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  1. Don't bet on it!! 17 years and I still can't train mine!
  2. You sure you're using s E zzle and not sIzzle like you're typing? There has to be some reason why you're being declined.
  3. I wouldn't. Use the ceramic boost instead.
  4. I'm not brave enough to use the traditional ceramic, so I opted with the spray and been very happy with it. It's not going to last as long as the traditional, and for me that's fine. My daily is black and it looks wet and deep. And it's a LOT easier to use. But it's up to you how much effort you want to put into it. Start with the spray, and when the time comes down the road that you need to do it again and feel like you're ready to do it, then switch to the full ceramic coat. Right now during the winter, I'm maintaining it with Ceramic Boost till it gets warm enough to really get at it again. But anyhow, this is what it looked like the day I did the CSC.
  5. Chris, I still think that car should be added to YOUR garage. You have room!
  6. Every wax that Adam's makes is an excellent product. But here's my rankings from where to start to where you want to end up (don't want to say worst to best because there is no worst) Buttery Wax Spray Wax Americana Patriot Ceramic Keep in mind, this is just my opinion and I've tried them all. When they came out with Patriot, it was a world of difference between that and Americana in ease of use and appearance and protection. And I didn't think they could improve on the Patriot. But the Ceramic Wax, for me, is a bump up . A bit easier to apply and remove, a noticeable difference in appearance, and a HUGE difference in how long it lasts. So in my opinion, try the Ceramic. If you don't like it, there's always the guarantee, or you can just switch back to the Americana.
  7. Favorite one for us are the vanilla vent sticks.
  8. My wife had a bad allergic reaction to it, so that was out for us. I'll use it in the basement till it's gone. The pumpkin spice one was good. And we both like the candle.
  9. I don't think something quite like that would work with longer brushes, etc. But I see what you're saying and you're on the right track here and it's a great idea. I could see something more like this that can be hung on a wall, side of a cabinet, or detail cart. Might work better. Good idea Dale!
  10. On Facebook? There definitely should be a link to the forum at the top of the FB page. Or even the cover picture could be "Adamsforums.com". But I'm not familiar enough with FB to know if that's even allowed.
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