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  1. Yes it was terrible. I clayed for over an hour on that small car.
  2. This one was a pain. I don’t have any aggressive clay and I’m assuming this car had never been detailed before. After washing and iron decon. Thepai t felt like sand paper, literally. I had to clay, clay and clay some more.
  3. As you can see the product is to the top of the label still.
  4. I have Cquartz 3.0 that I applied to a fender and that’s it. It’s a 30ml bottle and is still basically full. It comes with 2 suede applicators but no block. The bottle has been opened for 2 weeks. I was going to apply it to my daily but changed my mind. Looking for, Ceramic Wax, new Ceramic Boost, Clay, Adams 9H coating etc.. let me know what you have.
  5. Porter cable can get some nice results. If you’re able to buy the swirl killer you’ll never use a PC for correction work again. Unless it’s converted to a 3in pad for small areas.
  6. If I were you I’d stick with IGL Premier for your coating.
  7. I’ve tried the new and old Formula. I don’t like it at all. Might spray some on an applicator. Apply in a 2x2-3x3 area and then wipe off with a MF towels. Might help go on and off easier.
  8. Thanks! Small vehicle but a lot of small areas to polish. And my mini swirl killer gave out on me 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Polished this yesterday. The owner was more than pleased and shocked.
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