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  1. New Wax?

    Maybe just a new wax they’re releasing. Maybe it’s Silica wax. I have some silica wax from another company and it’s great! Longevity is way better than regular waxes.
  2. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

  3. Chemical Guys or Adam’s

    Both are good companies. I think Chemical guys has way too much of the same stuff packaged as something else. And I hate the way they market. It’s like a 15 year old is running things over there. They have good products no doubt though. I personally don’t use them. I use Adam’s, and a few other companies. Especially one line that is directed towards the pro side of detailing.
  4. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    Practically no vibration. On flat panels I can hold it with one hand easily. It’s a great machine.
  5. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    Added some pics to the first post. Again, this polisher is in like new condition.
  6. Wetsanding my Shelby

    I’ve done some wet sanding myself. It’s a scary process haha. Nice job and great results you got. Flat paint looks amazing. The sun shots should be nice for you too. Here are my results. But my sanding was on a 2k dollar daily beater lolol.
  7. Wetsanding my Shelby

    Holy sweet mother that’s nice.
  8. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    Really just wanting to sell so I can buy a new one.
  9. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    Would rather sell mine and buy a new one. How long have you had it?
  10. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    Im in Ashland from time to time. Over at Bluecats. Know of him?
  11. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    I like it a lot. Always wanted to try a Flex.
  12. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    The Flex 3401. If I don’t like it I’ll just buy another Rupes lol. I detail on the side for money but, mainly it’s just a passionate hobby for me. I have considered the Mille as well since it’s forced rotation too. I’d keep my polisher but I have to sell one to buy the other.
  13. Rupes 15mm MKll FS

    This polisher is for sale only, no trades. $300 firm. I have polished out 3 -4 cars with this and got great results. I have done the washer mod and the machine works great. I’m just wanting to try something different. It comes with 2 Rupes green pads and 1 yellow and 1 white pad. Also comes with new bottle of 8oz Rupes medium compound. I’ll post pics later when I get home this evening from work. I accept PayPal.
  14. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    I’m in Rockcastle co. Bout an hour south of Lexington.
  15. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    Just like the title says. Any Ky people on here?