've got everything else you mentioned. Pm me what few other small things you may have.
  10. Items for trade

    I have someone call dibs on the brush. Will let you know if it falls through.
  11. Items for trade

    Looking to trade the following items. Bought a couple of mystery boxes and have gotten way too many doubles. FOR TRADE: ADAM'S WATERLESS WASH 16OZ ADAM'S H20 GUARD AND GLOSS X2 ADAM'S LIQUID PAINT SEALANT- OLDER FORMULA ADAM'S NEW GREAT WHITE MERINO WOOL WASH MITT ADAM'S DOUBLE SOFT MICROFIBER TOWELS. GONE: Adam's Detail Spray- 1 gallon ADAM'S SUPER VRT TIRE & TRIM DRESSING 16OZ ADAM'S WASH & WAX 16OZ ADAM'S BRILLIANT GLAZE 16OZ ADAM'S WHEEL CLEANER 16OZ ADAM'S INTERIOR DETAILER 16OZ ADAM'S TOTAL INTERIOR DETAILER 16OZ ADAM'S SHORT WHEEL BRUSH Looking to trade for the following: Blue or Red Car Shampoo Glass sealant Mini SK- will add cash on top Tire and Rubber Cleaner Trim or cockpit brush Feel free to offer what you have.
  12. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    I'll take them if not spoken for?
  13. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    Payment sent. Thanks @Mariner
  14. Looking for trades

    Looking to trade a few things. X3 Adam's waterless wash X2 Adam's undercarriage x1 Adam's paint Not really looking for anything in particular. Let me know what you have. Pm is key.