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  1. tmevilsizor

    How do I remmove Ceramic Wax?

    So are you saying that the CPW doesn't bond to the paint nor seals it?
  2. tmevilsizor

    How do I remmove Ceramic Wax?

    I'm a little confused. I thought that the longest lasting protection should be applied first. If I remember correctly, the CPW should last longer than the LPS. Am I incorrect or is this counter-productive?
  3. tmevilsizor

    Under-Hood Insulator Cleaning

    Yes!! I saw the teaser! I'm not sure how well the FP would stick though if I used a foaming tire cleaner/shine as a base layer.
  4. tmevilsizor

    Under-Hood Insulator Cleaning

    Do you apply directly onto the insulator or do you spray the foam into a microfiber and rub in? Any foaming tire cleaner should work? Foaming Tire Cleaner or Foaming Tire Shine?
  5. I am having an issue with *gently* cleaning the Under-Hood Insulator (attached to bottom side of hood). I have tried a few different spray on solutions, but to no avail. I know how easy it is to ruin this area, so I want to avoid using any scrubbing or agitation. I'm assuming that it is still road salt from the winter that is causing the white staining. I have heard stories of guys removing the liner and painting it black with high-temp spray paint. I DON'T want to do this. I performed an engine cleaning and it looks amazing except for the under-hood insulator fabric. Are there any tricks of the trade you guys/gals have come up with to remove this residue WITHOUT any scrubbing? FYI. I've tried the carpet and upholstery cleaner and APC at different times but no effect.
  6. tmevilsizor

    Foam Gun VS Foam Cannon

    Thank you Nick. I'm glad I could help someone. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. I have bought MANY products and can help guide you if needed. SHINE ON!
  7. tmevilsizor

    Foam Gun VS Foam Cannon

    Hey Jeremy, I have both and honestly I'm surprised at how much I reach for the foam gun. I bought the premium foam gun and foam cannon around the same time. The foam cannon is a much better performing tool in regards to the amount of foam and the thickness of foam that it provides. The premium foam gun still puts out enough foam/suds to properly lubricate the vehicle before touching with my wash mitt. Those facts being said, I always plan on getting the pressure washer out and hooking up the foam cannon. That plan doesn't happen most of the time. I tend to reach for the foam gun a vast majority of the time I wash. It's just quicker and easier to use. Both are great products, but if you're anything like me, you will find yourself reaching for the foam gun more often. Plus, when your vehicle is detailed with Adam's Polishes products, the foam cannon tends to be overkill to use for a weekly wash.
  8. tmevilsizor


    Welcome! It always makes everything easier if the Wife/Significant Other is on-board. Although I find it pretty easy to justify when she comes home with a Michael Kors bag and tells me that it was "on sale". I can simply remind her that I bought my Adam's products "on sale". Again, Welcome to the Adam's Addiction Network!
  9. tmevilsizor

    Do we have a spray wax?

    I have the problem of getting the NEW sealant off the paint. It's been discussed over on another thread. However, to address the issue that you stated, Adam himself suggests using the Ceramic Boost to assist in the removal.
  10. tmevilsizor

    NEW Paint Sealant Issues

    I did contact Customer Service. Bianca asked Adam directly. He recommended only leaving on for a panel and then wipe away. Adam also recommended using the Ceramic Boost to help remove (instead of detail spray). After using Adam's method of very short dwell time and the Ceramic Boost, I must say that it is MUCH easier to remove. Even though I never had this issue with the OLD sealant, I do like the protection that it adds over H2O G&G. My personal car is Ceramic Coated so it doesn't effect me, but I have been using the sealant on family members vehicles. The protection is worth the slight hassle I guess.
  11. tmevilsizor

    NEW Paint Sealant Issues

    So I guess that you can't really compare...
  12. tmevilsizor

    H20 Gloss/ Shine

    I also agree. Don't DO the DEW! On a serious note... There are so many particulates in the air that also reside in the DEW. You run the very high risk of damaging your paint while attempting. Just not worth the paint risk.
  13. tmevilsizor

    Flex 3401 - pads for it?

    I bought the smaller backing plate for my FLEX 3401. They made a smaller BP that works great with 5.5" pads. Unfortunately Adam's doesn't sell this smaller BP. You can find them online at multiple sources. Just a suggestion.
  14. tmevilsizor

    NEW Paint Sealant Issues

    I did already state earlier that I tried using the detail spray and it didn't help at all. I have used this in the past for another brands products and made removal easier. The detail spray didn't make it any easier to remove the Sealant from the paint. I applied very thin (Same application format as the OLD). The advantage of AP Sealant is that it is quick to apply and to remove. No machine is required for application (wasn't for the OLD formula either. I must state again, I AM NOT using too much product. The thinner the layer the better, but it is still not coming off easy.
  15. tmevilsizor

    NEW Paint Sealant Issues

    I understand and I agree. When I used the OLD sealant I applied very thin and came off very easy. I have applied the NEW using the same philosophy "Less is More" but it still comes off difficult. I have used both versions. I have applied using same methods. I have detailed MANY vehicles. My NEW sealant ISN'T the same as the OLD. Comparing apples to apples on application methods, the NEW is just so much harder to remove.