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  1. rrmccabe

    Glass boost leaking

    Thanks guys. Yea I will just dump it into another bottle and relabel it. And Hamilton detail, this car season (summer) am going to start mixing in some other brands as well. Running out of reasons to be brand loyal. There products are too expensive to not get 110% treatment. The proper thing to do would have been to say we are sorry will send you another nozzle. Done.
  2. rrmccabe

    Glass boost leaking

    I think I will try that. The CSR told me " I would recommend pulling the sprayer out and running water through it after every use ". That is insane. Not only is it inconvenient but I really don't want to flush product out each time that cost $2/ounce then continually pump it again until I am pretty sure I am back to boost so I can apply it. Dan is always good to help but not going to call him every time I an issue with Customer Service which these days seems like every time I need them.
  3. Anyone else have problems with glass boost sprayer leaking? Mine wont spray and just leaks around the plunger at the base so have to drip it onto the glass. I asked Adams about it and they offered to sell me another one for 99 cents.... Yea I don't think so. Was thinking about just switching it to another empty Adams bottle but as not sure if the alcohol or whatever is on the glass boost would destroy it?
  4. Hey Rich, do you sell automotive lifts? I work with a guy that just built a new building at home and is looking to put one in.

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    2. Black Bowtie

      Black Bowtie

      That's what I thought, a guy I work with is looking for a lift and was going to put him in touch with you. No problem.

    3. rrmccabe


      Not a problem. Just struck me as odd since I have installed 1000s of them :)  80% were in-ground lifts as above grounds were just becoming popular.


      Based on what I know now, I would look at Bendpak lifts. Guy should be able to do his own install if he has a good floor.


    4. Black Bowtie

      Black Bowtie

      Thanks, I will pass the info on to him.

  5. Yes sir. PM me if you want link.
  6. The LPS is not bad as far as sealants go. So if you bought LPS then use it with no worries. My complaint was and still is the lack of longevity of the ceramic products.
  7. rrmccabe

    New Spray Wax Question

    Well the video is no help, but the information on the bottom of the detail spray page was in fact helpful. Thanks !
  8. rrmccabe

    New Spray Wax Question

    Good question. I just ran across the video on YouTube. The color and bottle design is confusing as it looks like detail spray. So I have to wonder if its a replacement for DS and if it isn't, why didn't they change the color or something to differentiate it. #Confused
  9. Well my reason for using a gun is to get soap on and let it soak. I cant see where it adds any lubricity.
  10. I don't understand everyone's need for suds. I personally would rather not have it. I don't see the value. I want cleaning ability and lubricity and something that does not streak or cause issues if it starts to dry. Adams shampoo does exactly that.
  11. I have a 2305 and had a 345 before that. Normal polishing compounds works great on the plastic. As much as I try I just cant help but keeping them polished.
  12. rrmccabe

    Spray Detail over Ceramic Paste Wax

    That is good to know but I thought Adam's said that anything over boost would reduce the hydrophobic properties. I miss using detail spray for a drying aid so this is good info.
  13. I want to trade a new ceramic kit and bottle of Boost 2.0 for Ceramic Wax and any of the following in gallons to make up the difference. APC, Shampoo or glass cleaner. Must be new and unused. Thanks Rich
  14. I can vouch that mail response has been very slow. I rarely use phone so can't say anything about that. Send emery@adamspolishes.com Emery an email and try to resolve it. He seems to be very responsive.