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  1. Rich

    New truck

    Nice truck. I've been looking at getting one that I can add a plow to. Congrats on the new ride.
  2. The Guard n Gloss works great and in the winter it's what I use. Never tried the Spray Wax.
  3. Rich

    The two word game.

    something wicked
  4. Rich

    Ceramic Paste Wax

    I've been a fan of the CPW since it came out. Lasted 6 months!! Unfortunately, It got cold fast here and we've already had our first snow where I've had to use the snowblower. Isn't going to warm up any time soon either. So the Cadillac may just go without a pre winter wax job this year. We went straight from a rainy summer to winter. Nothing in between. But I put the CPW on the Caddy in April and it lasted that long. I can notice that it really needs done again now, but it lasted a long time.
  5. Rich

    The two word game.

    Well fed
  6. Rich

    Issue with tire shine

    I use the VRT on the tires. But the Tire Armor sounds interesting. Going to order some and give it a try.
  7. Rich

    The two word game.

    bottle baby
  8. Rich

    The two word game.

    Strikes out
  9. Rich

    Thankful...and Thanksgiving

    We've had a pretty good year. I'm 72 now and I'm thankful that I am still in good health, still able to get onto the roof of the house without killing myself. Thankful that the wife and I are still together and content after 46 years of marriage. Thankful for my children and two grandchildren who are growing up too quickly. Thankful that we get to still be in their lives when so many other people don't get that chance. Thankful for my many friends who still like me enough to invite me to go places. Thankful for every blessing every day, and some days they are many. Thankful that I get to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all get to enjoy a good meal with family and friends, a day off from work and a chance to relax. Enjoy your holiday gang.
  10. Rich

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum Kevin!
  11. Rich

    The two word game.

    House bound
  12. Rich

    Newbie reporting in

    Welcome to the forum Scooter!
  13. welcome to the forum Josh!
  14. Rich

    The two word game.

    Sink hole