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  1. Polishing an older Jeep

    it was previously determined to not be single stage
  2. Rubber Mat Cleaner Questions

    I have rubber liners in my truck and Weathertech in my Jeep. I take them out the vehicle, rinse them off, spray with all purpose cleaner, scrub with my tire brush, rinse, let air dry and they look great again.
  3. Polishing an older Jeep

    Here are a few pics. It was getting dark out so not the best pics and its white so its not as obvious but this jeep hasn't looked this good since it was bought I think. It was in kinda rough shape when I bought it 1.5 years ago. Now the paint is smooth like a new paint job. Pretty good shine and reflection in it too. I'm satisfied for an almost 15 yr old Jeep that has been out in the elements until I bought it.
  4. Ceramic boost

    anyone try the ceramic boost alone yet? i would be interested in using it over paint sealant on one vehicle and over americana wax on another vehicle.
  5. Saying hello from Plano, Texas

    welcome from Texas!
  6. Polishing an older Jeep

    Well I corrected and polished my Jeep this weekend and wow. This Jeep hasn't probably seen any wax or protection in over 10 years so it had a lot of small scratches and the paint felt rough. I strip washed it, clayed it, corrected it, then polished it. It feels about as smooth as my 2016 truck which has been maintained. Its white so it can't look all that great like other colors but man it looks great for a 2003 Jeep.
  7. Polished for the first time

    No, after the correcting polish I buffed it off then went over it with finishing polish buffed it off and sealed with paint sealant. I'm gonna try working it a little longer on my next vehicle in a few weeks.
  8. Polished for the first time

    It wasn't humid. Maybe I didn't work it long enough. I'll try working it longer on my next vehicle. Generally how long do you work a section? I think I did it for about 2 mins. It never became oily or Vaseline like.
  9. Polished for the first time

    Too much makes it hard to remove? I don't mean it was hard to remove because there was too much of it being smeared around. I mean it was so hard to rub off. I had to put some serious pressure on it to get it off with an Adam's towel. I probably worked it a few minutes maybe. I thought I used about the same amount of polish as I have seen in the videos.
  10. I finally got a chance to polish my wife's car this weekend. I washed it with strip wash, clayed it, washed again and dried the car. I then used Adam's correcting polish, then the finishing polish, then paint sealant. All went as expected except the first step of the polishing - the correcting polish. I would polish a section about 2'x2' then wipe it off. The correcting polish was very hard to wipe off, very hard. Hardest time I have ever had wiping something off. The finishing polish and paint sealant came off very easy. It was overcast, no sun at all, and probably in the high 60s. In case weather had something to do with it. I still have my truck and Jeep to do soon and don't look forward to fighting the correcting polish again. Thoughts?
  11. Polishing an older Jeep

    Thanks, I'll check that out tonight.
  12. Polishing an older Jeep

    According to the forums I frequent for Jeep TJs they say it is base and clear. Thanks
  13. Polishing an older Jeep

    I misspoke. I meant to say foam as the less aggressive. I watched one of the videos this morning to confirm which one was less aggressive and I still misspoke. thanks,
  14. Polishing an older Jeep

    For the 2 new vehicles I intended to use the less aggressive microfiber pads. Thanks for the info on the single stage paint - I wasn't aware of that possibility. If the Jeep turns out to have single stage paint what steps do I take to polish it? And wax? Do you wax it differently? I currently use Adam's paint sealant and Americana wax on my new cars. thanks,
  15. Polishing an older Jeep

    I plan to polish and correct my cars soon - a 2016 GMC Sierra, a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder and a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I was going to use a Porter Cable with paint correcting polish then the finishing polish on all three. My question is about the Jeep. It is over 14 years old and I just bought it a year ago. It's white and in decent shape for an older Jeep that has probably not been given the most attention detailing wise over the years. The paint isn't perfect but it's not bad considering the age. It has small scratches here and there. I did clay it a few days ago and it obviously doesn't feel as smooth as when I clay my 2016 truck or wife 2014 Nissan. Is my plan to correct and polish it with correcting polish and finish polish a good approach on an older vehicle?