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  1. More new goodies coming soon!

    I’m betting it’s the orange borderless towels that are left over from the pumpkin spice sale.
  2. More new goodies coming soon!

    Darn... no iPhone X cases
  3. Car seat detailing

    Just the carpet and upholstery cleaner with the cockpit brush, interior detailer for the plastics, and a shopvac.
  4. Car seat detailing

    So to make a long story short, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she really needed her son’s car seat detailed and wanted to know if anyone could do that. So being the Adam’s fanatic that I am, I said that I could do it. I did it and and the results were just awesome. Now I have several people in my area asking me to detail their car seat. Who knew that this could be a thing?
  5. Happy Birthday Adam!

    Happy birthday!!!
  6. I’m guessing these aren’t supposed to be up yet.
  7. Ceramic Paint Coating question

    So I spoke with Dan@Adams on this matter. He advised that the best option would be waterless wash. He said that both detail spray and matte detail spray add some protection and would affect the hydrophobic properties somewhat. Thanks again to Dan!
  8. Ceramic Paint Coating question

    Thanks for the responses! I'll look into the waterless wash option since I don't want to affect the the hydrophobic properties of the coating
  9. I have fully ceramic coated my truck and my wife's SUV. I absolutely love it so far. My question is, when there is light dust on the vehicles, would it be better to use detail spray or matte detail spray?
  10. Anybody else notice the new pumpkin spice on Instagram?

    Haha! I believe you are correct sir.
  11. Sprayable brilliant glaze

    The answer to this question can be found in this thread: http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/28984-brilliant-glaze/page-2
  12. Eclipse?

    I'm in the direct path as well
  13. Brilliant Glaze usage

    No clay bar or wax required. And yes, you can apply it using the microfiber pads. You can even apply it to your windows.