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  1. No, that's only for ceramic coatings (and still not necessarily true, just don't reintroduce them to paint), but they do need to be washed properly. Towels used with HGG are especially finicky in my experience, but not impossible as long as you follow sound wash techniques.
  2. Only thing I'd say is now that you know, application should be smooth. But it's your call. Hope you find something that works for you.
  3. Welcome! We're all in it together 🤟😁
  4. I have yet to find a better combo on white than Paint Sealant and H2O Guard and Gloss... (people are likely sick of me saying it, but I stand by it! 😁)
  5. Hard to tell, but good to hear. You probably won't need APC with the Graphene Ceramic, so I'd stick to normal car shampoo and water first. Stains should have a harder time sticking.
  6. Definitely give it a try, it's worth a shot. It can come from anywhere, rain, industrial fallout, etc.
  7. bus stop PS I'm glad you had one for "tripper" @rkj4243 😆 That may have stumped even @shooterjgs 😂
  8. Except for the big streak that looks like iron deposits. Try Iron Remover! If you don't have it or time, Wheel Cleaner will work, too. Just don't allow either to dry on the surface, and preferably not in direct sunlight, and wash the car first.
  9. "...then Graphene Coating and no wiping..." There's your issue. Graphene Ceramic Coating, once applied to trim, has to be leveled or it will cure looking like it does now - pictures would help us all see better what you experienced. Unfortunately, I don't know how to correct it, but maybe others on here have some thoughts. @Chris@Adams @Dan@Adams Here's the excerpt from the Plastic Trim and Headlights section of instructions on the website (instructions are the same for the Spray version, even though not explicitly outlined): 3. Once the recently applied product has penetrated, begin leveling the coating, applying minimal pressure to the towel in the process. Wipe down in a similar cross hatch pattern as applied, switching/flipping the towel periodically to use a new face to fully level the coating.
  10. First, welcome! Wait at least 24 hours before applying Ceramic Boost to the coating, then about once a month or every 3-4 washes. a) Yes, you can. One layer of either one is enough, if you choose to apply it. Also know adding two or more layers of either combo doesn't equate to 2x+ the protection. The law of diminishing returns applies. b) Wait 1-2 hours before applying the Spray Coating
  11. Fair enough, Rich, sorry if I opened a wound. 😬👊🏼 The trick with ceramic isn't time or look, it's feel. When you can very lightly drag a towel and it slides easily, it's too soon. Once the surface starts to become tacky and the towel catches, it's then time to remove. And in the same order you applied it. Your best bet against stains is the Graphene Ceramic Coating. And for now, maintain with any of the silica-infused products. Joe shows the process in his video, and while he does mention the look as an indicator, he also goes over feel of the coating.
  12. falcaineer

    New Masks

    Go Pack Go!!! And Go Air Force!!!
  13. Your best bet now would be the new Graphene Ceramic Coating, either version. With any coating, prep is everything. Strip wash, decon (clay, iron remover), paint correction, surface prep,, and finally the coating. I'd be interested to hear your process used to apply and maintain the coating as it should've been the best of the bunch. Also note if you used APC on your car, you stripped any protection on it, save for the coating but abrasion would degrade that if you really want at it.
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