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  1. What Adams product and dilution did you use? I haven't pulled the trigger on buying a sprayer yet.
  2. I agree. I ordered two of the new gray and white wash mitts during July 4th sale. I ended up getting two wheel wash mitts. I wrote this to Customer Service and sent a picture of what I received: I just opened ORDER #, and noticed that I was sent two wheel wash mitts, not two of the new gray and white microfiber wash mitts. There was no packing slip found in the bucket also. I know you all have been busy with the mystery bucket orders along with the July 4th sale, so I know mistakes will be made and I will always be a Adams customer for your outstanding customer service and product quality. Is it possible to get this corrected? Thanks. The next day, I received a notification that two wash mitts were being sent to me. Now that's customer service.
  3. I have Xpel on my 2016 Crew Cab Silverado. I had the front bumper, headlights, fogs, mirrors, half the hood and fender, A-pillars, and leading edge of roof. I also had the vehicle polished (One step) as it had been sitting on a dealer lot for 6 months and needed it before applying PPF. The vehicle was then had OptiCoat applied that lasts for 5 years. I paid $2000, but I know I got a discount since I bundled some services. As with a white vehicle, the same probably applies to black as well. I had to take my truck back as I had a few places on the bumper where bubbles didn't come out after two weeks, and there was a few pieces of trash under the film. And this came from a reputable place that has been detailing for 20 years. The pro to me if I was a client is that you would be offering a one stop shop. I found one local place that had higher prices for polishing and coating, but didn't do PPF. The owner told me he would do the polishing, drive the truck to another shop to have a cheaper PPF (SunTek, not Xpel) installed, and then have the truck brought back to apply CeramicPro. I didn't like the idea of two places doing the work, as if I didn't like the workmanship, who would be to blame. Also after polishing, the vehicle would have to be re-prepped since it would have been drove about 10 miles to the PPF shop. The con for you would be the initial investment and possible learning curve. I have seen your work posted on this forum, and I would say you have the knowledge and experience to learn quickly. Take some classes and get certified. If you have a higher end clientele, I would say go for it, as it shouldn't take long to pay off for your investment, as I know my dealer charges roughly $3-5K to wrap the whole car depending on size. Xpel shows prices for templates for each vehicle they offer. Based on my experience, they are quite high based on their website, but my dealer seemed to charge less than the template price and that included installation. I wish you luck on either way you proceed, and keep posted on the awesome work you are doing for your clients.
  4. Isn't that about all Honda makes? JK
  5. I have been monitoring my insulated garage, but not heated, and it has been staying around 52-58. I guess that should be fine right?
  6. Anything different from it besides color and smell of the current Car Shampoo?
  7. jabo_pf


    What pressure washer and foam cannon are you using?
  8. There are lots of great posts and people on this forum to keep your ride looking great!
  9. Welcome to this crazy addiction and thanks for serving.
  10. Where is the picture of the 60th that is hiding under the covers?
  11. Ceramic Boost is not needed unless you do a coating. GG is primarily used when you have a paint sealant on your paint and not a coating. As Wolf said, get a Swirl Killer Mystery Box . You can't go wrong with that deal. I would personally hold of on buying any polish unless its the one step as you may get heavy compound, paint correcting, and finishing polish in your box as the $70+ products. If anything, buy pad kits for the 15mm( http://adamspolishes.com/shop/kits/4-polishing-kits/adam-s-gen5-6-pad-bundle.html) as its better to have an extra set to switch out when the polish loads up or pad gets hot. As for the rest of the products you want,
  12. Thanks. I checked my stockpile of Adams products and found that I do indeed have the new bottle.
  13. I bought some of this at Corvettes at Carlisle. I am not sure if I have the old or new bottle. What does the new bottle look like?
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