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  1. moons21

    No Love....

    Oh I double checked.. I was searching for the mints... and like adding to my sticker collection. :)
  2. Hmm.. I wonder if I've pissed someone off at Adam's... my last two orders didn't come with mints or stickers... honestly Santa.. I've been a good boy...LOL Good thing they didn't forget my products.... And it's not going to stop me from buying more either.. the addition to the mints is real..but not as real as the addition to the products. :)
  3. moons21

    GM detail spray

    Too bad I didn't see this a few months back when my yellow Vette bottle cracked and I pulled the label off....just have a label now..
  4. I use 303 Fabric Guard on my fabric top. I don't spray it on, use a foam roller. Doing it that way I find I probably use more product, but get better coverage. This is the stuff that Sunbrella endorses. I've tried the CG's stuff and didn't like it at all and for me, the RaggTopp fabric protectant was in an aerosol can and I didn't feel like spending my time masking up the whole car to protect from overspray.
  5. moons21

    2018 Lincoln MKX

    Pic's didn't show it, but the rear seat had a big chocolate milk stain on it... perforated leather..fun times... Needed the cockpit brush and some other fine detailing brushes with the Leather Cleaner to get that out.
  6. moons21

    2018 Lincoln MKX

    Spent my Saturday doing a number on this poor neglected Lincoln. Parked under pine trees and had lots of sap droplets to remove with a plastic razor and lots of clay lube. Exterior: Wheel Cleaner Strip Washed Clayed One Step Buttery Glass Sealant Tire Shine Interior: Leather Cleaner Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Leather Conditioner Interior Detailer Glass Cleaner
  7. moons21

    Wheel Barrel Cleaning

    Just bought the Mini Turbo Stick and have to say, I'm not overly impressed..... Granted, it was my first use of it, so the jury is out, maybe should have bought the larger one, but with the size of the Brembo brakes and minimal space to the barrel, figured mini was the way to go. I'm not sure it did any better of a job than my wheel woolie does, and I don't get as much splatter from the woolie. :) Not going to give up on it yet.. just the first Adam's product that I have purchased that I wasn't blown away from.
  8. Used the Trim Restorer and Ceramic Coating on the Avalanche this weekend.. Great results and glad Adam's has these products to make the truck look good again! Pre treatments: Post Restorer and Coating:
  9. I thought the pic you are referring to was the trim restorer not the trim ceramic coating.. Since the Coating (Ceramic) is only what.. 4h, would that hold up to the heat under a hood? Wheel coating is designed for high heat so not sure...
  10. moons21

    Lexux IS350c

    Had a friend come by to have me look at her IS350c that she bought new in 2009(2010 model) that she has never had polished, waxed or even the wheels cleaned.. Will give her this, it only saw touchless carwashes, so wasnt too bad with swirls. The carwashes did a number on the paint tho.. dull, lifeless and a wicked stain coming out of the mirrors, almost like they aren't sealed to the body properly. Well, 6hrs later, stripped, clayed, polished, sealed, glazed and buttery waxed and wheels cleaned as best as possible without taking them off.. looks not too bad. She did the interior, good thing she is a bit of neat freak, the inside wasn't bad.. just some spots needed Leather Cleaner and the rest treated with Leather Conditioner and Interior Detailer... Oh, and she went home and placed an order with Adams.. another person hooked on Adams after seeing the results... Pre-detailing..notice the stain under the mirror: Wheel Cleaner in action and post detailing:
  11. I just did a headlight restoration on my mothers 2005 Toyota Sienna and they came out pretty clear. After I polished them, I put LPS on them to protect them.. knowing that the LPS is good for around 6 months, has anyone used like the Ceramic Trim Coating on headlights to help stop them from getting cloudy again? I was also thinking of getting a spray bomb of clear coat from the local parts place if people think that would give better long term protection. The van is parked outside 24x7 so protection is needed. Thanks Greg Pre-restoration: Post Restoration:
  12. moons21

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    yep...my real dog decided to take a bite out of my air freshener when I wasn't looking...Dog likes Adams too...lol
  13. moons21

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Maintenance wash on the daily driver...
  14. moons21

    Wheel Cleaner to the Rescue

    Was getting annoyed at how the previous owner didn't look after the wheels on the car, so took them off, hand polished them with some CP then sealed them up with a 3rd party 9H ceramic... Looks a bit better.. let's see how the ceramic holds up. After hand polishing.. really need to get a nano polisher..arms killing me..lol After coating...
  15. After a day at Track School at the Mosport DDT, my Brembo's sure made a mess of my wheels, queue Adam's Wheel Cleaner... If I keep doing this, maybe a ceramic coating might make life easier..... Next step.. full detail to get any other track grime off the car.