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    H2O Guard & Gloss | FAQ's | Discussion

    Check it in the fall before winter prep via the baggie test. Proceed from there
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    H2O Guard & Gloss | FAQ's | Discussion

    I would agree partially with this statement. When you clay you are cleaning the paint and stripping protection. You are also micro marring the paint with a traditional clay bar method. That said, you may and should only need to clay once if you keep your paint in decent shape. You also may want to consider a paint correction after clay to take care of the imperfections and the micro marring that will occur during the process. In my opinion, claying 2-3 times a year seems unnecessary.
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    1st Full Detail

    Interesting. I do have plenty of Detail Spray on hand to allow for using it as my clay lube (and I just purchased another gallon during the current holiday sale), but I am certainly interested in ways to save a little extra money if an alternative method also works well. Do you use Adam's car shampoo? That's what I use - the blue kind (I don't have the 'throwback' red version). Thanks for your input. Indeed. Adams has the best car shampoo and that's what I use. It's also nice because it's pH neutral so you don't have to worry about it causing any issues if it dries on the surface. As mentioned, it works well for me and I've used it for claying purposes at least a half dozen times. Your mileage may vary. I like to save my detail spray for that extra pop after drying.