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  1. hamilton2400

    Does this Ceramic boost look right?

    I agree with @Nickfire20. Mine looks like that as well. Perfectly normal.
  2. hamilton2400

    New car interior

    Clean your dash first with leather and interior cleaner, followed by using the leather conditioner. Use interior detailer for maintenance touch ups. Doing this method will keep the dust to a minimum on your dash. ☺️
  3. hamilton2400

    Suggestion on how to clean a Denali grill

    On our Denali's, I've used the wheel brush on the grill from time to time with no issues.
  4. hamilton2400

    Ceramic drying aid spray

    Ceramic boost can be used as a drying aid. Read under wet application:
  5. I was able to do a 2014 GMC Sierra double cab, 2015 GMC Acadia, and a 2018 GMC Terrain all from the same bottle of ceramic paint coating.
  6. hamilton2400

    Best vacuum for interior?

    After my shop-vac died, I picked up a Milwaukee vacuum at the Home Depot. Super impressed with it. Came with a 7ft hose and plenty of attachments.
  7. hamilton2400

    Iron Remover then Clay?

    It won’t hurt the windows at all if you get it on them, but I tried to keep it on just the paint. And you’ll love the Adam’s clay bar so much better. The geo-impression tool makes it so much easier to hold on to.
  8. hamilton2400

    Iron Remover then Clay?

    Just used it on my black truck a few weeks ago. It is awesome stuff. Just let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it off. You’ll still need to clay afterwards, but you’ll notice that claying the truck is much easier.
  9. hamilton2400

    Get some BOGO and a discount!

    Agreed. You can add Undercarriage Spray to that as well.
  10. hamilton2400

    Tire and Rubber cleaner

    I usually only use the Tire and Rubber Cleaner when my tires are absolutely filthy. For normal maintenance washes, the tire brush and the car shampoo is usually enough to get the job done.
  11. hamilton2400

    Upcoming sale?

    Or just jump on Instagram. If you look around, there are all kinds of 15% off codes out there.
  12. I also have the Porter Cable Polisher. I purchased the Swirl Killer and it is a night and day difference. It handles so much better. I purchased a 4 inch backing plate off the website and converted my Porter Cable Polisher into a poor man's Swirl Killer Mini lol. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/polishing/adam-s-4-machine-polisher-backing-plate.html
  13. hamilton2400

    High spot in ceramic coating

    I've been able to use brilliant glaze to get rid of the high spots. I've done this trick on 3 different occasions and it worked every time.
  14. hamilton2400

    tonneau cover

    I would also like to know this.
  15. hamilton2400

    Amazon: Adam's Quick Ceramic Protect Wash & Wax Kit

    My wife's car has been ceramic coated and I usually wash it with the wash and wax shampoo once weekly. I've had great results with this.