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  1. One Step polish review.

    Yeah it’s up to the client, and sometimes they’re ok with just an AIO. Most people aren’t going to maintain the finish anyway. I also use another companies AOI that has lasted 2 months and was still going before I waxed over it. I like Adams AOI a lot though. Was hoping for a video on it to hear him explain it a bit more.
  2. One Step polish review.

    Good answers from Mc2hill. I totally agree. This stuff will help me as I detail on the side. So far water is beading up nicely in the areas I polished. However freshly corrected paint will be somewhat hydrophobic. In my “tests” I have found this is slightly less aggressive that the Correction polish as stated above. However when I paired it with the Microfiber cutting pad it removed some significant haze and scratches. I’m impressed with this product and I think it’s worth a buy. Even for a DIY person who wants to remove light haze and scratches from their personal vehicle. I think you can’t go wrong here. Pairing this product with a white or orange pad will give you great results, on any color.
  3. The process for the Swirl Killer would be the same as any other Long Throw polisher. I have a Rupes 15mm and i work a 2x2 section. Going in a left to right and then up and down pattern creating a cross hatch pattern. Even for a scratch like you explained i still work in a cross hatch pattern. Except i don't do a 2x2 area if its not needed.
  4. What did you do today?

    This was a few days ago but, it’s good stuff.
  5. One Step polish review.

    It was in the 50’s yesterday. If it’s anything like Adams correction and finishing polish it’ll wipe off just as easy on 80 degree temps.
  6. One Step polish review.

    The pics are out of order for some reason 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Got a chance to try out Adams new polish today. As soon as I was finished it started raining lol. As always before polishing, I washed and clayed the surface with Adams clay. I then taped off a section of the roof on my daily that is very oxidized and scratched up. I used an Adam’s MF pad, orange and then white pad. My machine is a Rupes 15mm MKll. I labeled each section above to make it easy to identify. It’s hard to tell in the pics but as I stepped down from most aggressive to the least aggressive pad. It started to finish down better, naturally. However, even with the MF pad it still finished down excellent on black paint. I only made 4 section passes on each section for a total of 1 pass per section if that makes sense lol. This stuff comes out of the bottle very easily so don’t squeeze it too hard, trust me I know lol. I noticed that it smells amazing also. I applied 4 drops on each pad and used similar arm speed on each section with minimal pressure. It seems to have a long working time and zero dust. And the smell you get while polishing is a nice bonus. When I went to wipe it off that’s where I was really amazed. One wipe and it came off. I’ve never used a polish or compound that removes this easy. Adams really knocked this one out of the park. I could easily see this as my go to polish. Even on the white pad it still removed all the haze and most scratches. I’m super impressed. It’s hard to see in the pics because of bad lighting. But givin the cloudy conditions it’s the best I could do.
  8. Headlight restoration

    Ive used them on paint with no issue.
  9. New product spied

    Yep and I️ don’t want the card holder. I sure ordered that 1 step polish though! Really hoping to get a chance to try it out.
  10. New product spied

    Pretty soon they’ll be selling shoes and milk...

    I never could get the wet method down. I always use the dry method.
  12. Headlight restoration

    Looks good.
  13. What did you do today?

    Washed, clayed and sealed my moms Jeep. Then washed and redone the headlights on my daily.
  14. That never worked out well for me. Seemed it made it harder to buff out all the marks. Everyone has there own way I recon lol