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  1. Beautiful Terrain! My wife and I used to have a 2018 model, however we had another child and needed more room and traded it in on a Tahoe. But we absolutely loved that Terrain. You can dap a little bit of leather conditioner onto a foam applicator pad and have no problems with the ventilated seats. But, I highly suggest ceramic coating the leather seats instead. I also have a side business of car detailing and recently just ceramic coated one the same color as yours:
  2. This is an easy fix. In fact, if your willing to step outside of Adam’s, another coating company makes an awesome polish designed to fix swirls/scratches without removing your coating. I can PM the details of interested.
  3. Maybe it's a new detail shop? It's very common to have ridiculously low prices when first starting a detail business, just to get customers in the door and get a customer base started. I hope this is the situation, otherwise this may get interesting. One of my favorite quotes: "I don't do $100 details, I fix them".
  4. I'm assuming the ceramic residue was removed when installing correct? If install procedure was followed correctly, Adam's paint coating may not play well with vinyl. My shop uses other brands for coatings, so I'm not sure about Adam's. I would go ahead and remove the coating off the hood by polishing. If you would like, I can message you the coatings I've used that works very well on vinyl.
  5. Which coating did you use? The paint coating or the spray coating?
  6. No need to remove the coating. Just simple use a light polish and a light polishing pad. It will remove the spots without removing the coating. 😁
  7. The rinseless wash will be a great option to use on a coated car. Also the information about it containing wax is false.
  8. So I changed out all the spray triggers. I like these so much better. It fits my hands better. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01I7728M0
  9. Check my setup out. I’m at the 4:11 mark. This video was submitted last year and my setup has already changed so much since then, but it’s still neat to see 😁
  10. I 100% agree. Bought the same thing from Obsessed Garage. Definitely life changing 😍
  11. That’s awesome! Happy to see something special for the forum! Thanks Dan! 😁
  12. If you clay bar, you’ll want to polish the paint. A clay bar is an abrasive. It will mar the pint. A ceramic coating has amazing hydrophobic properties. Putting anything on top of the coating (besides a silica spray sealant such as ceramic boost) will affect the hydrophobic properties of the coating.
  13. There's many variables we don't know, but if I were the OP, I'd go back to the installer. I'm guessing something wasn't done correctly, but that could be several different things. Adam's doesn't make a mineral deposit remover, but several other companies do. I think that's going to be the OP's best bet for now.
  14. While I see your point, I would still prefer my personal vehicles ceramic coated. If done correctly, water spots are never an issue. If you spray detail spray, spray wax, H2O G&G, a spray sealant, or whatever on your waxed/sealed vehicles, it's no different than topping your coating off every once in a while with a silica spray sealant. The hydrophobic properties of a ceramic are second to none and the self cleaning properties are amazing. But of course, they are not for everyone.
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