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  1. falcaineer

    17,000 Posts!

    Congratulations!!! Love having you on here, Rich. And you'll make it many more than one 🤟
  2. Black cars are a lifestyle. Ultimately, a solid paint correction process is what will give the most shine. The rest is enhancement and protection. Check our the article below on different options. As for ingredients, Adam's will supply you with a Safety Data Sheet upon request, but makeup and forumlas are proprietary.
  3. Not to steal his thunder, but Dan is pretty busy so I'll chime in... In short, no. Ceramic Spray Coating is a true coating, and steps taken to apply it are the same as a traditional coating. CS3 is a maintenance, silica-infused product, and doesn't require near the time, effort or conditions to apply.
  4. Welcome, Almond! Here's an article on Mystery History. Enjoy!
  5. Welcome, Derrick! Great to have you here 👊🏼
  6. Correct, do not layer PS (and BG) and Ceramic Paste Wax. Layering different product families can adversely affect the hydrophobic properties of your layers, and Sealant and Ceramics are in different families. Check out this article for more info (layering is towards the end)
  7. I know the guy helping to edit those
  8. Hey, Chris...I'm assuming you mean CSC (Ceramic Spray Coating), but you may also mean CS3. My vote is for the former as a base, then the latter and/or Ceramic Boost (less frequently) to maintain.
  9. It'll take some Polish or Compound to remove it. You'll notice the traditional coating is more tedious to apply - not bad, but a bit more involved. You'll add longevity (years). Shine will be about the same, no noticeable difference. Same durability for both. Maintenance is also the same. Post some pics when you're done!
  10. The Vette rides like she's on rails...I think. Looking forward to a real ride soon, Steve!
  11. Sounds like a plan. But one caveat, use Ceramic Boost once a month or so, or every 3-4 washes. Enjoy!
  12. Sweet! Been growing the beard since?! 😁
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