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  1. Welcome to the forum Matt!
  2. Thanks Milo! And thanks everyone. I'm happy with how it turned out.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Glaze before Sealant.
  4. What did you expect him to say? He's right. If you aren't happy, then move on.
  5. Try metal polish. Once they're off, use some Ceramic Spray Coating for protection.
  6. I seem to recall there was an issue with that a while back. Give them a call tomorrow. Something about the brushes in the motor.
  7. As far as I know, all of Adam's chemicals are still made in the USA. And that hasn't changed. The clay bar went to Korean (I think. could be wrong) several years back because it was the best clay made, and Adam has always tried to give his customers the best products he can. Same as micros. The best microfiber towels are made overseas. Yes, you can go to discount stores and buy cheap micros, but I've never found any that compare with what I get from Adam's. As for polishers, it's next to impossible to find anything mechanical made in this country any more. We all know that. And Adam's customers have demanded things like Rupes, Flex, pressure washers, undercarriage washers, etc. Adam listens, and tries to find the BEST products for a reasonable price and yet he still has to make a profit to pay his employees and operating expenses. The company has grown so large now, and demand has become so huge, that it's most likely a bit of a struggle when there are sales or holidays to get everything exactly right for every customer. They're human. And on your package's way to you, there are many hands that touch those packages too. And some of those hands aren't so gentle, and some aren't so honest. Best advice to everyone from me personally is to just relax. Be patient. Nothing in life is perfect, but we're all trying to do the best we can.
  8. I just did my ride with the Ceramic Spray Coating and used the Finishing Polish on it before the Surface Prep. Worked great!!
  9. Tried to write a review for a couple of the newer products, and couldn't enter my name, etc. Was able to do the star rating and to write my review, but couldn't post it. That needs looked into.
  10. You can minimize those, but you're not going to get them out. Best thing you may be able to do is just to treat them well with Leather Conditioner or with the new Interior Protection Paste. Saw a post on FB a while back where a guy used steam to stretch his seat covers as much as he could, but they he bought leather paint to fill in the cracks/wrinkles. Never heard of this stuff so I can't say why you would use paint on your leather, but the results were pretty good to look at. My opinion is that by putting a paint on fabric, at some point in the future that stuff is going to dry out and start flaking off. I would just start a good moisturizing routine for your seats. And maybe put a towel down when the dog is in there.
  11. Be careful using a deep clean or magic eraser. Those things can and will remove dyes in addition to scuffs and they leave residue. I use Leather Cleaner to take those type marks off. Works great.
  12. Only way I know is steam.
  13. So I spent the last two days working on my 19 Equinox. It's black, so every single flaw is going to show up. Washed and clayed the car, polished it using the Finishing Polish and Swirl Killer, wiped her down with the Ceramic Surface Prep, then started with Ceramic Spray Coating. Two days of busting my rear in 90* heat in the garage, and I have to say, I'm damn happy with the results. Check out the pictures. The last pic isn't dust............that's the metal flake in the paint. It just POPS now.
  14. Definitely NOT in the right place. Should be under Learn. Or have a separate link.
  15. Since I've been on here since the forum started, I'd be sorry to see it disappear. Hopefully, Adam and crew keep it around for a long time to come.
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