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  1. falcaineer

    The two word game.

    curtain call
  2. falcaineer


    Welcome, Efrain! Great looking Porsche!!
  3. No, but that seems reasonable to me. And they'd smell better, too! I just got my Epic Pass so let me know if this works for you, and I'll do the same.
  4. falcaineer

    What’s a gingerbread house without Adams

    Now that's cool, Devon! Another question...what LSP do you have on the cars and bike?
  5. falcaineer

    Post clay bar haziness

    First, welcome! Be sure to introduce yourself in the New Member forum...and include some pics of the new ride! You don't need to remove clay/Detail Spray residue before polishing. You can go straight to polish which will remove it. You should, however, remove the polish residue before wax/sealant/coating. 50/50 isopropyl alcohol or Coating Prep with quality MF towels are a couple options.
  6. Adam's did a collab with Big Chill that combined WW, DS, and CB for their appliances. Recommend you try that process.
  7. falcaineer


    Welcome, Rick! Great looking Camaro!!!
  8. Do you have any pics? Others may chime in without them, but they could still help.
  9. falcaineer

    Strip Wash + foam gun

    Sure, it'd work fine. Likely won't be the same amount of foam because, by design, they don't produce the same using whatever soap you use. You'll want to add some to the bucket, too, so using the gun or Canon will use more than normal.
  10. falcaineer

    The two word game.

    runner up
  11. falcaineer

    Borderless Grey MF for WW

    By the way, the RW dilution @pirahnah3 mentioned above is 16:1 for a waterless wash-like solution. It's not the same, but pretty similar at a much more economical price point. But for the record, I much prefer the WW scent.
  12. falcaineer

    New member

    , Brett!
  13. falcaineer

    The two word game.

    citizen arrest
  14. Differences boil down to overall use and chemical makeup. DS adds quick gloss as a drying aid and/or quick clean method, and has a small amount of carnuba added for shine and minimal protection. Spray Wax is also used for gloss and can be a drying aid, but it will add 1-2 months of protection on its own and has significantly more carnuba to do so. Also, DS is usually added on top as an enhancer to protection that's already been applied, where Spray Wax can be used like that and/or as a Last Step Product (i.e. on its own). I think of Spray Wax like DS on steroids.
  15. falcaineer

    Borderless Grey MF for WW

    Guys above have you covered...use the blue waffle weaves for the WW. Using the right products for the job will minimize any potential damage, making both outstanding options for what they're made for. The amount of dirt on the car drives which product you should use. Light dust, finger prints, etc, on a recently cleaned car are perfect for WW and the blue WW towels. Dirtier but not caked on is better for RW and Double Softs. Caked on stuff needs to be knocked off or do a full two bucket method. Here's a couple more videos where Adam demos WW on a Lambo and '57 El Dorado. I've gotten very similar results.