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  1. Great White Drying Towels Streeking

    I had about 16 gray edgeless that no longer picked up water, so I tried the boiling process. There were several that I dunked that did not visibly absorb the water for a full 3 or 4 seconds. I could see they still looked dry, even while submerged... crazy. I stopped using the G&G to avoid this again, but they’re all fine now.
  2. Strip Wash

    Yes, it should. I prefer the Strip wash but you also use APC to take protection off vehicles.
  3. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    Not you, brother! Everybody needs to relax 😂 this is a friendly forum!
  4. What did you do today?

    Installed a newer and updated Delta kitchen faucet set. The old one was original so it required a sawzall and a drill to remove, but I’m a big fan of work smart and not hard 😊
  5. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    Rich... we're trying to be discrete here lol. But this particular person that gets free stuff is subscribed to this thread... he knows who he is....
  6. Cleaning spray bottles

    I usually just rinse them out with water until it stops foaming. With wheel cleaner being so potent, you may want to try washing it out with Dawn or a sort of detergent as well. But definitely reuse your bottles... save the environment! 😂
  7. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    I wasn’t particularly, lol but yes that has also happened to me!
  8. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    Well people subscribe to this thread so I stopped posted here because it’s the same people claiming stuff every time.
  9. What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Second wash after coating the wife’s Camaro. Dang, doesn’t that blue pop!
  10. I recently applied a coating over the film on my wife's Camaro. I wish I had done it to my 4Runner as well because it's turned yellow on mine, so definitely apply something over it. The main thing to remember is to be very careful with the edges of the film, as to not get product stuck under it. My wife got a piece of blue clay stuck under mine and it showed up on my white paint like you wouldn't believe... and it was there for MONTHS.
  11. If somebody sends me a sample here in Florida, I'll let y'all know
  12. Neutralizer Gallon

    We've asked for this for a while, basically since it was released. I don't think it's going to happen.
  13. This may seem like a really dumb question lol but are we talking about the inside or outside of the car? Oh, and welcome!
  14. Mysterious green wax.

    Whew I guess my pockets aren’t that deep lol.
  15. What did you do today?

    I swear I saw this truck on I4 last week...