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  1. MrRaspberryJam

    Sandpaper with headlight restoration

    Yes I have everything in the kit I’m just assuming I’ll need it since his headlights have never been buffed & I’ve had times where I couldn’t get full clarity with the kit alone
  2. I’m about to break out my Adams headlight kit for my friends 99 Accord and I’m afraid I’ll need some sandpaper as well and I’ve heard to use everything from 600 grit to 1500-2000 just wondering if anyone can really set the record straight TIA
  3. Honestly no I was lazy and just made a new post lol I appreciate it though I’m gonna get one
  4. Just picked up a sun joe pressure washer a few months back and I’ve been dying to get Adams foam cannon & snub nose handle combo but they won’t connect out of the box, has anyone tried that before or what should I use? TIA
  5. MrRaspberryJam

    Pet hair

    I’m sure this is a pretty controversial topic so I’m gonna go ahead and open that can of worms anyway lol I’m a professional detailer and I’m sure, just like everybody else, going against pet hair is always a PIA. I just wanna know what’s everybody’s secret for removing it from cloth seats? I’ve tried everything from tape to a lint roller to a brush “meant for dog hair” and nothing seems to work
  6. MrRaspberryJam

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you all for the tips. I’m definitely trying some tomorrow when I wash my car ??
  7. I’ve never had luck with cleaning windows. No matter what towel or chemical I use I always end up with streaks. Tried everything from basic cleaner and towel to brilliant glaze and sealant
  8. MrRaspberryJam

    Buttery wax or glaze in a spray bottle?

    Maybe I’ll give it a shot some day. Main reason I ask is because I do detailing for a living and was just brainstorming ways to cut down on a job time to maximize profit and efficiency
  9. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried diluting buttery wax or glaze and putting in a spray bottle? I was pondering ways to shorten my detail time and that was one of my ideas
  10. I’m not hating on Adams whatsoever, I use them 100% for my detailing business I just can’t quite pull the trigger on spending $40 on metal polish. For some reason that’s just holding me back.
  11. MrRaspberryJam

    Can’t get H2O g&g off paint

    I applied using the wet method and surprisingly it was in a garage. The areas with the worst streaks were actually in the shade too
  12. MrRaspberryJam

    Can’t get H2O g&g off paint

    I’ve been thinking about just washing it with soap again but the glaze sounds like a good idea. It makes sense I did use a lot plus it was hot outside on black paint so I’m sure that didn’t match up either
  13. So last night I used Adams H2O g&g for the first time, only problem is I’ve had that bottle sitting on my shelf for well over a year. After using it on the paint it left nothing but streaks and what I would compare grease marks to. I just need to know how to get this stuff off so the marks and streaks will go away TIA
  14. MrRaspberryJam

    How come my towels are doing this

    Surprised this hasn’t happened more to anybody else. So far irs not a huge deal
  15. Lately a few of my towels have been curling like this it’s mostly been my blue glass towels but this is the first time I’ve seen a microfiber do it. Anything I’m doing wrong?