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  1. +2 for me as well in regards to using foam. Has worked well for me
  2. Wouldn't using a handle/wand with stainless steel connections mitigate the chances of rust developing?
  3. Welcome. I'm of the opinion that the condition of your paintwork determines the level of aesthetics. The more clarity your clear coat possesses, the better your car will look. Adams provides a wide range of products to cover all of your detailing needs. Furthermore, this forum is saturated with information from past and present and the members are extremely polite, courteous and helpful.
  4. Using PS first will give it the most longevity. You can then layer BG and Americana or vice versa. This past weekend I did the precise procedure you've started on my daily driver and obtained phenomenal results. PS, BG, then Americana. If your vehicle doesn't travel in dodgy weather, I wouldn't bother with PS.
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