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  1. Happy birthday, Adam!!!
  2. The Ceramic Waterless isn't really meant to be diluted. Rinseless Wash, on the other hand, can be. Maybe that caused the issue?
  3. Welcome to the addiction, John! We're happy to have you!!
  4. Sounds good. @Dan@Adams actually lives in PA, but he's out here sometimes for clinics (admittedly been a while...Dan, let's fix that!). I guess you could add PA to your list and go see @Richand maybe @Chris@Adams, they're all nearby!
  5. That's in my backyard and is a beautiful, albeit a bit of a white knuckle drive in places. You'd better say hi when you pass through...while on your way to the Adam's Mother Ship in Denver...hint, hint!!
  6. Welcome, Ken! I'll tag @Adam so he sees this next time he checks in to the forums. Glad to have you on here!!
  7. Coatings can scratch, swirl, etc. They're more resistant, but not impervious, so it's not necessarily something you did wrong. Sprayable Compound will degrade and almost certainly remove the coating, as would Correcting Polish. But that would also resolve your light scratches and the halos if they're in the coating. Waxing may help hide them, and BG has some light filler properties to fill in small swirls first, so it's worth a shot, but it's not a permanent fix.
  8. Welcome to the addiction! We are all here to help and learn together, so ask any questions you have! My first is... whatcha getting shiny? Second is...do you have any pictures to post? 😁
  9. Wow! Really well done, Donald. Yes, a glass of good water absolutely still counts. 😎💯
  10. Sorry for the delay! I talked to the lead chemist, Chris, and Kyle today. The ambient temp, windshield temp, humidity, etc can all affect flash fime. It's likely Part A was already set before you even applied Part B. It can happen very quickly...when it flashes, it's immediately time to move to Part B. He recommended to avoid this issue in the future, to work quickly and in halves of the windshield (somewhat contrary to the video, yes, so I'll bring that up). As in, open Part A, and immediately apply to half the windshield. As soon as it flashes, which could be in seconds (time will vary), immediately open Part B and apply to the same half. Do not wait. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Then, go to other half and do the same thing. Glass Cleaner is your friend to remove residue...once Part A and B are applied, the GC will not remove anything further so use as much as you want/need. Also, if BG hadn't worked, you can try Sprayable Compound to remove residue that may have streaked. Hope that helps. If any more questions, let me know and I'll ask...
  11. I wonder if @SgtLip found it because I linked to this thread in a recent welcome post? If so, does that mean I can be your new second best friend? 😃
  12. By the way, Tate, here's one of the best forum articles on here, IMO, from @TheWolf about his Raptor... Check it out!
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