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  1. moons21

    PRO TIP: Dilution Ratios

    I know not an Adam's product, but what are people using for dilutions for an IPA wipe down? I've seen 1:1 and others mentioned.. just wondering what peeps are doing here.
  2. moons21

    I won!

    hehe.. good thing there was no bashing here.. we would have had to come down and beat you with our hockey sticks and maple syrup.
  3. moons21

    All of our latest work

    Thanks Shane, I use one of those other products on my soft top, so glad I'm on the same page as you guys.. It's inspirational to see you and your teams work and the input you provide here. Keep up the good work and Thanks!
  4. moons21

    All of our latest work

    @shane@detailedreflections what is the top of the Bentley made of? Hard top or soft, would love to hear what you and the team use to clean/protect soft tops.
  5. moons21

    SEMA 2018 Detail

    Ironically, I was watching this episode of TransAm the other night on Discovery. Nice to hear of someone here working on that car too.
  6. moons21

    Where to start?

    Glass boost.. I think you can use CB2.0 on glass now, but since it's glass and you dont want streaks.. GB.. Also use Brillant Glaze on the inside of your windshield to cut out any films that may be there.
  7. moons21

    Where to start?

    Hi.. and Welcome. I have used the One Step on some peoples cars that didn't care or want me to spend the time/money on a two/three step correction seal. It works pretty good. On a white car, I used the white pad to give it just a bit more pop and a seal (note that PS gives longer protection) and on another I used an orange pad to get more correcting out of it. Make sure your surface is clean as others have mentioned, Iron Remover and clay as needed before working. Put on some tunes and have some fun. For the glass, not sure if anyone really has a good glass polish as glass is pretty hard to start with. I usually clay then use the GS on them and boost throughout the winter to help keep it working.
  8. moons21

    Orange Blower Question

    I also use mine to blow out the lines in my pool when winterizing it. Great volume of air to clear that standing water out for our freezing winters.
  9. moons21

    Worx Hydroshot and foam cannon?

    I have the Hydroshot, the quick connect on the end of mine looks like it is "Keyed" not totally round, so without owning a foam cannon, I'm not sure it will fit. Also, it is only rated at 300psi i think, so might not be strong enough. I bought a second battery for mine as one battery can barely make two passes of my Avalanche, 2x5gal buckets. My winter wash with it consists of: Creating a mixture of soapy water in a spray bottle and after getting it first wet and knocking off the heavy salt in winter, spray it down with the soapy water, let dwell then rinse with multiple buckets of water. Depending if the weather looks good in the future or if we are going somewhere special, I'll do a rinseless in the garage and HGG top off of the sealant.
  10. moons21

    Adam's Fabric Protector

    I use the 303 on my convertible top and it works great on that, same with my patio umbrella's. Water beads off the top of the car and umbrellas and UV protection. Not sure how it would work for something you sit on etc.
  11. moons21

    Matte paint cleaning

    For the Tire Shine, you are somewhat correct in not using it on a bike. I do use it on my bike, taking super extra care to NOT get any on the tread at all. The sidewalls of the tire are ok to use products on but any portion of the tire that might or does come into contact with the road is a major no no. I will spray some TS onto a foam block and very carefully apply to the sidewall only on my bike.
  12. Guess since you put the stock tires on it for winter you aren't too concerned about flatspotting the rubber. I put 1inch Styrofoam insulation under my tires to help prevent dry rot and flatspotting. The worst part of living in our cold Ontario climate.. winter storage of the toys.
  13. moons21

    All of our latest work

    Quick questions... did you coat over the stripes or around them? have you ever thought to use ceramic trim coating on the wheel wells? curious about longevity in that harsh area being blasted with road debris all the time.. if its worth doing vs. undercarriage spray
  14. moons21

    Washer Fluid

    Us folks up north of the 49th can't really think of doing that.. aka.. the tundra up here gets pretty cold and freeze comes to mind... I personally try to make sure to put a fresh coat on before the temps stay consistently below freezing, then on a "warm" day, maybe re-apply a cheap competitors product to get thru the winter. Come spring, total decontaminate the windshield and get the good stuff back on.
  15. moons21

    What did you do today?

    A good two bucket wash and topped off with some Americana: