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  1. I have used Adam's Visco Clay Bar Kit for the last 2 years with good results. This year I've noticed Adam's Fine Grade Clay Bar. It is obviously cheaper and you get more product. I detail a 2016 White Tacoma and a 2016 RAV 4 every spring. Any one have any thoughts or ideas as to which is the better product for me? Thank You.
  2. Of all the tire products that I have ever used, VRT is by FAR the nicest product that I have ever used. It gives a fantastic result on my tires. In my opinion is is a bit time consuming to use, and slightly messy as I always use gloves to apply it. But in the end its well worth it. It doesn't sling off and seems to hold up well, not to mention that fantastic appearance it gives my tires. Hope this helps!
  3. I have the Weathertech Cleaner and Conditioner. While pricey, It seems to work well despite that I have only used it once. I believe that Weathertech has an ebay store and that's where I got it from. It believe that it is meant to be a 2 step process, as to clean the mats first and then finish them with the conditioner.
  4. I used Adam's Visco clay last spring on both of our new vehicles. I suppose I'd say I had good results with it, although it is my very first experience with clay. As I eagerly await spring I'm beginning to stock up on my detailing supplies. To those with past experience, how often should my detailing clay be replaced?
  5. I apologize if this has been covered previously. For years I simply cannot find a decent car washing sponge. I'm NOT a fan of car wash mitts. I'm just looking for a simple old fashioned car wash sponge that will last for more than one or two washes. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
  6. I have always had to best success with the B______ White stuff, but I always shy away from it when I get a new truck. It's strong stuff and I worry that it might damage my wheels. I just don't really know.
  7. I was forever replacing my garden hose. I finally broke down and purchased Flex-O-Gen hose made by Gilmour. Lifetime Guarantee. Best purchase I've ever made. If the hose ever fails, Cut off the couplings and send it back. They will send you a new section of hose. Can't beat it.
  8. Hello All! I'm very anxiously awaiting my 1st ever order of Adam's Products to be delivered tomorrow. I have ordered the new Visco Clay Bar Kit and plan on using it on my new 2016 Tacoma. I'm reaching out because I have never used clay in my life but have heard many many good things about its use. Still, I'd be lying if I said I'm not a little nervous about using this product on my new ride. Any suggestions or pointers would be most appreciated! Thank You.
  9. Some has suggested 303 Aerospace Protectant. Not sure if that or an all purpose cleaner would be better.
  10. Have only had the truck for 14 days. Have not put anything in the cup holders yet. The scuff marks or what I believe to be scuff marks were there the day I picked the truck up. So far I have ONLY wiped down the interior with a damp cloth, but that has done nothing. I can hardly believe that Toyota will allow a $39,000 truck to leave the factory like that.
  11. I've only had my 16' Tacoma for only 2 weeks now. I've noticed these marks on my drivers side door. Does anyone know what they are from? Or what I can use to remove them.
  12. This forum seems like a wealth of information and I'm glad to be a part of it. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on my very first Adam's Purchase. I have but ONE question. I'm undecided about whether I should use Super VRT or Tire Shine for the tires on my 16' Tacoma. I get the sense that these are 2 different products which produce 2 different types of results. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. The. First two pictures are of the passengers side headlight the last five I believe are of the drivers side headlight which I believe is worse than the other one
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