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  1. GTIJones

    Mint chocolate detail spray wanted!!

    No one has an extra bottle they want to trade? ??
  2. GTIJones

    Mint chocolate detail spray wanted!!

    All are unused 16oz H2O G&G Wheel cleaner Car shampoo (reg blue) Tire shine VRT wash & was
  3. Like the title states I’m looking for a bottle of mint chocolate detail spray. If anyone has an extra bottle let me know what you’d like for it. Thanks!
  4. GTIJones

    Items for trade

    pm sent!
  5. GTIJones

    Extras for trade!

    I have the regular car shampoo.
  6. GTIJones

    Extras for trade!

    Anything specific you’d be looking for. I have a good amount of product.
  7. GTIJones

    Extras for trade!

    I’m going to be completely honest, I have no idea what the differences are.
  8. GTIJones

    Extras for trade!

    Actually I just noticed you posted the foam cannon a couple posts ago. I’d send you the vrt, tire shine and the 32oz apc for it if you were interested. Maybe something else if I have it.
  9. GTIJones

    Extras for trade!

    Which limited detail sprays do you have?
  10. GTIJones

    Extras for trade!

    I’d be interested in the glass boost for the 32oz. The gallon is already spoken for.
  11. GTIJones

    Extras for trade!

    I have some extras of items that I don’t use often. All are brand new with the exception of the revive hand polish which is missing a very small amount. Glass sealant (not pictured) Revive Hand Polish Tire shine VRT Gallon of APC- traded 32oz APC Leather and interior cleaner- traded Buttery wax-traded I’d be interested in- Glass boost Interior detailer Brilliant glaze Ultra plush drying towel Possibly other items. Just ask!
  12. GTIJones

    Items for trade!!

  13. GTIJones

    Items for trade!!

    Looking over my supplies tonight and I have a surplus of quite a few items so I'm looking to make some trades. I have the following items: Detail spray x3 Brilliant glaze x2 Tire shine x2 32oz all purpose Buttery wax Pumpkin spice Detail Spray (not pictured) And I'd be interested in: Odor neutralizer Wheel cleaner Glass cleaner Wash and wax Microfibers Possibly others, if interested pm me. Thanks!
  14. I'm not one to usually review things, but this product is amazing. I just got it today and I already love it. Awesome scent that is welcoming every time I get in my car. But the real test is yet to come, when me and my gf got together she had a window that wouldn't go all the way up due to a broken actuator so when it rained the interior got wet. I fixed that and we've been trying things here and there to get rid of the wet musty smell. I have no doubt that I have found that product. I will certainly post reviews after she gets home and I put it to work! Great product Adams!