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  1. And it DIDN'T !! But I'm still glad I didn't wash the car. The field was MUD! It was a great event. Really enjoyed the band. Didn't win anything this year, but there were some good prizes and that was nice of people to donate them. Looking forward to next year.
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    Welcome to the forum Patrick!
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    Welcome to the forum Jordan!
  4. When I first started using Adam's I did everything by hand and over the years, Adam talked me into the Porter Cable and I tried it, and tried it, and tried it again and again. I got good results for the car, but not the body. So I went back to the Revive and other hand products, and just dealt with the minor flaws in the paint that hand polishing can't correct. Then when the Swirl Killers came out, again Adam talked me into them, and I bought the duo. Well, I'm a convert now. A lot easier to use and a lot easier on my body. Excellent results and you would ahve a hard time finding flaws on my paint now. So my advice to you is to skip the PC, and if you don't have the cash now, save up and then get the Swirl Killers when you can You won't be disappointed.
  5. What the heck do you guys do with it if you're not using it??? Just looking at the pretty colors and labels? I have visions of you all just sitting in front of them, with your chins on your fists staring at them going "OOOOOOOOOHHH!" "AAAAAAAAAAHH"
  6. Rich

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    Welcome. Been retired for 16 years and there's nothing better. I did the same thing you did and bought the car I always wanted too to celebrate. Enjoy the ride! And welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome! Since you're in Colorado you can run right down to headquarters and pick up everything you need. Sounds like a good road trip to me.
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    Welcome to the forum Ray. Like so many others have learned, the difference is obvious.
  9. I just use my old house vac with the hose. Works fine.
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    Welcome to the forum Colin!
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    Welcome to the forum Joey!
  12. I don't use my MB on anything other than the exterior of my rides. I don't want anything like a small stone flying up and out and chipping paint, or hitting the glass, etc. So yes, I vacuum the interior and use the MB on the outside. It's perfect for blowing off dust, and especially water after it's washed.
  13. My wife asked Lance which show was the "biggest" and he said Ford. And in the style of most men..................theirs is always the biggest.
  14. Go back and reread my post. Not hating on it at all. It could turn out to be a big win for Adam's. Just not for me. I like fun. Heck, I wish they'd bring back "hoochy cooch" shows! Now THAT'S fun!!
  15. Hope that didn't etch into your paint! Hate to have to look at that forever. If it did...........NEW HOOD!