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  1. I've never clayed my stripes. But the Buttery Wax, or any of the waxes are okay to use. I use Revive Polish on mine by hand, followed up with wax. I use Patriot, but have used Buttery in the past with great results.
  2. Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the forum Tyler! Very nice rides!!
  3. Nice ride. Post up some pics when she's all detailed. As for wax or sealant........it's a matter of personal preference for me.
  4. Grabiaks? Best guys around. They're having a detail clinic May 20 from 9 to whenever with Chris, Dan, and Briana from Adam's there to demonstrate. I'm in Johnstown. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Leather seats

    There is no need to use the cleaner unless your leather is really dirty. The Leather Conditioner has cleaning properties in it, plus an SPF factor to protect from the sun. If you're using cleaner every time, you're drying out your seats. I use it maybe twice a year at most. When you use your conditioner, put it on pretty generously next time or even use your bare hand to work it in. Then wipe off the excess. If you see streaking, that means your leather is dryer in some spots and you need to reapply till it's all even. Both are excellent products, but take it easy on the cleaner, or dilute it if you feel you have to use it regularly.
  6. For Trade

    Just be sure to only TRADE the chemicals. That's quite a stash!
  7. What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    FINALLY got the daily driver done today. What a mess. One day of driving on wet roads covered with old salt and cinders will screw it all up again, but it just had to be cleaned. It was more black than white. I think my wife felt like this again:
  8. Easter detail spray??

    Getting carried away now. Rotten egg smell maybe?
  9. Colorado member

    Welcome to the forum!
  10. Rims discolored

    Not knowing what coating was already on the rims is a factor. And not knowing if Audi specifically tells you or not if certain products don't play well with their wheels is another. If it's a brand new car , then that should be covered by warranty still. But if it is a used car, could be that there were issues from the previous owner, and either he or the dealership might have covered them up.
  11. Does Adam still post here?

    That's a pretty good sandwich there! Nice picture Lenore. Did you take some of your goodies with you?
  12. What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Love that blue Camaro! As for me, it's too darn cold to do anything, and my white daily driver looks like it's black. No point trying to clean it. They're calling for a snow storm starting Tuesday. Sure hope it's the last one this year. I feel sorry for you guys who live farther north than PA. and along the coast.
  13. I've had that happen as well. Just use a little less. No harm done.
  14. Interior upkeep

    Not sure what you read about the Leather Conditioner. It's the only thing I use and have for as long as it's been out. Love it. I've traded cars in and the seats and dash were still showroom new even after 5 or more years. No build up, plus it keeps the leathers and vinyls soft and protected from fading from the sun. You sure you didn't get it confused with the Leather Cleaner? That stuff can be pretty strong and you should always condition after you use the cleaner.