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  1. They're posted on the individual product pages now, under the picture.
  2. Welcome, Matt!
  3. You need 50 posts, per forum rules...almost there! But understand you aren't allowed to sell Adam's chemicals, only trade.
  4. Hope all's well! Best to ask the body shop. Shops do things differently depending on where you go...some good right away (if they bake it), some not for weeks. Just explain what you want to do, what you'll use, etc., and they should guide you.
  5. Yeah, @X1x1x1, I'm with @RayS on this one. Hit it with CPW and call it good. You'll have plenty of protection and shine, and can get to enjoying it and showing it all off a lot sooner! 🀟🏼
  6. Don't scratch it...now you need to re-polish 😡 🀣 And for the record 24 hrs is all you need for it to cure...
  7. I LOVE the ceramic wax. And on that blue you're gonna be in love with it, as well. I really can't wait to see how that turns out. I've put it on black, white and silver cars and it's been incredible every time. No, you shouldn't notice any difference. We're talking microns of thickness, so should be just fine.
  8. Start with 1. Revive is another good option, by the way.
  9. You can layer the coating a couple layers, just make sure it's clean between. But if you want simple, use either the CSC (smallest bottle will be plenty for touch-up, and probably the whole car), or call it good with only the Ceramic Boost. Hard to say how much your removed, but either of those would build it up, at least some, and keep you from having to do it all over again. Not too familiar with Meg's (used it a long time ago), but sounds like that could work. Maybe others will add their thoughts on that process. Oh, and you're very welcome for the patience! That's what we're all here for 😁.
  10. Agreed with using IR. You don't need to dilute the Wheel Cleaner, though. That was the old pink "Deep Wheel Cleaner." Just don't let either one dry on the car, and/or use in direct sunlight. Here's a video on using WC if that's the route you go.
  11. You likely removed some of it. If in doubt, just go back over with some more, and allow it to cure.
  12. @Kyle@Adams, recommend country of origin be added back to product sites. Chemicals have "Made in the USA," but tools, towels, etc, don't. There was a promise made in the past to be transparent, and given all the recent (and mostly negative) feedback on various social media sites, the countries should be added back like they were on the previous site.
  13. Happy to help! Coatings can be a little tricky, but Adam's version is user friendly. If it's that bad, you can also consider using CP and orange pad, remove it all in those areas, and start over. Also check for high spots earlier with either a bright light or in the sun (don't apply in the sun!), and use some BG to knock them down before it fully cures.
  14. Wait, is that chrome trim? 🧐 If so, disregard my TRC recommendation above. Thought it was rubber trim. If chrome, clay or Metal Polish might help.
  15. Looks great! All is not lost even if you missed some spots. Just go back over the spot(s) with FP and white pad to knock down any high spots, reapplying coating as necessary.
  16. You'll be glad you did. But even if not, they have a 110% guarantee so it's a no-lose situation.
  17. In that case, you already removed any residue and/or SiO2 from the FP. Press on with your coating! Unless you mean you already did it...in which case, pictures or it didn't happen!!
  18. If you mean rubber or plastic trim, try some TRC and a microfiber. Polish won't make it any better, and in fact only a headache - it's not meant to be used on it. However, quick tip: applying some VRT to your trim before you polish the paint will make getting any residue off super easy!
  19. @ramflava, as long as we abide by the forum rules our posts won't be deleted. But before I give my opinion, I'd like to hear you out on this video @Adam released in early 2015 (also featuring Dylan).
  20. Oh, and realize the heat will probably melt the microfibers, so don't use really good towels!
  21. Welcome, John! (Thanks for the tag, @RayS) Where on OH? Moving "beyond the basics" can feel intimidating, but you've found a great place to learn and ask questions, as well as lend any advice you have. For white, I've found awesome results with Paint Sealant as the base and HGG every 3-4 washes (see my account profile pic for an example). That combo really seems to make white pop and I think would be a great option for you. Here's a great article for your reference. And another, just for fun!
  22. It's a more advanced cleaner, can be used on more surfaces, and clings better...leave it for minutes or more and it stays put. It's an incredible product, and quickly moved into my to 5, if not 3. Get it. You won't regret it. πŸ˜‰ For more, I'll let Adam's do the talking... https://adamspolishes.com/collections/vehicle-car-interior-cleaning/products/adams-all-purpose-interior-cleaning-gel
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