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  1. If they're still available....PM me a price for all the wheel woolies shipped to 08215 (New Jersey)
  2. Similar situation here. I have an electric power washer, so it's not quite as much of a hassle as a gas powered one. I use the power washer more in the wintr time when I have salt that needs to get rinsed off, or if I'm doing someone's car that is really dirty.
  3. Welcome to the forum...South Jersey here...where in North Jersey are u from?
  4. The website for Liquid Glass is still up.....I'm guessing you tried to contact them to no avail?
  5. Welcome from Galloway Township, NJ
  6. So...there's a pretty significant difference in price, which is the hardware. I'm guessing. In what way does it work better...does it produce better foam than the standard?
  7. I have a bag similar to the one you linked to.....and absolutely love it. Keep in mind, I use it for mobile detailing, so I had to have something with a larger footprint that will fit my DA, pads, and has the side pouches for bottles. The lower storage compartment is very convenient, and, thankfully, I've never had an issue with the bag tipping over. Make you choice based on the one that fits your needs the best.
  8. Would be interested to see how a product like Solution Finish would do on these
  9. Did you buy any to try them? What size bottles were they on?
  10. To be clear. no one was putting anyone down. I've not been at this for very long, but one thing I've learned is that there are tons of products to choose from out there. When you find something that works for you, and you're happy with it, it's your prerogative to stay with it. My whole point in this thread was to stress that there are no discernable differences in certain items sold under a company's banner, than those sold by an outfit like U.S. Plastics. I'm a big fan of taking the initiative to create what I want, if a vendor does not sell exactly what I want. If it's your decision to wait until Adams can provide you with 8oz bottles with their label on them, with the Adams sprayers that you like, then hopefully someone from Adams will read this thread and see this as filling a void in their product line.
  11. Okay...so you guys are loving whatever spray top Adams puts on their bottles......then simply buy the sprayers...4.99 is a good price for 3 of them......and buy an 8 oz bottle that has a top that the sprayer fits.....which may be tough to do since the diameter of the bottle top on an 8oz bottle is probably smaller than those of the 16oz bottles these go with....and you might end up having to go with a smaller sprayer or a 'mister' top for the 8oz bottles And, now, we're back to square one......this is why I typically go out and find what I need rather than wait for someone else to provide it for me. I'd probably not have chosen to stay in this thread, were it not for the fact that I've been through this before with other vendors. Best of luck to you guys in your search for the ideal size bottle and the ideal sprayer
  12. Actually, it's totally relevant. While i understand your brand loyalty (I run into this on vendor forums all the time), having an Adams sticker on a bottle does not make it a better bottle, any more than a Meguiars sticker, Griots Garage sticker, or a Menzerna sticker does. It makes it exactly what it is...a bottle with a sticker on it.
  13. Eight ounce spray bottles are available all over the web......I made up my own 'travel kits' for all the cars in my family
  14. So, I may have missed it in the video...but I'm guessing you'd already done the wheels, tires and wheel wells?
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