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  1. Rich

    Should I RMA

    Just give them a call. They'll make it right.
  2. Rich

    Just saying what's up

    Welcome to the forum Jonah!
  3. Rich

    The two word game.

    Gang land. (not going to say what we're all thinking)
  4. Great idea. If you pull my name.........pull another.
  5. My wife is extremely sensitive to any smells, and it will put her down for days. We can't use things like Swiffer pads, Mr. Clean, anything with Gain scent, scented candles, etc. in our house. Even certain shampoos and soaps. I think all companies should have unscented products available.
  6. Rich

    New from Virginia Beach

    Very nice! Welcome to the forum!
  7. Microfiber would be rather expensive, and while some would pay up for it, the majority wouldn't. I can't see where it would be profitable for Adam's to make and sell a micro apron. The cotton one was nice even if it wasn't the softest.
  8. Rich

    Adam meet Fiona...

    Fiona. I was expecting a green car. Very nice ride.
  9. Rich

    Adam's Forums Post Milestone & /Anniversary Thread

    You're catching up to me!! WTG Chris!
  10. Rich

    The two word game.

    Fee waived
  11. Rich

    Starting a "company"

    Without knowing you, it's 50/50 as to whether or not someone would feel comfortable or not. I'm sure family friends would be fine with it. And you have to start somewhere. Do a good job, ask them to spread the word, and I'm sure you'll find some takers. Then there are guys like me who won't let anyone else touch my paint. But don't get discouraged if you're not a millionaire by your 15th birthday. A wise man once said that the longest journey begins with the first step. It takes time. But you could be the next Adam in 20 years!
  12. Rich

    Starting a "company"

    I admire your ambition. Adam himself started even earlier. So he would be a great one to talk shop with . But I wouldn't promise anyone anything more than a wash and dry, maybe a wax if you're good at it and they're willing to pay for it. But I wouldn't attempt paint correction or doing anything with a machine unless your customers sign a waiver releasing you from any damages that could happen. For best results, you always want to do your work in a shaded area. If you don't have a car port or garage to work in, then maybe you can invest in a pop up canopy. Are you going to travel to the jobs, or have customers come to you? All things to consider. And be sure to keep a schedule so you don't have 5 cars or trucks sitting there waiting. Go get em young man!! Best of luck.
  13. Rich

    Need Advice

    Can't see where it would hurt to use the Tire Armor after they're nice and clean and white. Let's face it, both the Bleech White and Comet are pretty harsh.. Give the TRC a try and let me know. Would be nice if something more gentle can get the job done.
  14. Rich

    The "less obsessed" Adam's System

    And the best part is that the original post was three years ago. All of the products have been improved since then! You'll get even better results.
  15. Rich

    Picking A TV

    I've had a 42" LG for almost 8 years now. Might even be longer. Never had any problems at all.
  16. Rich

    Need Advice

    I used to use Westley's Bleech White or Comet on my whitewalls. That was years ago, but it's still around.
  17. Rich

    New guy from Indiana

    Welcome to the forum Todd.
  18. Rich

    Pics from Dr George car show

    Nice cars!! Boy, I'm ready for spring and summer now. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  19. Rich

    Seeking Adams Car Shampoo 32oz

    Is this what we're doing now?
  20. Rich

    Need Advice

    Start with some Revive hand polish and go from there. That's a real treasure.
  21. Sounds like an idea for polishing mitts!!
  22. Rich

    The two word game.

    Department store
  23. Rich

    Hello!! New to detailing

    Welcome to the forum Furyan!
  24. Two white cars here. I treat my whites just like the black as far as detailing and protecting. Going to try the Ceramic Spray in the spring so that will be a change.