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  1. Check my setup out. I’m at the 4:11 mark. This video was submitted last year and my setup has already changed so much since then, but it’s still neat to see 😁
  2. I 100% agree. Bought the same thing from Obsessed Garage. Definitely life changing 😍
  3. That’s awesome! Happy to see something special for the forum! Thanks Dan! 😁
  4. If you clay bar, you’ll want to polish the paint. A clay bar is an abrasive. It will mar the pint. A ceramic coating has amazing hydrophobic properties. Putting anything on top of the coating (besides a silica spray sealant such as ceramic boost) will affect the hydrophobic properties of the coating.
  5. There's many variables we don't know, but if I were the OP, I'd go back to the installer. I'm guessing something wasn't done correctly, but that could be several different things. Adam's doesn't make a mineral deposit remover, but several other companies do. I think that's going to be the OP's best bet for now.
  6. While I see your point, I would still prefer my personal vehicles ceramic coated. If done correctly, water spots are never an issue. If you spray detail spray, spray wax, H2O G&G, a spray sealant, or whatever on your waxed/sealed vehicles, it's no different than topping your coating off every once in a while with a silica spray sealant. The hydrophobic properties of a ceramic are second to none and the self cleaning properties are amazing. But of course, they are not for everyone.
  7. The ceramic spray is somewhat of a different ball game. The boost isn't 100% necessary for it, but you can definitely use it on the ceramic spray and get benefits from that.
  8. Let's use Adam's ceramic paint coating for example. When it says cure for 24 hours, that's just when it's safe to use the vehicle. Depending on climate and many other variables, the coating is actually still curing up to a week later. What allows it to be okay at this point is the silica sealant. It is also what keeps the water spots from happening during this time. I personally don't care for Adam's ceramic boost, but I do use another brand's version about once a month on my personal vehicles and never have a water spot issue.
  9. Usually after the coating cures, it needs to be topped with a sealant, like ceramic boost for example. The ceramic boost would prevent these spots from happening. I'm assuming maybe this wasn't done in this case? If these spots are etched into the coating you'll need to try a mineral deposit remover or worse case scenario, polish them out and re-apply coating in those areas.
  10. So I finally applied the tire armor a few weeks ago. I did 3 coats per tire. Didn’t use much product at all. The tires have been through a few rain storms and are still going strong. When I washed the vehicle, I used nothing but a brush and a shampoo and the tires were flawless again. I was very skeptical about this product in the beginning, but I am happy that I gave it a try
  11. Just tried the ceramic spray coating spray on my Wife’s Terrain. Very impressed so far. I coated all of the windows and wheels. Application was very easy and wiping away the residue was effortless. Now to see how it does in the rain and see if it’s as durable as Adam’s claims it to be.
  12. Customer service isn’t anything like it used to be at Adam’s. I used to be 110% committed to Adam’s, but this is one of the few reasons why I am no longer that way.
  13. I had a similar issue a while back. Dan at Adam's sent me a whole new thing of glass boost free of charge. You should be good to go in another bottle. The coating prep is in a regular bottle and sprayer and it's just fine and the coating prep is basically just alcohol.
  14. A leather smelling odor eliminator can be had from a certain chemical company. Smells identical to Adam’s leather conditioner.
  15. If you don’t want to wait, it’s already been done by several other companies.
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