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  1. coral farmer

    I won!

    @imatt27 Congratulations!
  2. coral farmer

    Food Thread

    Sunday was pineapple cider can chicken.
  3. coral farmer

    The two word game.

    Quality Meat
  4. @catman600 Promocode: Spice is good until November and I using it now and it's taking the code. I notice last night Oct15 stopped working.
  5. coral farmer

    The two word game.

    Guard Dog. I was thinking Guard Gloss
  6. coral farmer

    ISO new in packaging 2016 PS Orange MF

    @frosty350 Yes those are the 2 colors I'm looking for. I remember getting the lighter orange in zip lock bag. What would you be interested in trading for them?
  7. coral farmer

    ISO new in packaging 2016 PS Orange MF

    Thanks for looking. I would like them to be in packaging as I am starting a MF towel collection.
  8. coral farmer

    Zippered Hoodie Sweatshirt

    +1 on the zippered hoodie and would like to see lighter colors. Not a fan of black clothing.
  9. coral farmer

    ISO new in packaging 2016 PS Orange MF

    Is there anything you are looking for? I have undercarriage spray, 2018 PS MF towel, wheel cleaner, grey borderless MF, edgeless MF towel, grey wash mitt, ultra plush drying towel. That's just off the top of my head, I'll have to check my inventory at when I get off work.
  10. Thanks for everyone's response. @RayS I do have 3 cans of multi foam cleaner, so I'll have to try this out.
  11. coral farmer

    The two word game.

    Welcome Home
  12. coral farmer

    The two word game.

    Bare Naked
  13. Anyone have a package of 2016 Orange MF towel?
  14. Does anyone have any experience using undercarriage on fabric like in the wheel well? Will it stain it or other issues? I might just stick to ECO APC and brush to keep it clean.
  15. coral farmer

    The two word game.

    Alert Line