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  1. You may want to add in a decon with Iron Remover or Wheel Cleaner before the Clay Mitt
  2. Has only been on the car for about 6months now.. car sits outside and the trim is still black and not faded over the harsh winter...
  3. Not sure how much help this will be, but I've used it on my White car and have had no runs from it. Only thing is, I used the Ceramic Trim Coating on it the next day, so that could have locked in any potential for runs. Same results when used on plastics on a SeaDoo, but again, Ceramic after it cured.
  4. Black is not a color.. its a commitment.. especially in winter
  5. The groundhog said early spring.. Feb 3 and 9*c in Ontario means I could clean my wife's truck..
  6. Interesting.. notice that one of my bottles has wet application instructions where the other has instructions for use with Ceramic Coatings. I think the 2.0 is on the right.
  7. As I read this post, and see all the points from the different users, I thought to myself about the differences in the LSP's between coatings and sealants. One thing that popped into my head was the application costs of different products. What I'm referring to is the cost of consumables to apply these. For the average home user, do you really want to spend a lot of money on towels using the CSC to simply do your windows and trim probably monthly vs. the re-usable applicators that you use for the glass sealant or VRT blocks etc. Sometimes I feel that the cost of the application might come into play for the different products and that could be another reason to not remove some of the other sealants available.
  8. I know not an Adam's product, but what are people using for dilutions for an IPA wipe down? I've seen 1:1 and others mentioned.. just wondering what peeps are doing here.
  9. hehe.. good thing there was no bashing here.. we would have had to come down and beat you with our hockey sticks and maple syrup.
  10. Thanks Shane, I use one of those other products on my soft top, so glad I'm on the same page as you guys.. It's inspirational to see you and your teams work and the input you provide here. Keep up the good work and Thanks!
  11. @shane@detailedreflections what is the top of the Bentley made of? Hard top or soft, would love to hear what you and the team use to clean/protect soft tops.
  12. Ironically, I was watching this episode of TransAm the other night on Discovery. Nice to hear of someone here working on that car too.
  13. Glass boost.. I think you can use CB2.0 on glass now, but since it's glass and you dont want streaks.. GB.. Also use Brillant Glaze on the inside of your windshield to cut out any films that may be there.
  14. Hi.. and Welcome. I have used the One Step on some peoples cars that didn't care or want me to spend the time/money on a two/three step correction seal. It works pretty good. On a white car, I used the white pad to give it just a bit more pop and a seal (note that PS gives longer protection) and on another I used an orange pad to get more correcting out of it. Make sure your surface is clean as others have mentioned, Iron Remover and clay as needed before working. Put on some tunes and have some fun. For the glass, not sure if anyone really has a good glass polish as glass is pretty hard to start with. I usually clay then use the GS on them and boost throughout the winter to help keep it working.
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