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  1. falcaineer

    The two word game.

    Slinger commercial *Man, could you make just a bit harder next time, @mexiking2365 (Isma)?! Geez. Slinger?! Really?? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. falcaineer

    Winter Prep already

    They work wonders. I recommend you get and apply them both.
  3. falcaineer

    New to the forum!

    Welcome to the next stage of the addiction, Preston! +1 on @ObsessedDetailer for pics...
  4. falcaineer

    The two word game.

    Up top
  5. Crazy shine!! Nice work, Jeremy!
  6. falcaineer

    San Diego, Well - Alpine, Checking in!!

    Welcome, Ray! Beautiful car.
  7. falcaineer

    I baked my phone

    No, it's a Verona. 36" side by side electric ovens (2/3, 1/3), with gas stove top. Love it.
  8. falcaineer

    The two word game.

    At the risk of being called the game warden - this is all in fun ๐Ÿ˜ - we went off track after "test panel". We can either pick up from "failed attempt" and keep going, or I'll redirect. Whoever makes the next entry decides! Panel board
  9. falcaineer

    new Memember here.

    Welcome to the addiction! Happy to hear you like the WW; it's pretty awesome. As you pointed out, you won't get the shine you might expect. That's because it doesn't have gloss-creating additives. While it's another step, using DS after would give you that shine since it has some carnuba. Another product you should check out is Rinseless Wash. For me, that does seem to leave behind some shine, and it can be diluted 16:1 to creat a Waterless Wash-like solution at a cheaper price point. It doesn't smell as great, though (berry), in my opinion, but you'll get a lot of uses out it. The Leather Conditioner is really great stuff. Not only does it clean and condition, it adds SPF 65, no oily residue, and makes the car smell and look new. If you were referring to the Leather and Interior Cleaner, that works really well, too, and should be followed by the LC since it's a pretty strong cleaner.
  10. falcaineer

    The two word game.

    Emmissions test
  11. falcaineer

    I baked my phone

    What's for dinner?! ๐Ÿ˜†
  12. falcaineer

    Carpet Protectant

    Adam's does have a Fabric Protector that I assume would also work on carpet. It's not on their website, though, and needs to be bought through distributors. Someone on here may have a lead for ya.
  13. falcaineer

    New to the Adams family (no pun intended)

    Welcome to the addiction, Logan! Be prepped for many more purchases...but also an incredible shine!
  14. falcaineer

    FNG checking in!

    Welcome to the addiction, Chris! Thankfully this is one the urinalysis won't care about! I assume Air Force? Offutt? I'm at the USAF Academy.