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  1. Rich

    New ride

    Thanks all. I'm really liking it. Big change from driving the little Caddy. And of course, black is still a pain in the ***. Probably should have bought a different color, but we both got tired of shopping and we couldn't pass up the deal we got.
  2. I'm an old member too............ Glad you're back Bill. Now about the pics you forgot to post of the Vette...............
  3. Beautiful ZR1. I used to use Revive on my black Z06 and it did wonders. Back then, I did it all by hand. No machines. And on black the smallest crap shows up. So seeing what a good job it did on the black Vette really sold me on it. It is recommended for hand use rather than machine, but you can still use the power tools on it. You ever go to the Carlisle show in August?
  4. Have you thought about trying Revive polish? It fills in the minor imperfections. Can't hurt since nothing else seems to be working.
  5. Rich

    Happy Easter

    How old are the kids? My grandkids were in from out of state for two days, now our son is coming for dinner. That's about it for family stuff. But happy Easter to you and your family, and to everyone here who celebrates.
  6. Welcome to the forum Connor!
  7. Rich


    Glad to have you back Kyle!
  8. Welcome to the forum Craig!
  9. Shark gray is an awesome color. Welcome back Bill!
  10. Welcome to the forum Juan!
  11. I need sunglasses! What a great car!
  12. WTG Chris (Falcaineer) !! You're catching up to me!!! My milestone is this is post 16,061!
  13. I would have NO problems using the Adam's Leather Conditioner on any leathers. I use it on my leather furniture (yes it's leather), leather coats, my wife's purses, in addition to both of my car's interiors. After reading up on this Chaparral leather, and how susceptible it is to sun fading, I still think that Adam's would be a good choice because it has a high SPF factor for protection. Best advice is to try it on a non visible spot first to check for fading or discoloration. It may darken your leather if the leather is really dry. And you may find streaking for the same reason. But the streaking would be a result of different areas being dryer than others, and absorbing the product quicker. Just keep reapplying until you get a uniform look.
  14. Maybe someone could make you a label and you could stick it on an empty bottle. Would be cheaper!
  15. Rich


    Welcome to the forum Trevor!
  16. Welcome to the forum Ken!
  17. It's not that old of a truck!! And he doesn't say if he has leather or cloth. If his seats were 20 years old, I'd agree, but they're not. Don't think that the manufacturers have changed that much in 8 years. Of course, it's a Ford, so it probably does need babied a bit more. You know.......so it doesn't fall apart as fast. JUST KIDDING!!
  18. If you have leather or vinyl seats, yes. If your seats are visibly dirty, use the Leather Cleaner first, then follow up with Leather Conditioner to keep them from drying out. If they're not real dirty, just use the Conditioner because it has some cleaning properties in it too, just not as much as the cleaner. But definitely don't use the cleaner unless you can condition them afterwards. If you have cloth seats, use the Adam's Upholstery Cleaner and a good brush.
  19. It's not a rule not to use those dusters, but they're sure frowned upon. They'll scratch your paint faster than you can blink. Shake them all you want, you can't get the fine dust and particles out of them, and then you're just dragging them back over your surfaces. Waterless Wash or Detail Spray. I use Detail Spray for light dust removal.
  20. DANG!! Didn't look that good NEW! NICE JOB!
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