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  1. Dang, guys! I think I'd be tempted to get a carrier or crate for the dog before dealing with that. Thanks for reminding me I don't want pets! (I'm too dang old anyhow!) But Chris, GREAT JOB!
  2. Welcome to the forum Andre!
  3. They did. But it wasn't the same and didn't last long. I like the vent sticks better than having something hanging in my cars.
  4. My favorite scent of all time was the original Leather Conditioner. It smelled like brand new car leather. Every time I'd open the door it smelled like a new car.
  5. My 43 year old son has never even SAT in my Vette, let alone drive it or even gone for a ride. Just my wife, and my granddaughter got a ride in it once.
  6. Welcome to the forum LQ!
  7. You might find some on Ebay. But buying and selling any Adam's chemical products on this forum will get you banned.
  8. It's perfectly fine on any painted surface. Metallic or not doesn't come into play. Don't apply it to plain plastic (non painted) though. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Love that Ceramic Matrix Gray. You should see one with the bright blue interior! Great job buddy!
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