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  1. "Better" is relative. For light cleaning, yes, they'll work just fine without removing any protection. If you do, I do recommend you dedicate some older MF towels for that purpose. My car doesn't generate much brake dust at all, and I've pretty much stopped using WC, opting instead for CS or Wash & Wax. I'll also sometimes add HGG to the mix (haven't sealed them, but plan to this spring). But if your car generates a lot of brake dust, WC is the one to use. Then, consider adding HGG as a boost to the PS...or maybe coat them. Side note...here's a video explaining a little more why, I think, @Dan@Adams says what he did above:
  2. New to detailing

    Welcome, Jared! On behalf or your buddy, thanks for taking care of the troops. Go Air Force!
  3. Waterless Wash or diluted Rinseless Wash (16:1) works great. Spray either on, let them soak, then clean. Both perfectly safe.
  4. What did you do today?

    Watched yet another GREAT night of college basketball. What an awesome tourney!!! P.S. Let's Gooooo....Mountaineers!!!!!
  5. Trim Restorer on grey trim?

    I have/do. Love it. But I'm looking for something longer lasting that I can lock in with coating (once the current coating wears out). The zebra stripes are pretty bad and the coating doesn't really fix that.
  6. What did you do today?

    That's awesome! With that Vette, you may want to consider turning it around for your exit. On your mark.........
  7. What did you do today?

    Thanks. Not the brand I have, but will check them out. Cool stop light, too, by the way.
  8. All of our latest work

    with all above. Followed!! Keep up the great work, Shane!
  9. New Wheel Woolies Same thin handles Honestly, as a guy with larger hands, it's like trying to clean with a pencil that has a fuzzy end. I've even added another grip to make my (older style) woolie somewhat better, but it's still not comfortable. May have to get a putter grip (and help me practice my short game!), but I don't think that it should be necessary to spend more money. I know it's been asked about before, but what kept you from considering/offering larger handles? I understand they just came out and congrats on offering more options, but I must ask again...can you look into offering larger handles...please??!!
  10. Trim Restorer on grey trim?

    Gotcha, thanks. And thanks to Chris and Frette, too. I know the TRC can do well at cleaning it (as can Coating Prep, by the way), I just don't expect it'll fix the zebra stripes like the trim restorer might. But.... That's one vote for it works, one for it doesn't, and one for maybe. Anyone else try this yet? BTW, Adam does say something about dark grey trim in the product video at ~:25 point, but it's not very clear because, well, I don't want my dark grey trim to be "black again."
  11. Trim Restorer on grey trim?

    What do you mean by it didn't work?
  12. Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Glad this got sorted out, and no worries on being mistaken. If I had to admit every time I was wrong, I'd be pushing 5000 posts...
  13. Detailed mower

    All the more reason to layer.
  14. What did you do today?

    I like that snow shield, Rich. Nothing like taking a snow blast in the face when the wind turns. Where did you get it?
  15. Utv

    Yep, it'll be fine. Also works on glass, trim, rubber, chrome, etc. My favorite Adam's product.