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  1. Ive tried both air drying like on a hanger and very low heat in the dryer. same result
  2. Every time i get some new microfiber towels they always feel so soft when i first open them but after the first wash they are soft but not as soft as brand new. I always wash my stuff with detergent with no dyes or perfumes and i add some Adams microfiber revitalize. Is there something im doing wrong or is this normal?
  3. So i bought the Adam's Foam Cannon recently and i love it so far, its great! There's just one minor issue im having and im not sure if it's just me or if its common but after i used it about 6-7 times i noticed a little wear on the bottle where the brass and plastic threads screw together, like the plastic is being cut away slowly. Besides this, every other product i ordered (so far) is a 5/5
  4. Thanks for the info, looks like ill do the clear and then coating for the great shine
  5. Does anyone know if you can put a ceramic coating over a clear bra of any type? Was thinking about getting the front end of my car wrapped but want to put a ceramic coating on the rest of the car.
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