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  1. Best way to get dirt from vents

    After I saw that on another site, someone posted that raw fish works too.
  2. So did everyone survive? Everyone still standing? Merry Christmas to everyone at Adam's. Here's to another banner year for the company.
  3. Blue oval is welcome to my Bowtie coral...

    It's not too shabby. I had a sexy black 02 Z06 before this one. I'm a motor freak, When the 427 came out AND a vert.........didn't have to ask me twice.
  4. Adam's new LINT PICKER UPPER! Here's one even I never thought of.
  5. Wrapping Paper

    There's a thought. Would be kind of cool. Only thing is, I get all my Adam's stuff myself and don't give it to anyone. And my wife doesn't buy it for me, so she's not going to give me an Adam's gift. But for those who do gift Adam's that would be a good idea. Might be super pricey though to have paper specially printed.
  6. Interior Help

    Then use the Leather Conditioner. It will keep your dash clean and safe from drying out and protect it from the sun. I do mine as often as needed. Won't hurt a thing. And use it on your leather seats as well, and everything else. Especially the rear seat headrests that get lots of sun. Oh, and if you get streaking, don't worry. It just means that some spots were dryer than others and it sucked up the conditioner faster. Just reapply until you get a streak free dash. You don't have to worry about build up.
  7. All Adam's products come with a 110% guarantee. Just give them a call.
  8. Hi everyone!! From TN

    Welcome to the forum Mickey! I'm a veteran myself. Thank you for your service sir.
  9. New ride not new member

    Very nice! Welcome back.
  10. Interior Help

    I have a 12 CTS. The dash is more faux leather than real. I've never used anything other than Leather Conditioner on it. Still looks brand new. I don't use the Leather Cleaner because it's never been dirty enough The Leather Conditioner has cleaning properties in it, but it's not nearly as strong as the cleaner. Plus it has a high SPF factor for sun protection. It's really the only product I use on the Caddy and the Vettes . I've never had any issues with drying or fading in any of the cars. I use it on the dash, console, steering wheel, doors, and seats. Good stuff.
  11. Blue oval is welcome to my Bowtie coral...

    Here's mine. Hard to believe I've had it 5 years now.
  12. Mold smell

    Baking Soda should help to absorb it, and it vacuums up easy. Just use Arm n Hammer or a brand name, not the cheap dollar store junk. Spread it over any place that was wet and let it there a couple of days. Then vacuum it up. Your problem is mold comes from dampness, and until the area is completely dry, you'll have that smell. Sprays, etc. just add more moisture. You can even try baby powder but try the baking soda first. And don't let it get wet or damp again.
  13. What did you do today?

    That scene, and the catapulted cow. And the rabbit. Funny ****. You and all you silly Knnnnigggots! I fart in your general direction. LOL Seen it too many times.
  14. Holiday Detail Spray!

    Got the Cinnamon spray today. Man, that stuff smells awesome! It's not a hit you in the face cinnamon smell, it's like a cinnamon cookie smell. Dang, another edible detail spray!!