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  1. Welcome to the forum Brian! That's a great looking Jeep!
  2. Looking forward to mine arriving tomorrow. Funny thing is, I've been finding bottles of sanitizer all over the house, in the garage, and today I found a big bottle of gel sanitizer in my Adam's bag that I keep in the car. Used to be a handout at car shows and cruise ins. So I had accumulated a bunch, and never used them. Glad to have them now.
  3. Rich


    Welcome to the forum Michael!
  4. Welcome to the forum Erick!
  5. Welcome from the other side of the state Brian! Stay well!
  6. Welcome to the forum Tera!
  7. Get one of these and she'll never see you.
  8. Nice looking Jeep Roger!!! You're in some good company there!
  9. Rich

    17,000 Posts!

    Yep. It's been a long long time. And thanks to all of you for making my role easy!!
  10. It's all in the prep! You can't put any wax or ceramic on any paint, especially black, if you still have swirls, small scratches, etc. and haven't corrected it first.
  11. Welcome to the forum Stephen. I have a 19 Nox too, but black. I used the Ceramic Spray Coating on it (did the full detail) and it has held up 8 months now.
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