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  1. What he said...................... Use ceramic spray or H2O G&G way easier. -Jason
  2. I wash mine with my other towels using microfiber revitalizer. -Jason
  3. I treated my tonneau cover on my truck with no issues. Actually darkened it up a bit. -Jason
  4. I've lived in Florida all my life. Since 1970, on Merritt Island, Less than 4 miles from the beach. I see you said you live on A1A you need to have a garage or car and motorcycle covers, there is no way around it. The salt and sand blowing directly off the beach can and will destroy stuff in a short time. There is no product that I have found that will keep anything clean living on the beach! The only solution is to keep it covered or in the garage. -Jason
  5. I use 3M marine cleaner & wax to remove the oxidation, then wash and use H2O G&G. The H2O G&G is the easiest product to use on such big areas. -Jason
  6. I use H20 G&G on my exterior handles and mirrors,use the dry method, apply it kinda thick and buff immediately works like a charm. Plus when it rains you dont have to reapply. Jason
  7. astro-jason


    Got real lucky, no major damage, had to fix the fence and clean up lots of branches, no roof damage or damage to the house. We have water and electricity back on. So no more Adam's bucket brigade I've lived in the same house since 1993 and by far this was the worst for the duration it lasted. It got real crazy in between 1 am and 330 am. with the wind and debris hitting the boards on the windows I thought for sure I was going to have more damage. If you have never been through a hurricane the noise is like nothing you've heard before between the howling wind for hours stuff hitting the house and exploding transformers, It damn near sounds like a war zone to my best description. I'm just glad everyone is alive and well. -Jason
  8. astro-jason


    That was one wild ride. Living on Merritt Island, east central Florida. We got hit pretty hard no power or water is of now. I hope all the others in the Adam's family are doing good. On another note my wash buckets are coming in handy for me and my neighbors, using them to fill with well water to flush the toilets. Hey ya gotta do what ya gotta do Stay safe Jason
  9. Does it have a roof rack and did you run the buffer over it? -Jason
  10. I would be curious if it has to do with the aluminium body. I would be careful generating too much heat during a paint correction, this sub-strait is a new animal to us. -Jason
  11. I think it has to do with the towels, and the water evaporating with the D.S. being present. Because of the heat, I had it happen to me last summer "I live in FL." What I did to correct the issue was dry the car completely then go back over with D.S. and clean towels to remove any water spots. Give it a try it worked for me. -Jason
  12. I put mine in a freezer zip lock, have one for tire shine and one for vrt. from my experience the vrt lasts longer than the tire shine applicator. I usually get 6 to 8 months of use before replacing. -Jason
  13. That's an awesome car. I would love to detail some exotics just so I could stare at them when I'm done. Where's the pictures of you sitting in it, and with the Adam's products? L.O.L. -Jason
  14. I put my air fresheners down by the a\c intake, below the glove box I run The a/c on recirculate. When I don't smell it any more I'll take it and put in a ziplock bag and spray it with detail spray let it sit and soak it up overnight. Then put it back in good as new. -Jason
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