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  1. falcaineer

    I baked my phone

    Well, after...several 🤔...more needed and successful rounds in the oven, I finally got my new phone. @Norton was right 😌
  2. falcaineer

    Adam's Swirl Killer | FAQ's | Discussion

    Don't forget the forum discount code "shineon" for an additional 10% discount. Or do some searching and you might find a 15% code.
  3. falcaineer

    A new car and retired lifestyle!

    Welcome, Keith!
  4. falcaineer

    Limited edition detail sprays

    They look like they’re getting settled in for the big game. Where are the chips and dip? And beer?! 🎉
  5. falcaineer

    Newb from WA

    Welcome to the addiction, Jordan! Please tell me that’s your Lambo in the profile pic!!!!
  6. falcaineer

    Considering the Swirl Killer

    Great article by @shane@detailedreflections on this topic. Read this for help with your decision...
  7. Andrews also has a beautiful golf course! ⛳️ 👍
  8. falcaineer

    Late Check-In

    Welcome, Patrick! Guam’s quite the distance to support this addiction, so hats off to ya! Military?
  9. falcaineer

    Another new guy

    Welcome to the addiction! Where are you in CO?
  10. falcaineer

    South Carolina Midlands Members

    Welcome to the shine, Ray! The truck looks great. If if I may ask, what’s your reluctance to foam the whole truck at once?
  11. 🤣 You’re braver than I am. Not sure if the membership program is for me, but seems to me there could be a demand. Let’s see what happens!
  12. falcaineer

    New member from Ohio

  13. falcaineer

    Newb Checking In

    Just noticed you’re retired Mil. So from an Air Force guy, adding another welcome!
  14. Don’t forget coin ops can be your friend to spray off any big stuff or bugs. Should make it easier to do the WW, too.