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  1. The deal of the day has been stuck on wheel cleaner for like over a week now. What is going on with that? I usually check the site daily just to see what the deal of they day is and have been disappointed in this deal being up for soooo long especially when it says right on the site "it won't be here tomorrow". Just curious that's all 😄
  2. Just chillin on a Sunday evening ✌️
  3. Enjoyed the night with my atv all ready to tackle the big snowstorm in Michigan coming tomorrow. Cleaned her up and changed the oil.
  4. Cleaned the 4 wheeler. Love the results. Used tire shine, tire & rubber cleaner, APC, car shampoo, fender brush, tire brush and detail spray... 2007 wolverine 450 4X4
  5. I ordered some detail spray off Amazon. Notice some rusty color stuff settling in the bottom of container. I have shaked it a ton and it just won't go away. Anyone know what this stuff is? Return?
  6. 12 ounce waterless wash. Don't have a use for it
  7. Yea I Kno they wwer Yea I Kno they were on at one time because I used to take the buckets pre filled to the quarter wash in the winter. Does anyone know the size of the oring gamma seal?
  8. So somehow I managed to lose two gamma seals for my 5 gallon buckets. Does anyone know if these can be purchased without buying the whole bucket??? Maybe a special phone call to Adams customer service? How would y'all go about getting these seals replaced?? Thanks!
  9. So I purchased a 16 ounce bottle of rinseless wash. I believe on the site it says this will make around 250 ounces of waterless wash. So will a 16 ounce bottle of rinseless make 2 gallons of waterless wash? What dilution are u guys using for waterless wash? Thanks
  10. So i got a cermaic waterless wash in a mystery box, is this stuff just like the regular waterless, and can be used on a 2014 chevy cruze factory paint???
  11. I tried something new for the first time. I used the in and out spray to give my worn out weather techs a better look and they turned out looking almost brand new. Not too slippery. Let them air dry outside the vehicle for about two hours tho. It actually worked super good. U would be surprised!
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