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  1. At 73, I rather doubt I'll make it, but you never know. Life never lets you know in advance where you're headed. But I always wanted to take a cross country trip, just never had the funds. But if I do, I'll be glad to have a beer or three with you Mike!
  2. That was a lot of hard work, but looks 100% better. As for your "buddy", that was Dasher. He was spying on you for Santa to see if you were being naughty or nice. I'm pretty sure you'll be getting a nice gift from Santa this year. Thanks for the great write ups Juan!
  3. Looks like quite a setup. I'd like to get out there some day. Thanks again Adam and company for supporting Toys for Tots.
  4. You guys who are getting things delivered by FedEx broken or open are making me nervous. My wife has a tv ordered for the grandkids for their Switch, and it's supposed to come on Tuesday. HOPEFULLY it arrives in one piece and actually works.
  5. When it comes to eye glasses with coatings, I wouldn't use anything other than what the optometrist recommends. They're too expensive to screw up.
  6. Very nice idea. I donate locally because I live in a VERY depressed town with lots of kids in need. But every toy, every penny, helps. Give generously gang.
  7. Curious to see what the results are myself. I've never used anything other than Detail Spray on my Weather Techs.
  8. Nothing wrong with the power cone at all. Works well. I've used it on other cars. I would start with the One Step. It's a good all around polish and removes light to moderate scratches. Once you get them where you're happy, consider putting the Ceramic Wheel Coating on them to keep them looking great and easy to keep up.
  9. Welcome to the forum Andrew! Check out all the forums and videos. And once you have 50 good posts, you can trade some of the stuff from your mystery boxes that you can't use. You can't sell any Adam's chemical products, but you can trade. Glad to have you. Nice ride!
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