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  1. Yep, plan on doing the strip and light clay periodically followed by Boost.. just my normal maintenance wash (weekly) wasn't sure if I should use Wash and Wax in the foam gun or just use regular blue Car Shampoo. Thanks
  2. So, knowing this, is it safe to use the regular car shampoo in a foam gun to presoak your coated car then complete a two bucket wash with wash and wax after?
  3. moons21

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    This would make for a really nice canvas print on the wall in a rec room.
  4. Hey Rich, that's good info for the folks that live in the USA... problem is the toll free line doesn't work from Canada and we have to call direct. Not a big deal as I have only had to call in once and as always, the folks there are great to work with. Being north of the 49th, I'm very used to US based toll free numbers not working for me, but that is life in the Great White North.
  5. I had to call their local number to get them in the past and told them that their toll free line doesn't work from Canada... they were going to look to put their local number on the site, but doesn't look like it's there yet. Here is the number I found when searching for them: +1 720-473-7100
  6. moons21

    Canadian buyers

    None of the orders I have placed recently have had duty on them.. Adam's picks up the duty and brokerage fees.
  7. Most likely a Tow Hook. There is a spot on those cars to take a plastic cover off and screw in a tow hook recovery point..
  8. moons21

    Thoughts after a year in business

    Congratulations on your endeavors, I really feel you nailed this concept and have been trying to impart this on my managers where I work: " clients and customers are different people. A customer is a one time transaction. A client is multiple times. They come back. They talk to people. They engage with you. These are who you want to be your clients. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Customers are still good revenue, but don’t provide the continued returns that a client does. " I work for a fortune 100 company and they keep calling our clients, customers. Do people that spend multiples of millions of dollars on your products and services customers????
  9. moons21

    Winter 4 Bucket Wash

    Two of the buckets were clear water for the HydroShot.. All my outside faucets are shut off for winter, so that was my water source. The other two were for a normal 2 bucket wash, didn't bother with the wheels since it's winter time, so they didn't get a lot of attention, just took an old wash mit and after done washing the car, just gave them a quick once over with the remaining water. It works pretty good, more pressure than a hose, but not a lot of pressure behind it. For my Venza, the battery was done by the time I finished rinsing off the car after soap, think for a larger vehicle, I may need two batteries. It sure did beat waiting an hour in line at the local pay and spray to just rinse off the car.
  10. moons21

    Winter 4 Bucket Wash

    Had a day above freezing here in Canada, so broke out the new Worx HydroShot and gave it a whirl. All my outside faucets are shut off for winter, so this system kinda made sense...only issue I ran into is battery longevity, might look into getting a second battery to ensure I can also wash my wife's truck in one shot.... car is white, so hard to tell how dirty it was, but there was a fair amount of salt on it and with just the HydroShot most came off before breaking out the car shampoo and finishing it off with a detail spray dry. Car had LPS applied to it in Sept. and still beads ups, so still working...maybe next time I'll top it off with some G&G.
  11. moons21

    Great service

    I haven't been to the store front yet.. 4hr drive for me to go there, but I can concur with the above sentiment.. Don has been great to work with in getting orders placed and prompt shipping.. now to just get our CDN government to stop putting duties on some of the other products that are cost prohibitive to bring into Canada so we can get things like clothing at a reasonable price.. again.. not a Don, Adam's or Show and Shine issue.. just our stupid gvnt up here... and as I type this I have a beverage in my Show & Shine coolie that was a nice thank-you in one of my orders.
  12. moons21

    Convertible top cleaning

    As an added comment.. I did try the CG top protectant and didn't like how it didn't shed water like they showed in the video. I even applied it as directed in the vid, used 3/4 of a bottle on my Camaro and very minimal beading of water...I did allow for proper cure times between coats too... Hence I moved on to the 303 products
  13. moons21

    Convertible top cleaning

    I agree with Shane, on my top, I've used a competitors product to clean if there is something nasty on it, like sap or bird droppings.. using a cockpit brush to work it... Lint roller to get minor dust and stuff off as maintenance and 303 fabric guard to seal it up. Now as Dan states, if and when Adam's comes up with something.. my products will change.
  14. moons21

    website and blog feedback?

    Hi Shane, Good site, the only thing I would suggest is to not load all the info on your home page and to have the tabs at the top open new pages. This will allow for your site to load faster for people with slower links and aide in caching the site on a proxy or local browser cache. Only other thing I would make sure of, is you can see some people license plates and for some reason.. some peeps get pretty anal about that, not sure why, but would hate to see someone freak out on you over that if you didn't have their thumbs up for putting their car on your site.
  15. moons21

    NOVEMBER 2017 Photo Contest - Submissions

    But what if you only own black cars polished with Adams products ???? LOL.....