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  1. Welcome! Tesla paint is...unique...but you're in the right place. Great to have you!
  2. CS3 is very similar to Ceramic Waterless and should/can be used the same way. It's not a ceramic coating, it's silica-infused, and also doesn't add as much protection as Boost. Think of it like a DS for ceramics.
  3. Sounds like Borderless Grey towels would be a better option than any of the white ones like Single Soft, etc And yeah, Rich, I know what you mean about the Ballsy wash. Sleeps good, stains washcloths, at least temporarily.
  4. Just in case there's confusion, you need to add every bottle you want and the code will discount equal/lesser value bottles automatically. For example, if you want two bottles of DS, add them both and it'll discount one. If you add two bottle of DS and two LC, it'll discount the DS bottles only and have you pay full price for the LCs. So it's not necessarily half off.
  5. After you've prepped like @Rich said, I recommend you use the Microfiber Applicator pads for the CSC. Spray several sprays directly into the pad at close range, trying to avoid overspray, to prime it, and apply in a crosshatch pattern. Respray into the pad, as needed, to keep an even layer. Use Ceramic Boost once a month, and CS3 about as often as you'd like or would have with DS.
  6. Welcome back, Matt! Note there now an Adam's location in Anaheim, with a Cars & Coffee tomorrow.
  7. Did someone bid $1? 😂 P.S. That's awesome 👍🏼
  8. Hi! Here's the link for sponsorship application. A member from the marketing team will get back to you within about 3 weeks if you're accepted. And please understand, Adam's receives ~150+ applications a week. https://adamspolishes.com/pages/sponsorship-application
  9. , James! Your truck looks great!!
  10. planner book ***** Go Pack Go!! 😃
  11. You can dilute Rinseless Wash 16:1 to make a Waterless Wash-like solution. But if doesn't smell nearly as good, IMO!
  12. First, welcome! Post an intro on the New Member forum so we can get to know you. Check out this article...
  13. The Swirl Killer Mini and/or Micro, Compound and Polish, and pads. For uncoated metal, Metal Polish 1 and 2 and microfiber applicator pads...and elbow grease!
  14. time hack (Also couldn't help but sing a little MC Hammer in my head thanks to @shooterjgs 👊🏼)
  15. That was Greg...he's a funny guy! Enjoy the goodies, and let us know if you have any questions for us. We're all in this addiction together! 😃
  16. No worries, Andy! We are here to help. And don't feel bad at all, we've ALL overbought something before...comes with the addiction 😉😃 Waterless Wash is awesome and you'll find you can go through it pretty quickly. The more the use, the more lubricity you add to the surface before cleaning. So spray away! And as said above, it's a great prewash for bugs and loosening stuff on the surface. P.S. I was at BJ last month as part of the Adam's detail team...reminds me I need to post some pics...
  17. No, sorry. That defeats the purpose, honestly. It's also not meant to dilute. But what's your intent? I may not be understanding your question. P.S. Moving this to the Wash forum to keep in line with the subject (be sure to post an intro for you though!)
  18. That dog ain't got nothing on me! 🦘 😄
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