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  1. Ls1transam

    Sandpaper with headlight restoration

    If the clearcoat on the headlights are failing. The only proper way to restore them is to wet sand them first and then polish and put some type of protective coating over top like ceramic coating or paint protection film. I start with 800, 1500 then 3000 grit. Then I polish them. After that I do an IPA wipedown and coat.
  2. If wanting to use the CSC after you clay and polish would be prefect. I would only put Ceramic Boost on it. Or Adams Ceramic Wax. I have played with the new formula of H20 on a coating and it seems to play well in the short term.
  3. Ls1transam

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Teaching my nephew some stuff. He bought a Adams Swirl killer. I was impressed with it too. He’s new to polishing and detailing in general. But he became obsessed with it pretty quick. Here is a section he polished. The paint is beyond trashed. He used another brand pad and polish to cut. Finished with Adams finishing polish on another brands pad as well.
  4. Ls1transam

    New H20 Guard & Gloss????

    It’s killer! Leaps and bounds better than the old. I used on my coated car and it really upped the gloss. Used it as a drying aid while doing a rinseless wash on my other non-coated car. Worked awesome. Only thing I don’t like is the smell. I like the old formulas smell better. But that nit picking lol
  5. Ls1transam

    New H20 Guard & Gloss????

    I used the new New H20 on my coated car and it worked great! Also used it as a drying aid while doing a rinseless wash on my other non-coated car. Both with awesome results.
  6. Ls1transam

    Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating

    I have a Ceramic Spray that claims 20% SIO2. Wonder how much this will have?
  7. Ls1transam

    Iron Remover as Wheel Cleaner

    I like Iron Remover a lot. Doesn’t smell as bad as others. I will say this, I found it to be a little bit weaker than another brand I usually use.
  8. Ls1transam

    Iron Remover as Wheel Cleaner

    The wheel cleaner is more of a gel formula so it clings to the vertical surface of the wheel better. The iron remover is a thinner formula to spread across the paint better. But you can interchange both.
  9. Ls1transam

    Tire Armor

    Really like the look it gives . I’ll order some in the spring. Weather has went to sh** lol
  10. Ls1transam

    Adams Spray Wax

    I used it as a drying aid and it worked great.
  11. I’d stick with Carpro. I like Reload wayyyy better than CB.
  12. Ls1transam

    G&G 2.0 and Spray wax

    Car looks good btw
  13. Ls1transam

    G&G 2.0 and Spray wax

    I have the new G&G and spray wax in the way. Excited to try them out!
  14. Ls1transam

    Ceramic Boost 2.0

    Yea with same results.
  15. Ls1transam

    Ceramic Boost 2.0

    I stripped a panel and tried it. Didn’t polish but stripped all prior protection off. Also tried it on a Ceramic coated vehicle. Non Adams coating but, the results were the same. I used another brand of silica spray and had zero issues with it.