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  1. In answer to your question, if you just washed your car and want to use the Detail Spray as a drying agent, that's great. Your car should be wet already, just spray the DS onto the car and wipe. Your towel will be wet in no time, so no need to dampen it. As for the Griots Spray Wax, I've never used it, but I can't imagine that it will hurt a thing. You may have some streaking from combining two different company's chemicals, but it could also work just fine. Go for it.
  2. Like Falcaineer said, not as much protection, but boy, it's hard to beat the shine and lack of streaks. And yes, you can use it like a WW.
  3. Sleeps good? Did you mean smells good? 🙃
  4. That's a great looking Vette Jack. I did mine as well, and it really makes my white pop! One thing I found though is that I had problems with the Ceramic Boost streaking, switched to the new CS3, and problem solved! Much preferred.
  5. Guess I'm the wrong guy to answer this one! I've never used any of that gym equipment in my life! And it shows!
  6. You can try soaking them in Micro Revitalizer. But that's no surprise. The Ballsy Body Wash did the same thing to washcloths.
  7. This vid is a year old, but still gives the right way to apply the CSC.
  8. Someone asked this question on FB about a week ago. There was a poster/chart several years ago that listed steps and products, but things have been totally changed since then. Anyhow, there may be a possibility that a chart or poster could be coming in the near future. This was the old one.
  9. I think I'd use the All Purpose Cleaner. And skip the VRT. You don't want to lose your grip and that could make them slick.
  10. Give the CS3 a try. Worked a lot better for me than the Boost, zero streaking that I could see.
  11. Nah. It was a prize. They announced it was worth the $1250 from the beginning. Adam's has come a long way since the beginning.
  12. Got to 44* today so the Nox got a bath and a wipe down with the CS3. I'm impressed with this stuff. Great shine, easy to use, and great beading. Good stuff.
  13. Vehicles need to be properly prepared before applying the Ceramic Spray Coat. You'll want to wash, strip, polish, and use the prep before you apply it. Apply the Ceramic Spray with the little gray square applicator. You can maintain it afterwards with the CS3 (kind of like a waterless wash) and just use a microfiber to wipe it off with. But you need to have your vehicle prepared the right way first, before you apply anything.
  14. I was surprised to see a $1250 gift card for Adam's Polishes as a prize on The Price Is Right this morning! Not sure if the fact they were giving away a Corvette Stingray during the show had anything to do with it or not, but it was a nice surprise.
  15. Spray it on, wipe it down, then go over it with a CLEAN DRY towel and see if that helps you.
  16. Rich

    The two word game.

    Colonel Potter on MASH!! Word is still "cookies"
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