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  1. Looks good, Rich. I like mine a lot, too. If I may, add some rubber stripping to the triangular metal edges on the added bottle organizers, just in case...
  2. falcaineer

    Food Thread

    Pictures or it doesn't count, Ray. Them's the rules! And yes, I get to make them since I was the inspiration for this thread. 😂😉
  3. @RayS has you covered above. Clean thoroughly, allow to dry, and when you apply it, use a microfiber applicator pad to level it, and let it cure for 4 hours minimum. You'll love the results!
  4. You can coat those - clean thoroughly, then use Ceramic Spray Coating.
  5. Recommended specs are on the individual websites for each Foam Cannon. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/exterior-washing-foam-guns-foam-cannons
  6. Welcome! Great to have you on here... looking forward to your questions and inputs!
  7. Thanks. Adams now makes TAR that I'd give a shot with now, as well. But like you said, test spot first.
  8. I ordered one, 1:64. Never been a NASCAR can, but I love Adam's and have always loved Matchbox cars since childhood, so...... 🔥
  9. Welcome, Bruce! I've been doing mobile detailing for a couple of years now. The biggest lesson I can offer is always be honest with your customers. Be up front with setting expectations, and if there's an issue along the way - we all make mistakes! - address it immediately. I would rather be honest and lose a client than not and keep earning their business. @shane@detailedreflections wrote a great in-depth article or two (Shane, can you link to it/them here?), and here's a video from Adam and others on the business side of things. We are all here to help. Good luck!
  10. Post 3 more times and you can trade on here! But it's also a good list @RayS gave above, the products are useful in some many other places besides just cars.
  11. True shine comes from proper paint correction, the rest is enhancement and protection. That said, once done with paint correction, I'll vote for Paint Sealant and HGG. Here's more on the topic
  12. Something I always say and teach, true shine comes from proper paint correction. The rest is enhancement and protection. I've also said this on here many times... people are probably tired of reading it, but I have yet to find a better combo on white than Paint Sealant and HGG. To my eyes, it just pops, plain and simple. And I've coated and Ceramic Paste Waxed mine, too. Still prefer PS and HGG. Agreed with others above. Too many layers of too many products, or even of the same one, can adversely affect the visual clarity and finished look. Also, since you clayed, and did so twice, you likely added some level of marring to the finish, decreasing the ability even more for the paint to really shine. Just something to consider next time. Don't worry, it still looks great! We all have our preferences, and there's no single way to do things. Sometimes it's simply doing different things until you find what you like best.
  13. First, welcome! Go post an intro so we can get from know you... Single stage paint can be corrected, but since you're moving paint and not polishing clear coat, it usually needs less aggressive steps. Here's a video where Adam explains the process...
  14. Treat those factory wheels just like paint. Clean thoroughly, polish and prep if you're going to coat them. If you want the longest lasting protection, use the Wheel Coating. Ceramic Spray Coating is a great alternative, just don't expect the same longevity you would see with it on paint. Maintain the coating with any of the silica-infused products, and about every wash is fine as even Ceramic Boost will degrade faster on wheels than paint.
  15. Welcome, Mark! She looks beautiful 🤟
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