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  1. New ride not new member

    Nice ride! Now you'll have to change your forum name also
  2. A few questions

    There is some confusion on this and I don't think there is a wrong answer. Here is my view... My logic is to use the UPDT as a softer and larger version of the green glass towel. I use the longer weave facing the surface first to more effectively remove any dirt or soap that I may have missed during the wash. I then go over the car with the thin side facing the surface for a streak free finish. I know it says on the Adam's website to use it thin side down, although here is the flip side (from Adam's also): Can I also add that this is by far the best drying towel I have ever used. Every time I use it I can't believe how much water it soaks up.
  3. First time detailing for a customer

    Well done, Chris! I can't believe how dirty those floormats were. I did a double-take because I originally thought they were black in that 3rd picture
  4. Rubber Mat Cleaner Questions

    Yeah that's a shame. Figures that we get a leaked product that is not meant for our environment lol
  5. Welcome, nice rides!
  6. Rubber Mat Cleaner Questions

    An Aussie exclusive!! Nice pickup, Joel. What kind of mitt is that? Is that like the Red Wash Mitt but in green? I've never seen it in a different colour.
  7. IMG_5115.JPG

    Thanks Aaron!
  8. Bees

    Nothing unusual about them from what I could see, but I didn't want to get too close just in case
  9. Bees

    Yeah I've noticed this before, something about DS definitely attracts bees. I'd probably want to avoid taking out the DS in this spot:
  10. Adamized the Raptor

    Great work as always, Dan. I can't lie though, that middle sticker being higher than the other two is killing me!
  11. Rotor Rust and Cleaning Between Washes

    I read this post a while back and thought it was something I needed to try out as I couldn't stand the crazy dust and the constant cleaning of wheels! Well I took the plunge and had Akebono's put on my A5 and also on my wife's Q5 (although I went EBC's on the front as Akebono doesn't make fronts for the Q5). I used to do RW on my wheels at least twice a week on each car which worked well but was really time consuming, now the dust has been reduced to virtually zero. Basically the cars get dirty before the wheels do. Thanks @AudiOx for the recommendation. The only thing I regret is not doing this earlier.
  12. New interior scrubbing mitt questions

    Really pleased with the Interior Scrubbing Mitt. Took a little time to get used to it, but it worked really well on the beige leather I just worked on, here are some 50/50 shots: I did have to rinse it out a few times but you could really see the dirt it pulled. For maintenance I'll stick to the Utility Towels, but for a full detail these work great and much easier than using the Cockpit Brush imo.