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  1. rrmccabe

    Ceramic paste wax application?

    Any guesses on how this would compare to LPS? Thanks Rich
  2. rrmccabe

    Ceramic "Crazy slick"

    Its definitely not crazy slick. There is a huge difference in how the towel glides across the paint on my Ceramic coated Silverado compared to my freshly waxed (Patriot) Trailblazer. The boost helps but minimally.
  3. rrmccabe

    Ceramic paste wax application?

    I am thinking about trying this stuff. Maybe as a topcoat to my CC to make it more slick, but also for the stuff I did not CC like chrome grill and headlights and also the front painted bumper I am about to have 3M film applied to. I would definitely do the entire truck over CC if there was zero downside to doing it.
  4. rrmccabe

    Buying a car from Northern US

    By the way if you are really concerned about it, there are company's like Eastwood that sell gallons of salt neutralizing chemicals you can put in a spray bottle and liberally spray on your car. It counteracts the corrosive properties of salt. With a weed sprayer or similar you can spray it inside holes/openings you would like not likely be able to totally flush out.
  5. rrmccabe

    Staining on tires

    Me too. I always used APC until the TRC came out.
  6. rrmccabe

    Buying a car from Northern US

    Being from Iowa where they use salt and other calcium products there is no substitute for pressure washing. Unfortunately you pretty much need the vehicle on jack stands (at minimum) to do this and you are going to be totally soaked
  7. rrmccabe

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    I like the idea of the mitt but it's obvious from Adams video that the potential for damage is much higher with the mitt. It would probably be a great choice before a full paint correction. I placed my order a couple days ago and Wolf I totally forgot those bargain Colad's. I might have to do another order just for that!
  8. rrmccabe

    Ceramic "Crazy slick"

    Thanks for the response. I don't have any issues with it but just not as slick as I would have expected. That said it washes easy so must be working Last night I parked it under a tree that has pollen or something coming off it and the paint was sticky this morning. Mixed up some waterless and it was spotless in about 5 minutes. You are quite the bowtie collector. What a signature
  9. rrmccabe


    Its a mobile app that makes forum browsing easier. Instead of using a browser you use the phone app to browse your favorite forums. One place access to all your hangouts It requires you to install the software on the server and of course sign up for an account.
  10. rrmccabe

    Adam's at Barrett Jackson

    I had to use Google to see what that says. #Driven Hearts. The stanchion is in a bad spot and leaves it to some bad interpretations . 🤣
  11. On my recent ceramic coat application I have noticed the surface not to be "crazy slick" as Adam mentions in the video. Nothing like the Adams waxes I have applied. I did a coat of boost as instructed and about 4 days later spritzed the hood with ceramic boost again to see if that would improve it and it did not. Its not bad but not what I would have expected. I don't really want to top coat it with anything that would harm the water shedding properties. So for those of you that have used the Adams CC, do you find it as slick as a good wax job? Rich
  12. I used to use liquid glass years ago. Not sure if I would compare it to ceramic coating even thought its a non wax carbon based product. I think a regular strip wash should remove it. It was decent wax but did wear off like any other wax for me. That said JR's recommendation of ceramic coating is a good one and was my choice on my Silvy.
  13. I am surprised this thread has not been updated or deleted. Good info but APC is not longer the chemical of choice.
  14. I have used both and really could not tell the difference except the IR does not stink. In all fairness, the vehicle I used the IR on was pretty clean and did not appear to have much for contamination although I did see some iron being dissolved between the box and back of cab. If you are not using it for wheels I personally would order IR for paint decontamination.
  15. Very nice. I would use Adams metal polish. You can try it by hand but one of those power balls looks like it would be helpful.