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  1. Does Adam's Make A Product For This?

    That sucks. But actually, they make a couple products for this. The Microfiber blanket to curl up in and cry, and the Ultra Plush Drying Towel for all the tears.
  2. Adam's HQ Relocation

    I hope to make it up there for the opening! And afterwards, head to Water World. In the summer.
  3. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    Shane addressed your questions well, so I'll add a quick tip for pressure. First, make a small perpendicular line on the back of the pad with a Sharpie. Then, as you apply the pad to the surface and turn on the polisher (in that order!!), ensure the pad is spinning slowly. That way you know you're applying enough pressure to make a difference and/or it's not getting stuck. Also, ensure you are keeping the pads flat against the surface...watch for sharp edges and curves where the pad could beat against the paint. Another tip on that...video closeups of your application and watch to validate what you're doing, correcting as needed. It will be a learning process, so take your time and you'll get in a rhythm. And as always, post some pictures when you're done!
  4. Newbie starting...

    Revive doesn't have much correcting power at all. Instead, it's meant more for "near perfect" paint to add pop/restore gloss. Sounds like you need a little more. Does your fingernail catch on the scratch? If so, it may not be easily corrected, so several passes may be needed (or even wet sanding, in extreme cases). I have and use the PC7424, and while it's a dated machine (Swirl Killers are highly regarded in these parts), it will get the job done. And to answer your question, no, it won't damage the paint as long as you use basic, sound practices. I recommend you pick up some Heavy Correcting Compound and some Correcting Polish - or even consider the new 1-step polish as reviews have been positive on here - as well as the blue, blue white, and orange pads. As a general rule, most agree to start with the least aggressive method (CP with orange pad, in this case), and work your way up as necessary. Work slowly in a cross-hatch pattern, changing pads/polish when needed. Watch the videos here http://adamspolishes.com/video for some extra insight. And as always, feel free to ask any more questions you have.
  5. Hi

    Welcome to the addiction! You've come to right place. Great info on here, and even better people.
  6. New from NJ

  7. Welcome to the addiction, Charlie! Yep, you're on the right track. For what it's worth, you can swap the wax and BG order, but it's generally accepted to apply products in decreasing order of durability - next time, maybe try the other order and see what you prefer. Be sure to post some pics when you're done...and be prepared for some serious shine! Here's a good article for your reading pleasure:
  8. PJs Auto Spa saying Hello!

    Welcome to the forums, PJ! Nice rides.
  9. Car Cover(s) outdoors

    And you can take a nap on your hood to watch over your (other) baby at night. 😴
  10. You can just jump on I-70 and it'll take you all the way here! Goes right past the Mother Ship so best of both worlds. And no offense to those in Kansas, but you do have to make it through there first.
  11. Premium or standard foam gun

    It's all I use. Love it. It offers different sprays depending on pressure applied to the handle. Watch the videos and you'll see it in use.
  12. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    Based on the emoticon, you apparently got Rich to dance...which is a gift to him and to us!
  13. Hey Guys!

    Welcome, Chris!
  14. Adam's HQ Relocation

    Yep, in this post. Makes it a little closer for me, too!