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  1. Rich

    Anyone else from Indiana?

    Welcome Brandon!
  2. Right now, I've had the Ceramic Wax on my daily driver for about 4 months and it's still going strong. Much more impressed with it than the Patriot which had been my favorite before the Ceramic Wax came out. Excellent product.
  3. Rich

    New guy from Texas

    Welcome to the forum Brandon. That's a sharp truck!
  4. Rich

    What did you do today?

    Busy weekend! Friday night went to one of the largest cruise ins in the area. Over 300 cars, burnouts, and tractor pulls, plus a carnival and a free t shirt. Spent Saturday washing my Vette for the church festival cruise in today. It's one of the best ones of the year and one we look forward to . Been to every one since it started. Well, about 7 this morning we woke up to thunder and lightening and pouring rain which stopped about an hour and a half later. Roads dried quickly and we headed out. Didn't rain the rest of the day until after we were home, but man was it hot. Good thing is that they have FREE BEER, as much as you want, and another t shirt. So I took advantage of that (within moderation). This is what summer is for. Good times with good friends and good cars. As my one buddy always says "life is good".
  5. Rich


    Welcome to the forum Wayne!
  6. Rich

    Blue rolly Stool

    I believe that was offered as a Fourth of July promo. It may show up in the future. When you get to 50 posts, check out the Garage Sale Forum. Someone may have one there .
  7. You don't need any more cleaning products on your stuff. You've cleaned it to death. Now you have to repair the damage that's been done. And you'll want to keep it well treated from now on.
  8. You don't want to apply any more cleaning agents. STOP. One thing you need to do NOW is to apply the Leather Conditioner. What you did basically is remove the residue and dirt from the damage that was done by the alcohol. Your fabrics are dried out now. You need to put the moisture back into everything. If you have streaking when you apply it, that simply means that some areas are dryer than others and absorbing product faster than others. So keep applying (maybe even 4 or 5 times) until you get uniformity. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Rich

    New Detailing Light

    So I picked up two of the new detailing lights for my Swirl Killers and used them for the first time today. Made a huge difference in what I actually saw and what I thought I was seeing. NOW I can see everything. Every swirl, every dirt spot, anything I missed, etc. Great products. I found for me, they work best up a little higher than they suggest, but that could be because of the size of my hands. The one on the Mini really helped when I was doing the wheels. I could see into every corner so I didn't miss a spot. Only bad thing was, I found my Cadillac's first and ONLY ding in the side. I know where it happened, I just didn't know it happened until today. Yeah, the car is 6 years old, so only having it's first ding is a pretty good run. The daily driver looks pretty darn good. I really recommend these lights.
  10. Rich

    Bigboii_em2 introduction

    Welcome to the forum Edgar. Thought maybe you were Paisano!
  11. I use APC in one, Tire and Rubber Cleaner in another one right now. Oh, and Iron Remover in another one. You can use Wheel Cleaner, Detail Spray, just about anything in them.
  12. Rich

    Hello from Lafayette, LA

    Welcome to the forum Chris!
  13. Best and easiest company I have ever dealt with.
  14. Rich

    Hello from just down the street Greeley, CO

    Welcome to the forum! Get some Brilliant Glaze and some H20 Guard n Gloss. Both work great on white to make it shine! I KNOW!!