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  1. Hamilton Detail

    Glass boost leaking

    Customer service isn’t anything like it used to be at Adam’s. I used to be 110% committed to Adam’s, but this is one of the few reasons why I am no longer that way.
  2. Hamilton Detail

    Glass boost leaking

    I had a similar issue a while back. Dan at Adam's sent me a whole new thing of glass boost free of charge. You should be good to go in another bottle. The coating prep is in a regular bottle and sprayer and it's just fine and the coating prep is basically just alcohol.
  3. Hamilton Detail

    Leather Air Freshener.

    A leather smelling odor eliminator can be had from a certain chemical company. Smells identical to Adam’s leather conditioner.
  4. Hamilton Detail

    New Ceramic Spray Coating and SALE!

    If you don’t want to wait, it’s already been done by several other companies.
  5. Hamilton Detail

    New lugnut brush

    lol I have it and love it
  6. Hamilton Detail

    New lugnut brush

    Something similar to that has already been done by another company. But because of the rules of the forum, I cannot post who.
  7. Hamilton Detail

    Tire Armor

    Their competition’s version of tire armor works better in achieving gloss on the 2nd coat in my experience . And the competion also has a 32 ounce version available.
  8. Hamilton Detail

    Leather and Interior Cleaner

    Yes the formula changed last year.
  9. Hamilton Detail

    Iron Remover as Wheel Cleaner

    You can interchange iron remover and wheel cleaner to do the same job. They both have the same chemical. Only difference being wheel cleaner is thicker than the iron remover. But to answer your question, yes. Just buy one, no need for both unless you just want to blow the money.
  10. Hamilton Detail

    Wheel cleaner VS Eco wheel cleaner

    If your wheels are absolutely trashed, then go wheel cleaner. If your vehicle usually generates a lot of brake dust, then go wheel cleaner. Eco wheel cleaner is good for light duty jobs. In my experience, I don’t see the need for eco wheel cleaner. Mainly because, just regular car shampoo and water gets the same job done.
  11. Hamilton Detail

    Bone-head play of the day

    No, you didn’t loose any of your paint protection.
  12. Hamilton Detail

    Adams Spray Wax

    I can get a gallon of spray wax from a competitor for $26 a gallon. It has great results and longevity. I’m not paying $60 for a gallon of spray wax. Seems a little crazy to me. I love Adam’s, but they were way behind the industry on this product. And on top of that, the crazy price. 😕
  13. Hamilton Detail

    CarPro or Adams for CQuartz care?!

    You should be good to go with Adam’s rinseless and waterless washes. I’ve tried ceramic boost on carpro cquartz uk and it did not do as well as reload. And in my experience the opposite is true as well. Ceramic boost does better on an Adam’s coating than reload does.
  14. Hamilton Detail

    Adams Spray Wax

    The only thing keeping me from trying it, is how expensive it is.