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  1. Simple. Order when you START to get low on something and don't wait till you're almost out. I've never minded waiting for the snail mail to deliver, because I've never run that short on any of my usual go to products. If the heavier things are shipped Fed Ex, they're usually here within 3 or 4 days. The lighter stuff that gets shipped USPS Smart Post can take 2 weeks. I plan accordingly.
  2. I've had leather seats forever and been using the Adam's LC on every one of them with ZERO issues. Seats are both heated and ventilated. Wouldn't worry at all. Beautiful ride by the way.
  3. We actually got three , THREE!!!!, whole days without rain here!!! Yesterday, the wife and I made the trip to Carlisle Pa for the Chevy Nationals (GM) show. Gorgeous drive with the sun just coming up over the mountains and through some of the prettiest Amish farm country you'll find on earth. Nice show, not 1/4 as large as Vettes or Chrysler, but had some nice displays. Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst, was there signing autographs along with about a dozen Hurst cars from the 60's and a new Hurst Camaro. Then they had a group from Ohio do a Bandit jump with an old Trans Am painted up to look like the bandit car, and he flew off a ramp, went 35 feet in the air, and came down onto the road nose first (he was supposed to land on the tires). Not much left of that car, but the driver was okay. A bit boring though. Came home with a nice 2nd place in my class. Wouldn't have cared if I didn't win anything though. Used to, don't any more. Then a nice 2 1/2 hour drive home. Today was a local diner cruise in with well over 200 cars. Nice place, they give out free t-shirts every month at their cruises, door prizes, and a poker run (I had a 7, Q, K, 10, and a 2) . Didn't win anything, but a lot of great cars, and even better people. Been a busy weekend, and now I have two cars that are going to need detailed again this week.
  4. I'm not a cigar smoker, but my son is big time. Spends big bucks on those things. But he doesn't detail his car at all which drives me nuts.
  5. Interior? Brilliant Glaze for the interior glass. My cars are both leather, new and not dirty, so just leather conditioner for 95% of it. A good brush for the carpets to loosen any tracked in dirt. I do use Interior Detailer for some things occasionally. Exterior.........Ceramic Paste Wax, Ceramic Boost, Tire Armor, Guard n Gloss, and the list goes on and on. I've used just about every product Adam's makes and never had any complaints or issues, just have changed my current uses as time goes on and new favorites come out.
  6. I have a 19 Nox. Black. I've been using the Ceramic Paste Wax and hitting it with the Boost as needed. Looks pretty good to me, but then again it's new paint.
  7. Welcome to the forum Bob! What are you keeping shiny?
  8. NICE! I ran over some yellow in my black Vette years back and it was a b***h to get off. I'll keep your solution in mind in case it happens again.
  9. DANG!! Some guys have all the luck!
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