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  1. Hey - I know that truck! Nice to see you on this forum too Cato.
  2. Being a black truck owner, I'd say that waterless wash and towels are a must! I'm amazed how well this works and I don't have to break out the buckets every week - AND it takes less time. Detail spray is another must.
  3. I just used waterless for the first time and man, am I impressed! We got a couple of days of rain earlier in the week and I've been excited to try this out and not do a bucket wash in this South La. heat.
  4. I recently bought 2 - 2 packs and 3 of the 4 are unraveling after the first wash. I just emailed Adams to make them aware.
  5. I have a 2 month old truck and have clayed the entire thing. After finishing the truck, I pulled my chrome side moldings off and some of the Chevy lettering... I used the clay bar quite a bit trying to get off all the gunk left from the molding and not being able to see where it used to be. The last time I used it I noticed it was sticking to my fingers a lot as I would stretch and fold it... is it time for me to buy the refill?
  6. Welcome - I'm new too and also from LA - Baton Rouge.
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