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  1. I’m not hating on Adams whatsoever, I use them 100% for my detailing business I just can’t quite pull the trigger on spending $40 on metal polish. For some reason that’s just holding me back.
  2. MrRaspberryJam

    Can’t get H2O g&g off paint

    I applied using the wet method and surprisingly it was in a garage. The areas with the worst streaks were actually in the shade too
  3. MrRaspberryJam

    Can’t get H2O g&g off paint

    I’ve been thinking about just washing it with soap again but the glaze sounds like a good idea. It makes sense I did use a lot plus it was hot outside on black paint so I’m sure that didn’t match up either
  4. So last night I used Adams H2O g&g for the first time, only problem is I’ve had that bottle sitting on my shelf for well over a year. After using it on the paint it left nothing but streaks and what I would compare grease marks to. I just need to know how to get this stuff off so the marks and streaks will go away TIA
  5. MrRaspberryJam

    How come my towels are doing this

    Surprised this hasn’t happened more to anybody else. So far irs not a huge deal
  6. Lately a few of my towels have been curling like this it’s mostly been my blue glass towels but this is the first time I’ve seen a microfiber do it. Anything I’m doing wrong?
  7. MrRaspberryJam

    Moved to Florida... Detailing Tips?

    I’m gonna be relocating to Winter Park hopefully later this year! Coming all the way from California lol
  8. MrRaspberryJam

    H2O gallon trade

  9. MrRaspberryJam

    H2O gallon trade

    Still have this available guys
  10. MrRaspberryJam

    H2O gallon trade

    Trying to get rid of this gallon I’ve had for awhile. Willing to trade for a gallon of either tire shine, wheel cleaner or APC. DM me or text me 9256675257 thank you!
  11. MrRaspberryJam

    Looking for Adams call hoodie

    Just wondering if anybody happens to have this hoodie willing to sell or even trade? Missed out on it before
  12. MrRaspberryJam

    Couple of items for trade/sell

    I have a gallon of H2O guard and gloss plus a used bottle of super vrt (about 80% left) i think I also have a few other things like revive hand polish or waterless wash just no pictures at the moment. Let me know what you got
  13. MrRaspberryJam

    H2O gallon for trade

    Still have the gallon available
  14. I think what I'll try is do the whole car one step af a time and see how it does. It sounds like the better option to me especially not having to change pads all he time
  15. About to break out my SK on my dads car (which is black) and I'm on the fence about this.... should I do the whole car once around using each correcting step at a time or do each panel at a time but do all steps together? Just something to think about lol