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  1. Food Thread

    Is it me, or does the frosting look like a couple kissing?! It's probably me. All this yumminess is messing with my head!
  2. What did you do today?

    Hoping those were green to begin with, Eric!
  3. According to this post from Dan, 10-2. You going?
  4. More new goodies coming soon!

    I stand corrected. Thanks for setting me straight, Nick!
  5. More new goodies coming soon!

    Not sure on combos, but can pretty much guarantee no discount on gift cards. No protection in a polish...only sealant, coating, etc. Sale is already in progress, so I would place order early to get ahead of what will assuredly be a rush of orders! No idea on the towel, but free is free!
  6. I know products get tested all the time, some of which never go to production. But having read about it on here before, I also saw this last night in the new Adam's Winter Prep video comments section on YouTube. Hmmm.
  7. More new goodies coming soon!

    I am intrigued by the foam shampoo, hose, clay mitt (significant sale), and of course stickers. But a squash scented air freshener? I won't knock it till I smell it, but I can honestly say I've never wanted my car to smell like a vegetable.
  8. Suggestions for winter prep

    Watch this: And this: And use/consider buying what's in them. You can substitute certain things. Then this to maintain: Then feel like this, cuz you're all set:
  9. Looking for CUC

    This thread can be closed. Thanks, Frette!
  10. Food Thread

    1...2...3...4............ Did you slip into food nirvana?! Something's missing!!! You can't forget the best part....DESSERT!!
  11. Looking for CUC

    Thanks, Frette and Jim! Replies sent.
  12. More new goodies coming soon!

    Thanks to Traizer (Trevor), we know the scents are Cinnamon (DS) and Candy Cane (ID).
  13. +....I don't know how many, but yeah. PS and HGG for the win!
  14. New member from MO

    What's the scent for each?