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  1. falcaineer

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    Cool, they used that idea, too. Matt's an IG guy, so not surprised it ended use there first. Thanks for heads up!
  2. falcaineer

    New Guy Here - Should I buy 2 of the bucket deals?

    Welcome to the addiction! MBs are an awesome, even ideal, way to start your new collection. That said, they are a gamble, so you may or may not score big. But you will always get a good value, and if for some reason it doesn't add up to the advertised amount, a quick call to Adam's customer service will make it right. Duplicates are not common, but they do happen. Again, they're a gamble. Your call on multiples, but the buckets alone in this case make it worth it, in my opinion. But don't wait too long. These appear to be a limited release so may not last. My favorite Adam's product is H2O Guard & Gloss (HGG, for short, or sometimes H2O). You'll likely get as many inputs as there are members, so let us know your goals and we'll give you our advice on what to pick up. Where are you located? And if you're willing, let's see some pics of the ride...well call them "before Adam's" photos, so we won't judge! Glad you found us. Awesome info on here, and some even better people, so ask any questions you have. We're all in this addiction together 😀.
  3. falcaineer

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    I don't have IG...what's posted there?
  4. falcaineer

    Green with Envy

    I don't want to speak for Jimmy, but I'm willing to bet it was something like .
  5. falcaineer

    Adam's HQ Sticker Wall!

    Maybe it's the kid in me, but I love Adam's stickers. And a trip to a local restaurant gave me an idea to go with it. To that end, at the Grand Opening back in April, I proposed the idea to @Matt@Adams to make a sticker wall at the HQ. I thought of it as a fun way for their customers to jot a little note to the Adam's team. I signed one, gave it to him and he told me he'd look into the idea. Well, he let me know recently, and I'm happy to report, it's up and running! I haven't made it up there just yet to see in person and am actually waiting on a few pics to post here, but for now, I was pleasantly surprised to see it featured on the Mystery Sticker Bucket site (see below). Pretty cool they listened! I hope they don't mind me saying this, but something else I thought would be fun is for forum members to take a spare sticker, write a little note, maybe include your forum name, and send it in to them to add to the display. I'll pledge to get pics each time I go, and just maybe you can find yours. Enjoy!
  6. Maybe not in pooling water, but sounds like a pool, no less. Wow! Wish you well in getting it fixed. That's a lot of water.
  7. falcaineer

    I Blame it on Adam's

    Ray, you can be my wingman anytime.
  8. falcaineer

    New Guy Checking In

    Awesome! Recommend you throw this pic on the Unboxing the Shine forum, perhaps the Pictures of Your collection thread. Time to show it off to wider audience!
  9. falcaineer

    I Blame it on Adam's

    There's that word again ... Inconceivable!
  10. falcaineer

    I Blame it on Adam's

    Were you in your 20s or 30s? 😁 P.S. We love you, Rich!
  11. falcaineer

    Hi from SoCal

  12. falcaineer

    I Blame it on Adam's

    You're gonna need a bigger shelf!
  13. As if on queue! I'm happy to see they took care of you.
  14. Since your original issue was Adam's not honoring the 110% guarantee and you're considering other brands, in which case you'll need to start all over anyway, I'll go back to my recommendation above...call them back and ask for Emery/ @Emery@Adams.Tell him about your situation, and I'll go ahead and say he will take care of you. Just give it a try.
  15. If it were me, I'd try calling back one more time to speak to another rep. Not sure where Dan is...vacation, maybe?...but if you do call back, ask for Emery. He's head of customer service and will take good care of of you.