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  1. Get well soon, Tom. And when you do, I think you invented a new product: the truck brunge (brush/sponge combo). 😂
  2. Adam's must have heard you. Here's today's Water Cooler Wednesday video. Hope it helps.
  3. Let's face it. Adam's has the perfect job security. ❄️🌧️ etc.
  4. Great to have you back, Bill! Pretty sure you get the award for newest oldest member intro...
  5. Welcome, Danny! The addiction is real. We've all been bitten by the bug, so sit back and enjoy the shine!
  6. Who on here is planning to go? I'm trying to make it myself...
  7. Surprised to hear about the Trim Restorer. Did you contact Adam's to let them know? As for prolonging the ceramic coating, use Ceramic Boost and you're all set. Another thought is if you do choose to try the Restorer again, you can lock it in with Trim (or Paint or even Wheel) Coating and then maintain with Boost.
  8. Thanks for the kind words/confidence, @Firebuff17, but I must admit I go directly to both of those guys for advice myself! Both you and @shane@detailedreflections said it well, and it looks like Vince already found an answer, so I'll try to summarize my views a different way for others reading: Traditional Ceramic (Paint) Coating Pros Longevity (2yr+) Durability ("ream of paper") Can be removed by polishing One coat provides max performance Awesome shine Cons Care to apply/longer application method Cost ($110/50ml); one 50ml bottle covers 1-2 average-size cars = ~$50-100 per coating 24-48 hour cure time Towels and applicator(s) must be thrown out Ceramic Spray Coating Pros Application method/applies quickly Cost ($70/16oz); one 16oz bottle covers 6-8 average-size cars = ~$10/coating 4 hour cure time Towels and applicator(s) can be reused if washed immediately Can be removed by polishing Awesome shine Cons Longevity (6-8 months) Durability ("sheet of paper") Requires two coats to add additional performance
  9. Ditto @RayS...a special thanks to @Dan@Adams for putting this together!
  10. You should! Great product! Just remember to work panel by panel as removing it can be a bit harder if left for too long.
  11. I'm a little confused. Did you use the Ceramic Trim Coating or the Trim Restorer? Both? If both, in what order? The Restorer shouldn't rinse away if under the coating...
  12. Congrats, @Tim! Enjoy the shine...and post some pics of the finished product(s)!
  13. That's a lot of shine! Might want to check out the Adam's 5g containers 😆.
  14. I should be able to make it, Steve. Sounds like a great time!
  15. Hit the slopes at Keystone, CO! Beautiful day with some great conditions. Can't wait to head back...maybe Breckenridge next? Maybe Vail. 🤔 Love to ⛷️!
  16. Welcome, Victor! You're in good company... @Adam got his start with bikes, too! Ask any questions you have. We are all here to help and learn, too.
  17. Welcome to the addiction, Angelo! Whatcha keeping shiny (we like pics!)?
  18. Looks incredible, Ray! I'm sure she was thrilled! 😎
  19. , Billy! Great to have you here!! Let's see some pics of the ride... BTW, you need 50 posts to trade, and there's no selling of Adam's chemicals allowed on here. Just a heads up.
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