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  1. In all fairness I don't think the product description says anything about a powerful stream. It does handle large volumes of water as mentioned. I was expecting the stream from some Youtube videos I watched but looks like the nozzle in videos is different that the one they just shipped me. My water pressure here was about 120 psi which is dangerous to hardware. I have it throttled back to about 90 psi which should be more than adequate. I might just need to put quick disconnects on garage hose so I can swap stuff out easy.
  2. How is everyone that has a fire hose nozzle liking it? Mine came today and although it looks like a million bucks and functions I am disappointed in it. I was hoping for a super strong jet but its really lacking. Out of a 1/2 dozen nozzles it is the worse at a strong stream including the Adams nozzle that came with my foam gun. Not even sure its worth keeping at $25.00 Pretty expensive for something that does not have the convenience of trigger type nozzle. And I have good water volume here and ridiculous pressure.
  3. Here is another shot. You can see it creeping around from back. And yes RayS the center caps are plastic
  4. I am a 2017 High Country owner as well. What you are seeing is corrosion. GM just replaced my wheels under warranty. I ceramic coated the new rims with a competitor brand ceramic including the back barrels and back of spokes as it appears the corrosion starts in the back and crawls around to front. From experience you can polish that out with Adams metal polish and make it look really good but its not going to last. You will need to keep doing it. I am sure its related to living in the snow belt and the salt brine and chemicals they put on the road. And for your info, my truck had around 16,000 miles when GM offered to replace them. Rich
  5. That does not look like wheel cleaner stains to me.
  6. I would have a hard time telling a double soft from a single in the bag. I have a hard enough time getting them straight when I am folding them out of the dryer
  7. Well I agree with the least aggressive as possible. I just cant imagine using clay in steps. I would use the least aggressive clay that did the job and then polish if needed
  8. I assumed the Visco is the most aggressive. I personally would not use the three grades in succession. Just use the finer grades if they will do the job to avoid damage. So for me, use whatever grade needed and then follow with polish if needed.
  9. I would like to know if the "funk" Adam talks about if you us HGG to often is the same, better or worse with the new version.
  10. Well at least it washed off pretty easy Whats up with our weather? Wish it would make up its mind. This week looks promising though. Washing Cindys car in the garage yesterday and wishing I had not shut the heat down for the year.
  11. Is the car clayed and containment free? My experience with the Boost and detail spray for that matter is you need a vehicle that is CLEAN. I clay 2 or 3 times a year for this reason.
  12. For what its worth my truck is ceramic coated. I have never been impressed with it. I think it should have be left on longer. but anyway, the HGG is my go to on the truck now. It beads better than the ceramic and boost. Oddly enough the old ladys terrain seems to like Boost.
  13. Where do you live Derek? Snow belt? I get the same crap from the chemicals they use around here. My running boards were awful and had to use polish to get them back to new.
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