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  1. You nailed it. I live in Ankeny. Where were you staying @Zach5.9CTD
  2. rrmccabe

    Bad First Experience With Buttery Wax

    Buttery is traditionally effortless to apply and wipe off. So not sure what you have going on. I do not use it because it does not last long enough but my experience is easy on/off. As Jim said I would contact Adams.
  3. I told them first time around. The day after I coated the truck. So that has been a couple months ago.
  4. rrmccabe

    Slime !

    I am used to him so yes. I have watched a lot of his videos.
  5. Got my replacement ceramic coating today. For those interested the instructions are still wrong. Adams has confirmed that my 45 seconds of dwell time was probably not long enough and the new formula should the initial time to rainbow plus 2-3 minutes. I cant believe they have not added an addendum sticker or something to manual. Doing a coating job is no small task and its nuts to continue to lead people down the wrong path.
  6. Thanks man ! We got over 10 inches of rain here and most of it came in about 4 hours. More rain than I have seen in my lifetime and hoping the last time I see it. Anyway, will get ceramic on the truck again as soon as I catch up !
  7. Picking away at it. Unfortunately insurance wont cover issues like this. So replacing an 8 year old Geo Thermal system is frustrating.
  8. We were not in pooling water but we had so much water coming down the back hill that it broke our egress window and flooded the basement. 8 1/2' (yes feet). So basement mechanical's all trashed and all personal belongings. Fortunately our basement is not finished except for stairs, landing and small hallway. Glad you escaped damage ! Funny you would mention sheetrock. That is my current task. Have it taped and first coat on.
  9. rrmccabe

    Homemade detailer + ?

    I have it as well. But was hoping someone from Adam's would jump in with a recommendation. At $30 a bottle I hate to experiment or waste it
  10. rrmccabe

    Homemade detailer + ?

    Well for me Boost is to expensive to use as an every wash detail spray and drying agent. So for in between it needs diluted with something cheaper. I am looking for that product and since Adams does not offer it, I appreciated your post.
  11. rrmccabe

    Slime !

    Looks like the forensic review is up.
  12. rrmccabe

    Homemade detailer + ?

    Rob, its always been taboo but their forum rules really do not express this properly.
  13. Thanks Rich. Not sure when I am going to do it. We are still recovering from the historic rain storm at the end of June so plenty busy doing other things!
  14. Yea everything is good. Not looking forward to doing it again, but it is what is is.
  15. I think I am going to strip and clay and avoid the polishing this time around. In answer to your questions it was applied in a clean dry garage. It was HOT in the 90s and humidity was pretty high. It never left the garage for 24 hours and the towels were the new ones that Adams sent with the kit. I used them and threw them away. I did wipe it down with IPA and then used a heavy coat of Adams coating prep (twice) knowing I was not going to get two vehicles out of the kit. It would be hard for me to let the vehicle set again for 48 hours but I wont short change the 24 at all. Maybe do it on a weekend where I can squeak 36 hours out if it. I plan to do it with less humidity this time because sweating sucks I just got off the phone with Emery and they are going to send me another kit. For anyone interested the kits are currently not shipping with Boost 2.0. He said he would send me a bottle of that. I see no reason to start with the older version of boost. One thing that I know from speaking from Emery is wiping off the ceramic will give you a good workout and be somewhat sticky when you do. In my case when I wiped it off per the instructions it basically wiped off like water. This was right after the rainbow look.