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  1. Looks like mine. Never had an issue.
  2. The boost should bring it back. Let us know.
  3. Rich


    Happy birthday my friend. Hope you got to enjoy it relaxing with your beautiful family. Here's to 100 more. Rich
  4. Just Finishing Polish with a white pad. It's brand new, didn't need heavy correcting, and black besides, and turned out great.
  5. That'll work. I have a new Equinox (4 months) and I did the Ceramic Spray Coating on it. Did the full steps including polishing and was really happy with the results.
  6. You mean you don't miss this? Yeah, that 's my street (we had a blizzard) and my back yard.
  7. Not sure what Adam steered you to on your interior Corvette glass, but Brilliant Glaze works GREAT on that crap fog we all get.
  8. Exactly. It's not a spray so you don't have to deal with overspray or drips. One thing you might have to deal with (I know I do) is that I always go the whole way to the very edges of my glass inside,and I inevitably transfer some of the BG from the rag to the dash or the rubber along side the windows. Not a lot, but it happens. So after I get my windows clean, I usually go over my dash and remove any streaks of BG I got on the black. I don't think BG would heart the leather or rubbers though. It's just personal choice.
  9. Can't answer that one. So many of us are having the same issue that there's most likely not an answer yet.
  10. Man, I hate to see it getting cold again. Seems like we just got warm! And dry! Going down to 36* here tonight, but no snow in the forecast. Your car looks fantastic!! Great job.
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