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  1. Thanks for the pic. I'm playing around with a microfiber version. Just not sure if it'll be sturdy enough to have pockets that would hold/support 16oz bottles.
  2. Sounds like an awesome deal. Do you have a pic of the apron?
  3. I "might" use a combination of Great White and Waterless Wash because they're not too bulky. Not sure yet.
  4. See what you guys did?!?! I've spent the last hour hunting for an embroidered Adam's logo patch to put on the custom, microfiber detailing apron I'm going to make this weekend.
  5. Hmmmm... I'm a woman... with a sewing machine and a ton of Adam's microfiber. You guys are giving me ideas! BTW, I'm not offended in the least, however, if you ask a man or woman to sew something for you, be prepared to offer something in return!
  6. I know it's a stretch but the Trunk Organizer (when filled) is a bit on the heavy side for me. Aside from unboxing and testing it out when filled, it's brand new, never used. I'm hoping to trade it and all the chemicals in the pic for a new-ish Detailing Seat (I know, but a detailing girl can dream) or an unused Patriot Wax.
  7. I saw someone post some awesome illustrations of their car (on Facebook) over the New Year holiday, and found out that the graphic artist will do them for a super reasonable fee... so of course I had to get one (actually more than one) of my 1965 Rangoon-Red Babied-with-Adams-products Mustang. He finished and sent them today. I'm posting the original pic he used to and lo-resolution versions of the final images because they show his Facebook profile (hope that's not a no-no here), so you can see his other work, and maybe get him to do one for you!
  8. Ah, thanks,. Yes... it does separate after a short period of time. . I wondered because the one on the website is very purple in color, this is more of a muted red.
  9. I received a bottle of Pumpkin Spice H2O G&G (see pic) in a recent mystery box. Does anyone know if it's the new or the old formula?
  10. Kraterer

    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Don't disassemble your instrument cluster to repair the heater controls, then reassemble with your Adams flashlight still inside.
  11. Kraterer

    items for sale

    Thanks, I thought as much... but also thought it was worth asking. Good luck!
  12. Kraterer

    items for sale

    I'd go for one of the wheel woolies with the red shaft, black grip. How much to ship to 93901?
  13. Good point... maybe I'll try it with straight water first time around.
  14. It beats the heck out of spending almost as much time rinsing pads by hand as it takes to polish the car! BTW... I've instructions for a DIY version of the pad washer if you're interested. The materials include a standard 5-gallon bucket, 3 sizes of PVC pipe, PVC connectors and compression springs found at any hardware store. I'd recommend buying the splash guard from the Grit Guard replacement parts web page. Making that part looked like more trouble than it's worth.