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  1. I hear ya. I had a sporty little AWD Cadillac CTS coupe that I traded in for the Equinox simply because the darn thing had no trunk! Put four bags of groceries in it and it was full! So we needed something larger, I wanted another Cadillac, but the larger XT5 and the wife wanted another car (XTS). Both AWD. Well, what we liked in new cars we couldn't afford, and could find nothing in a certified used that was worth spending money on. We even looked at the Acura RDX, Buick Envision, and she saw a Lexus that she loved. Anyhow after three months of nightly looking online for something we could both agree on I think we just got worn down. Saw the interior of the Nox, it was fully loaded like the Cadillac (minus the nav, but I have a Garmin), and the two color interior was decent. She didn't like it (still doesn't) but just gave in so I wasn't dragging her all over town after town any more to look at cars. So now it has 8000 miles on it and the check engine light is on. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow. GM just doesn't make a good car any more. And I've never had anything other than GM, except for one Ford Bronco that I inherited when my brother died. Always been GM. Found myself looking at the Lincoln Corsair the other day. Sorry to ramble. Just disgusted with the quality of this thing when the sticker was over $40K. But I'm not ready for a Chrysler or Ford yet!!
  2. Makes me wish I was there! Years ago (2005) we went to Kentucky to the Holley Hot Rod Reunion and the place was packed with hot rods and customs, then drag racing. Your pics reminded me a lot of that time. Good stuff.
  3. Yeah, they're a matte vinyl, but a metallic paint look. That make any sense? Any time I get any kind of marks or spots on them, I just use the hand polish to get it off. And I keep a good coat of wax on them to help prevent any more.
  4. We bought a Kenmore (Sears brand) fridge right when they were going out of business a couple years ago. The fridge is branded Kenmore, but made by LG. We have several LG products and have had real good success with them. Top fridge, one door, 33 " wide (or small), but it's huge inside and buying a top fridge was the best decision ever. I was forever banging my head any time I went to get anything out of the old fridge with the freezer on top. Never again. Our tv is an LG plasma! That's how old it is and it still works great. One thing neither of us like is stainless for our kitchen. We have only had white for the last 30 years or so, and Harvest Gold before that (that was the color in the 70's) . White is the only color that looks right in our little house. Kitchen is a little dark, so stainless would just make it darker. But anyhow, if we ever move to a better kitchen, stainless would be our option. LG makes some darn good products. We're looking to get a new dishwasher. I will definitely look into a Bosch. We need something quiet!! And you're right, the stainless cleaner is great. I use it on my grill and on the toaster oven. Good stuff!
  5. I never use a polisher anywhere near my stripes (hood, trunk). I tape off the edges about a quarter to half an inch over the edge so that the polisher hits the tape and not the stripes. Then I finish the stripes by hand.
  6. The Adam's Metal Polish is what I use on my wheels. Looks great.
  7. The way PA is blowing up with cases again, I have a feeling that by the time Corvettes rolls around it will be cancelled. Still can't figure out how they got around the "no more than 250 people" regulation though. Stay safe guys. Don't want to see any of you get sick. And post PICS!
  8. Beautiful car! I was just looking at Buicks, and they only make the Regal now as far as cars go. You got a nice one.
  9. Fun video! Looks like you're drinking Detail Spray! 😆 Great vid for the 4th. Well done!
  10. I would say it depends on how dirty your vehicle was prior to the Waterless Wash. I've used Detail Spray after using it, but never the two you're planning to use. Honestly, I wouldn't because I just don't see how you can possibly get your ride as clean with WW as you do with a hose and bucket. And any leftover or missed dirt is possibly going to scratch.
  11. I've used diluted APC on a rag and wiped them down with good success. A good brushing after. For the smell, Odor Neutralizer or even Febreeze works, just don't spray it heavy.
  12. Rich

    The two word game.

    Hand (***)............nope, better not say that. Hand shake. 😁
  13. This is, and always has been, a first class forum. No problem is not worth answering. Everyone helps each other. And I agree with you that Dan, Falcaineer, and RayS are some of the best when it comes to helpful answers. Well done guys!!
  14. Every product has a different chemical formula. They may be in the same family, but they're cousins. I wouldn't mix them, but that's just my opinion.
  15. You have to watch the edges with PPF when you're using a polisher too.
  16. Rich

    Adam's Online Car Show

    Yep. Wanted a bigger one, but I was young, and just got married and bought a house. So I got this. We had a lot of fun on it till we had kids.
  17. Rich

    Adam's Online Car Show

    Nice bike Daryle! I had a Yamaha 350 back in the day. Long gone, but it was fun.
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