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  1. I imagine that margarine and a vinyl cover don't combine too well! It's an incredible hack and most people have this in their refrigerator already! I am just glad that someone else can verify I am not making this up.
  2. This sounds stupid, I know. Nobody seems to take my advice seriously. I grew up around hundreds of pine trees. I also cut down several dead pine trees. I am very familiar with pine sap/tar. I used to use margarine to remove the sap. Butter doesn't work, so it has to be margarine. I used it on my hands all the time. Over 15 years ago I applied this knowledge to my first car. It worked flawlessly! It isn't a harsh solvent and I didn't need to use a blade. Give it a try. I bet you'll be amazed!
  3. I think you completely misunderstood my previous post. I didn’t try to convince you that you HAD to have an ozone generator in your arsenal. I was merely explaining the benifits and advantages to having one. I use mine for my limited customer base and I find it a cheap and well appreciated freebie. Keep on keeping on.
  4. Is this a similar situation to the rubber mat cleaner? Dealer exclusive only?
  5. I have tried all of those things on my basement. Many different companies and products. I bought my house in January from a couple that had smoked in it for 12 years. We used TSP substitute to scrub and then squeegee the walls. We used killz primer and then painted the freshly cleaned walls and ceilings. We had the carpet professionally cleaned. Nothing would take the smoke smell out of the basement. I bought the Ozone machine and used it for around 10 hours over 2 days. Just like that the smell was gone. I understand that a vehicle doesn't have as much surface area as a house, but the sprays and chemicals take the smell out temporarily (maybe even months), but to truly eliminate the smell for good the Ozone generator is the best to have. I don't detail as a business owner, but just by word of mouth and when I have the time. It's a free service I throw in, and everyone comments on how fresh the car smells. MY opinion is this; if you can remove odors permanently by using a machine (no maintenance and only the cost of electricity) versus buying chemicals to aid in removal, why wouldn't' you? There is no overhead or re-occurring expenses and thoroughly decontaminates with 0 effort on your part. Simply plug in and walk away. Just my $.02.
  6. This is where the ozone generator is needed. I have used it in vehicles, basements, bathrooms. There isn't really a place you can't use it. The important thing to remember about ozone is that you must follow the 3 P's (people, pets, and plants). There are just some smells that can't be removed without the use of an ozone machine. A major source is in the air ducts (besides the direct contact zone such as a headliner). The ozone doesn't just cover up smells, it literally disinfects them. It kills mold, mildew, and whatever else the type of funk is. They aren't that expensive. I bought an $80 unit on e-bay and have used it everywhere!
  7. I didn't realize that it has been that long already. At this rate, it won't be released until their Black Friday sale. I need it now! lol
  8. Can anyone from Adam's chime in on this? We were teased with it a few months ago. Can we know a roundabout date for release?
  9. I was never offered that protection. They quoted me over 6 weeks for delivery time anyway, so I didn't want to do anything that would delay it further! I am a perfectionist when it comes to things like this and it would've driven me crazy to see spots because they didn't apply correctly.
  10. Another vote for 303. I'm starting to see a small trend going on here!
  11. Thank you Ian. I had forgotten about 303. I've got a lot of surface area to cover, so the other brands are just too expensive to use to cover an entire sectional. I'll have to check out the 303.
  12. I have a question for my Adam's family (no pun intended). I am getting a brand new couch delivered sometime in the middle of October. I want to protect the fabric from new. I have sent a few e-mails to Adam's, but I can't get any information. My question is (if Adam's Fabric Protector isn't out by middle of October) there another brand that you prefer? I am not sure if this question is even allowed here though. It is a product that we know will be released, but I don't have the option to buy it now, so I am hoping that we can discuss other brands. Please let me know other products that work very well. I am not a huge fan of scotchgard. Let me hear your opinions.
  13. I've always been told that the best cleaner for Matte Black paint on a bike is Windex. It cleans, but obviously no protection at all. I would research the coating for Matte paint as Shane mentioned.
  14. I think your expectations on time are a little off. A have done a Chevy 2500 4 door with a standard bed. I only did a simple wash, wheel cleaning, wax (no polishing whatsoever), and an interior detail. It took me over 8 hours to do just that. With all of your added steps, this is easily a 12-15 hour job. Good Luck!
  15. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I will have to try this on my outdoor patio furniture! Don't stop now, please keep more ideas coming!
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