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  1. I like to use the lug nut brush on my vents inside the car. Does a good job . Works great around the shift boot and all the little places inside the rides. Of course that doesn't go on a vacuum, but I don't do much vacuuming. There's just me and the wife. The Adam's Barrel Vac works pretty good for my needs.
  2. Be sure you have good lighting too. Good lighting will really help you find any blemishes or small scratches that you don't normally see. If you see them.......then I'd polish before adding anything else.
  3. Couple of proofing errors in the ads. But Pendleton is a fantastic brand!! Upscale!
  4. Looks fantastic Jack! I won't see my Vette till March or April. But boy, you made that red POP!! Great job!
  5. Let me guess what everyone did today! Sometimes I hate that my wife is such a good cook, because I'm so damn full right now that I'm miserable. Just me and her this year, kids both stayed home, one is in Maryland, the other just lives a few blocks away and he came and picked up his dinner. Taking precautions so that hopefully we'll all be together next year. Still have pie to look forward to tonight and hot turkey sandwiches for dinner tomorrow night. Tradition. I hope you all had a good turkey day, or whatever you ate (my brother had ham). Watch some football tonig
  6. I always use the Surface Prep before I apply any of the coatings. Alcohol will work just fine if you don't have any. But like Falcaineer said.........the surface has to be totally free of any oils, wax, sprays, etc. for the coating to stick and give you the best results.
  7. Here's a link to another apron thread. Shows the black one if your scroll through.
  8. I'm pretty sure there was a microfiber apron available YEARS ago. If it would have been a top seller, it would probably still be offered. They may come out with another one someday, but I really don't expect to see one again. But then again........I don't know what their plans are.
  9. Yep. I think that's the way Adam's gets them from the manufacturer as far as the packaging goes. I seem to remember the box on mine was a little damaged as well.
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