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  1. I have found on my bed cover 50/50 works best. Buff it out with a microfiber to look like new. VRT straight is too much and will streak down the box sides when it rains.
  2. If you are talking about Pitting it might not help but Adams metal polish works great for stuff like that. My running boards are chrome and after winter I had a film on them from winter chemical. I use the polish on the wheels and running boards. Just did this a couple hours ago.
  3. Its likely I am going to do the same. My experience with Adams original ceramic was not good and thought the spray ceramic sounded easy so ordered a large and small bottle (small for a gift). The one thing I have always liked about Adams was the instruction that went along with each product. That really has not happened with the recent ceramics and the changes over the past few months are confusing and hard to follow with little or no explanation for the change. I have my truck sitting in the shop and am getting ready to wash and claybar it today. I think I am just going to finish it with some boost until I find a viable replacement. GM is replacing my wheels because of pitting and I was going to ceramic coat them when I picked it up at dealer but think I will go another route as well with the wheels.
  4. Yea probably not a bad idea. Maybe a couple times a year would be wise to remove them. Use wheel cleaner and maybe a steel wool or something on the backside and do the entire wheel.
  5. I wonder if there would be an issue with spray ceramic now and wheel ceramic later?
  6. Some of that stuff creeps around from the back of the wheel where it is not chrome plated well. I really don't to take the wheels off this thing on a regular basis but going to try to wet around to the back with ceramic if I do. I have ceramic spray on the shelf to use if this is a recommended process. Can blame this on the crap they spray on the roads around here during the winter.
  7. My 2017 High Country is getting some pitting on the wheels. Before winter rolled around I gave them a good polish with Adams metal polish and then a coat of Adams paint sealant and I have crud showing up again. The good news is GM is going to replace them as the truck only has 17k miles on it. I doubt think the paint sealant holds up in Iowa winters (no surprise) so wondering if the ceramic spray would do a good job on the new wheels? Not sure I want to do a full on ceramic coat
  8. I did try shampoo in a foam gun and really does not touch it. I should bring the pressure washer from the shed to the garage. That would probably go a long way in getting the film off. Dirty vehicles is one of my least favorite parts of winter.
  9. Hey Rich, As you know it has sucked around our parts for the last few weeks. I really don't want to do a real wash as I know its going to be dirty again the next day. But since I can wash in my garage its nice to get the chemical and salt off using a hot water hose or the bulk of it anyway. Takes about 5 minutes at most. Maybe I should try shampoo with foam gun. And yes, don't want to touch it. Below is the before/after. Not really 100% clean but pretty nice for Iowa winter.
  10. Well I would love to wash towels by task but honestly don't have enough towels. I would end up doing a bunch of small loads. I mix towels more than I should anyway because of this.
  11. Well that would bring up another question. How does one "mark" a towel so its no used as a single/double soft again? My towels are all good and I would not want to mix them back in.
  12. That is an interesting idea. I also have microfiber revitalizer I could have ready in a bucket and then just use it for my normal machine wash.
  13. I know APC strips but this winter I have been trying to keep my truck semi clean with a hot water rinse. The truck is ceramic coated and spritzing the truck with a light spray of APC and spraying it with hot water from garden hose does a pretty nice job. Just don't want it to take a toll on anything else. Truck is white and without the APC it is not coming clean. Just wondering if I should get out of this routine.
  14. Want to try some spray ceramic on a vehicle. The FAQ is kinda sketchy and contradicts itself in my opinion. " Can I reuse my Microfiber towels after being used with Ceramic Spray Coating?” Treat your towels as you would with any other coating. With Ceramic Spray Coating, you have bought yourself some extra time since it's so thin, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t crystalize and harden over time. If you apply the coating and then toss the towels in the washing machine, you’ll remove most of the residual coating in the towel. The longer you expose your towels to oxygen, the more susceptible it is for crystallization. If you coat your car, then leave the towel overnight perhaps, then you might have a tougher time removing the coating from the microfibers. " First sentence says to treat the towels as with any other coating. Which to me means throw away before it gets mixed in with anything else. But it goes on to talk about machine washing it right away. I hate throwing away microfibers but I really don't want to keep them if they have crystallized product in it? I would like to be able to ceramic coat more often but if it comes at the expense of throwing away towels it seems I would be better to stick with regular ceramic coat. The only problem with regular ceramic coat is that it means I have have the vehicle parked overnight so I can get cure time and then boost. Opinions?
  15. Thanks guys. Yea I will just dump it into another bottle and relabel it. And Hamilton detail, this car season (summer) am going to start mixing in some other brands as well. Running out of reasons to be brand loyal. There products are too expensive to not get 110% treatment. The proper thing to do would have been to say we are sorry will send you another nozzle. Done.
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