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  1. Ls1transam

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Cleaning some heads up I bought for my car.
  2. Ls1transam

    Rupes Nano I-Brid shortneck kit (ON HOLD)

    I went with a short neck as well. Now it just sits and collects dust lol.
  3. Ls1transam

    Food Thread

    This pic here I used Knobb Creek. But I’ve used Makers Mark and moonshine lol. All are very tasty and super easy to make.
  4. Ls1transam

    Food Thread

    Bourbon balls I made
  5. Ls1transam

    Hello from KY

    Welcome. I’m from Ky as well.
  6. Ls1transam

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Fixed some headlights. Got the interior to do tomorrow.
  7. You can’t go wrong with either company. Both companies have top notch products. Enough said lol.
  8. Ls1transam

    Americana Wax

    Americana is awesome! Even in direct sun, it’s easy to work with. I don’t see any benefit from the glaze along with the wax. Others will disagree I’m sure but. I love Americana Wax. Doesn’t last long at all but, it’s so easy to use I don’t mind applying it over and over.
  9. Ls1transam

    Easiest way to apply H20 GG

    Lot less touching to me. There’s no buffing the product in and off. The drying towel I use I lightly drag it across the surface to dry. 1 swipe and that’s it.
  10. Ls1transam

    Easiest way to apply H20 GG

    You should give it a shot. Has worked good for me so far. I haven’t noticed any streaks yet.
  11. Ls1transam

    Hydrophobic product?

    H20 isn’t as hydrophobic as Hydro2 is, at least not in my experiences. Both are very different chemically too so.
  12. Ls1transam

    Hydrophobic product?

    I really love the Hydro2. I use it as a topper for my non Adam’s Ceramic coating and it’s worked out great.
  13. Another forum member and myself have dicovered a new way to apply Adam’s H20GG. Instead of doing the traditional wipe on wipe off method, try this. While the vehicle is still wet, mist 2-3 sprays of H20 on the surface. I do half a hood and fender at a time, or maybe 2 doors etc. Sprays will depend on the size of the panel of course. Spread the product over the paint with a MF towel or applicator. Wait 10 seconds or so till it hazes up and then spray off with your water hose or pressure washer. The haze will be gone and no streaks if you do this properly. This eliminates the need for carrying towels around and you’re touching the surface less. Afterward dry as you normally would. This way may not be for everyone but it takes a lot of the streaky risks away while using this product. And I don’t have to carry 2-3 towels with me while applying and drying. I’m the shade I can apply to a whole side of a smaller vehicle or half of a full size truck. This way saves me a lot of time while applying the H20GG.
  14. Ls1transam

    Hydrophobic product?

    Wish Adam’s would make a product like Hydro2. I’d like to see their take on it.
  15. Ls1transam

    Ceramic Boost 2.0 over Wax

    I’ve heard lots of people say wax and SIO2 don’t play well together. But I’ve personally never had a problem. I’d say go for it.