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  1. Welcome to the forum Danny.
  2. How come it says you joined 2008? Sheister. Glad to see you back buddy.
  3. We've been having snow, then ice, today 8", and now it's freezing rain. Can't even get a decent day to wash anything. I was car shopping over the weekend and was considering a black XTS. Till I saw another black car pull in the lot looking like crap. Black is just too much work. I'm going to keep looking.
  4. That sucks. What did you do?
  5. Hey Rich.....Nice to see you are still in the forum. You still got the nice Vette?



    1. Rich


      Depends on which Vette you mean.  I sold the Z06, now I have a 13 427.  But I guess it's nice.  :lolsmack:

  6. Welcome to the forum. I personally always clay any new vehicle. There are always contaminants from storage, shipping, etc. The dealerships wash and prep them, but they don't clay them and do a proper detail. BUT with what you have on your ride, I wouldn't take the chance of voiding that warranty. Nothing is going to hurt the clear bra. I treat mine just like I do the rest of my vehicle. Just be careful of the edges. Best advice is to follow your manufacturer instructions. Very nice looking ride.
  7. I probably would have bought a while ago, but then they said the Blazer was coming back and I decided to wait. Had a Blazer before and liked it. But neither the wife nor I like the looks of the new one. And they're so overpriced. We've pretty much decided we're sticking with the Cadillacs. Found one to go look at tomorrow if it ever stops icing and snowing here. Found a beautiful XT5 today, certified used with low miles, but it's FWD. I need the AWD. Eventually the right car will come along.
  8. Nice truck JD! Welcome to the forum!
  9. Welcome Victor. You score points for most original first post.
  10. Rich

    Food Thread

    Nobody's even going to mention that set up?? Holy crap! And do I see a pool and a popcorn machine too? Livin the good life!! Very nice.
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