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  1. Yup... missing the Add to Wishlist option. Hope it returns soon!
  2. Also found the Forums link at the very bottom of the page on the website (via computer, not phone). Oddly though, selecting the link redirects us to the Forum within the same tab, instead of launching a new one.
  3. Got the email invite a little after my posting above and placed my order. in time to get the 25% discount Still miss the Wishlist, and the link to the Forum from the Shopping site.
  4. Great job! I like the new site a lot... wishing I could log in to place an order before the "...25% off Discount valid for the first 1,000 orders..." goes away but... that "reset your password" email hasn't arrived yet... so here I sit. Also, I don't see the "Add to Wishlist" option on the new site. Maybe it'll be there when logged in to my account. Hope so, love that feature for keeping track of what should be included in future orders.
  5. Michael, I have an Adam's 6.5 inch Grey pad that I probably won't use. The package is open but it's never been used. I'd trade for the 5.5 inch gray or?? Let me know and I'll post it in the Garage Sale forum (as I assume it's against the rules to discuss here).
  6. Thanks so much Dan. I had a feeling... and now there's a bottle of Surface Prep in my cart, along with a few other things. 😋
  7. Someone on another post suggested that I could make a waterless wax stripper by "using 50% APC and 50% Waterless Wash (mixed from Rinseless Wash with distilled water or RTU) to make sure you have some lubrication." (Not sure what RTU is). I only ask because I missed the sealant step between polishing and waxing (followed by DS, Brilliant Glaze then Spray Wax over the course of a month or so of car shows, etc.). I'd like to strip everything, apply the paint sealant, then hit it again with Patriot Wax. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  8. RTU? Is that an acronym for Ready to Use? Or an Adam's product?
  9. Do you know... If I dilute Rinseless Wash to make Waterless Wash, then add some APC and put it in a spray bottle... would that be a waterless wax stripper? I'm probably pulling the trigger on a 15mm SK today.
  10. Thanks for the info. I see a 15mm in my future. 😜
  11. Thanks! I have a ton of APC (gallons), haven't got any Surface Prep (yet).
  12. In need of some advice and/or clarification. I have a Shurhold 8mm DA (Marine) Polisher that uses 5.5-inch pads, and recently picked up a Swirlkiller 12mm Mini. Aside from the obvious (Adam's vs any other brand)... What would be my argument to replace the Shurhold with a SK 15mm? Also, does anyone know if there's such a thing as waterless strip wash? I love the Waterless and Rinseless Wash products and was hoping to find something that would strip wax and detail spray buildup on my vintage ride.
  13. Does anyone have experience with Kirkland Free & Clear laundry detergent from Costco? I've been using All Free & Clear... almost out... wondering what everyone else uses.
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